Swasan My devil epi 7

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Hey guys I know I am late but guys i have to study also na soo I have no time but I will try to update on weekends but yeah I was soo late na that why I am gona Post tomorrow again my devil n swasan second chance n maybe ts also..
Or u guys tell me what u want…

Thankyou so much guys for giving good response n love…
So lets start with my devil so lets will Davil change or not haha? but let me tell u he is a DEVIL?…

At morning The Sunray falls on our handsome devil his sleep Got disturb while rubbing his eyes he looked around and found himself in ragini ‘ s room…A beautiful smile appeared on his lips seeing both most important Person in his life HIS MOM and HIS SISTER both were sleeping in eachother embrace thigtly…seeing them he felt happy…

He went near both of them and kissed on their forehaed and left to his room…

Sanskar room

While entring in his room He took his clothes n left towards washroom…After changing himself he remembered about swara..he looked himself in mirror n remembered sujata words…

Suj: n what do u think after talking ur revenge u can live happily han sanskar my bacha revenge is not solution of every Problem what do u think after taking revenge u can live peacefully then u are wrong sanskar very wrong whta will be the diffrence between u n them n yeah they will pay for their mistake sanskar n for that u dont have to make ur hand dirty sanskar…plzz sanskar dont Do anything which can make ur ma n papa head down

He was know confuse should he take revenge or not..he thought to back off but seeing ragini n pari picture all his bad memory came back their pain their tears..Pari death his father death ragini pain his mother pain..thinking all that a lone tears escape from his eyes…

He whiped his tear n looked again in mirror but this being full devil there no emotion no confusion on his face n in his eyes except his angerness n revenge there nothing thinking about revenge he went to meet swara…

At farmhouse..

Swara was sleeping on floor there still tears Mark on her face..she was looking very pale n weak her lips were Blue duet sanskar hard bite on her lips…the Girl which were full of life is laying on floor only being lifeless now she have nothing in her except waiting for death so that she can get rid of this pain and torture which she beating beacuse of sanskar still she dont know the reason behind his hatred angerness and revenge..

On the other hand sanskar reached farmhouse n left towards swara room..After opening door he look for swara seeing her sleeping on floor he smirked n went towards washroom slowly not to disturb her sleep…

In washroom he took Bucket filled with full cold water and took in room and turned ac on he looked at swara and smirked she was laying floor wearing white frok..he throw the cold water on her she got up with jerk n looked sanskar with fearfull eyes which made sanskar happy…

Feeling cold she start rubbing herself her clothes were glued to her body..and each part of her body were
transparent duet to her while cloths sanskar was looking at her from top to bottom making her feel disgusting on his gaze…

He start moving towards her n she moved back until she Hit with wall..he smirked seeing her being in trap his gaze never left her which made her more sceard tears were fowlling down from her eyes ? ? ? making sanskar more happy☺☺?
Sanskar start crassing her cheek 1st lovingly which made swara confuse but then He start crassing roughly..

Sw: (pleading) sanskar ji plzzz leave me

Hearing her pleading he went near her neck n left his hot breath their n spoke huskly

San: (huskly n while smirking) Hearing ur pleading make me feel happy so I wana hear ur pleading and screming in pain

Saying he start biting on her neck hardly which made swara scream in pain loudly

Sw: (pain n pleading ) ahhh plzz leave me  (hearing that He bited more hard so that its start bleeding) ahhh nooo plzz leave (she start pushing him but he held her hand roughly leaving his Mark on her) plzz leave what I have done

Hearing this he pushed her on bed and came above her dengrously..he held her chin and made her look into his eyes which full of hatered for her

San: (angry) what have u done that should u have asked ur family its ur family sin which u have to pay

Saying this he captured her lips with his roughly chewing her lips and was roaming his hands on each part of her body making her feel disgusting when ever she try to push he bited hard on her lips making her scream..
Being out breath he Broke the kiss n looked at her..

San: (roaming his hands on her roughly Pressing own body on her leaving his full wight on her) scream as much loud as u want beacuse nobody is here to listen to u…u know what (crassing her face making her sceard and disgusting on his thinking) u are sooo hot n soo tempting that I never feel bore being with u I wished u were Conscious when I was Romancing with u on that day(he looked at her n she turned her face other side but he made her look at him roughly) seeing u on that day I couldnt control myself u were Amazing Baby u know sanskar maheshwari never use something twice but using u ahhh its Amazing
(Saying this he start biting on her neck making her scream in pain) scream scream soooo loud that each corner of this room should hear ur scream

Sw: (screming in pain while he is biting on her neck feeling weak n shivring in cold) ahhhhhhh leave me plzzz (but he didnt stop and chewing her neck like gum) plzz ahhh

She was screming pain but soon she stop screming hearing no screming he looked towards swara saw she was loosing her coussion he Got up from her n switched ac off and covered her with blanket..and ordered for her breakfast and gave her water to drink she was looking at him being confuse till now he was giving her and now he is caring for her..

San: (seeing her confuse smirked) dont be confuse (she looked at him with half open eyes) I know u may thinking till now I was giving u pain and know I am caring about u huh my foot what I am doing is for myself I wana give u more n more pain for that I have also to cure na

saying this he winked at her and took breakfast from servant n made her eat with his hand beacuse she was soo weak that she couldnt by herself n left for office making her sure that He will come again back to torture her like hell..

To be continue..

From next epi I will start with teaser ?

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