It’s a love story -episode 1 (edited)

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It’s a love story I am again posting the same part…there was the mistake
Swara to india

At a conference hall
Mr mehra….hello everyone I welcomed u all today so first I will welcome miss swara and mr laksh our first partner
And second some ..
I guess they are not there ryt now..
Just than door opens…
Ah their they r from London mr sanskar and miss ragini
Swalak was about to clap but stops listening the name and sees towards the door..
And yes they were there

Ragsan also sees then and gets shocked…
At the party
Swara wearing black saree and she comes with laksh
Whereas from second side sanskar comes with ragini…
And again they had a face off

Ragini..hey Kaise ho tm log..

Swara….nice u both tell

Laksh…so shadi kab ki.

Ragini….shadi!!!!nahi vo

Sanskar….2 saal ho gaye

Swara has tears in her eyes
Ragini sees sanskar with a shock which was noticed by laksh ….
Sanskar…vaise how about ur’s and laksh marriage..
Laksh was about to say  but was cut by swara
Swara.. ours too..
This time laksh was shocked and this time ragini noticed ……
Swara…umm I guess I have to go come laksh..
And he goes with her and sanskar stares at swara….with tears…
After the party…
Laksh..swara what was that why did u lied..i don’t want sanskar to know that now also I care about him now also I love him
Laksh..swara what has happen to u yar why are u doing  this u love him than also u r like u really don’t care about him..
Swara…plz laksh I don’t want to talk about it plz…
Laksh….as u wish but one thing I want to tell u that u r doing wrong with yourself with sanskar
And he goes from there..

At ragini’s place…
Ragini..sanskar what was that why did u lied about our marriage..
Sanskar was not listening..
Ragini…plz sanskar answer me..
Sanskar..hmm what do u want to know
Ragini …sanskar plz
Sanskar..u know ragini there should be somethings that should not come should be deep inside our heart..
Ragini..what r u talking about..
Sanskar..nothing leave (by saying this he left) time I have done wrong but not now now I will do everything perfect…
Ragini calls someone..
Ragini ..i want to meet u..
Caller…. the royal blue

Ragini…. Hm by
She cuts the call
Ragini..i will do any possible thing to reunite u both whatever the reason is
Ragini goes to the royal blue
Ragini was sitting when she hears a voice..
Voice…here are u
She looks back and smiles but soon gets tears and the person is reveled to be laksh
Laksh comes there and sits..
Laksh…how r u

Ragini ..m fine u tell
Laksh..good so why did u called and from where u got the number..
Ragini..i got from the office..and about calling I will tell but first we can eat..
Ragini gives order and the food come
Ragini..laksh I want to say that its been 4 years I know u loved sawra always but I also know u r not married to her
Laksh..ragini u
Ragini..i know laksh .. what u r also not married..
Ragini…laksh if u ever loved swara plz help me to reunite swara and sanskar ..i can’t see them in pain.

Laksh….hm ragini swara really love sanskar but u only see the sanskar never shows his feeling to swara what will she do u only tell
Ragini..i know laksh and I also know that there is some reason why sanskar doing this but I don’t know the real reason..
Laksh…we have to find out ragini
Ragini..god also want to reunite swara sanskar than only he again meet us all please laksh I want them to meet plz..
Laksh.. hm I am with u ion this work ragini
Ragini and laksh joins hands and smiles..

Precap….how will ragini and laksh reunite swasan while there mission did laksh falls in love with ragini or not
Ah at last here it it sorry I was not posting this my whole concentration was on datan..ishq ya nafrat ki

But now I will post this too hope u all like this….

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  1. awesome
    i was waiting for it

  2. Zelena81196

    loved it…. update soon….

  3. want to see ragini too but u shown her as side character

  4. Awesome dear

  5. Simi

    Superb dear

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