Crazy love of thahaan (part-52)

This part is starting from kabir finishes eating in restaurant.waiter comes to kabir.he opens his purse.he tooks money and his passport size childhood photo was there in purse.thapki and bihaan doesnt look at his purse.then bihaan and thapki says to kabir OK kabir bye…they goes from there .the next day morning vasu calls all bahu’s to downstairs. thapki,shraddha,
suman and preethi comes there.
preethi:maa… why did you call us?
is there any work?

vasu:I called everyone here to give gifts for all.
vasu takes the cloths from table.they sees gifts boxes and gets happy.
preethi:wow…gift??but what special maa?
vasu:nothing special.I went to jewellery shop I bought jewells for my bahus.
suman:wah…super maa.. you are very nice.
shraddha:wow mummyji we can’t wait for that surprise.
vasu:OK OK I will give jewellery for everyone.thapki didn’t speak anything.she looks on.
vasu takes the Jewell box.she gives to thapki.

vasu:thapki beta…its for you.
thapki:th…th… thanks maa. (vasu blesses thapki)
vasu gives Jewell box to preethi and suman.they smiles.they says thanks to vasu.finally vasu gives Jewell box to shraddha.she does fake smiles to vasu.vasu smiles at shraddha.they opens that Jewell box.thapki gets happy seeing her jewells.she has white color stone very grand necklace and long ear rings.suman,preethi and shraddha opens their boxes.they gets worries.they sees thapki Jewell box.they gets jealous on thapki.because of in their box very slim and simple necklace only there.ear rings are too small and not good.there is no color stones in that jewellery.
suman:vasu maa…

preethi:thapki necklace and ear rings looks very costly and grand.but why these jewells are looking like this?? its not awesome.
thapki:p… p.. preethi di don’t will take my necklace. I will take your necklace.
vasu:thapki beta…don’t give this to anyone.I bought this specially for you.(angrily to preethi and suman)
why are you getting jealous on thapki.look at her.she is very simple and nice.just try to be there like her.go and do work in kitchen.
thapki gets worried.shraddha thinks this oldie was always doing favour for this necklace??

its not good.she gets angry and goes.suman and preethi goes from there.they gets so sad.thapki gets worries seeing them.

bihaan was plays with kushi in his room.he lifts the baby in hands.he shakes smiles at him.he kisses baby cheeks.then he hugs baby.he gets happy.shraddha goes there.suddenly she stops and looks at bihaan room.she hears bihaan calls kushi name there.she goes near to room.she hides behind of door.shraddha looks at bihaan and kushi.bihaan says to baby,kushi..
you are dad pet na… I will buy anything for are god gift for me as papa… kushi says to bihaan,pa…pa.. .

bihaan smiles.shraddha gets happy seeing this.she recalls thapki lost baby in car.bihaan gets angry.she thinks I have got an idea
wow shraddha you are amazing.
bihaan is so crazy about his daughter.if anything will happend for her,surely he will hate that thapki.. you just wait and see the real fun.. she smiles and goes from there.

thapki enters to room.she sees bihaan was playing with thapki.bihaan looks at thapki.
he makes baby to lie on bed.thapki opens her almari.she takes her dresses out and looking for something.
bihaan:thapki what are you looking for??
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan I am searching my bag.
bihaan:bag???which one??oh… that funny bag?
thapki:wh… wh… what funny bag!!

bihaan:yes.. that bag is also looks like so funny and there is so many color on it.right?
thapki:(comes near to him)do… do… don’t kidding my know that bag is gifted by my papa
and that bag is giving book,mango papad,and news papers for me.
bihaan:(laughs)oh my god. its best comedy of this know we are using bag for keeping things only.if you keep mango papad in bag,then you will get mango papad. if you keep book in bag,you will get book there is nothing special in bag.
thapki:(angrily)you doesnt know about emotions.I love my bag.

suddenly thapki feels some irritation in her blouse back.she feels something was there.she keeps her hands in her blouse back.she takes that thing.she sees coakroach.she screams suddenly.she runs around room.bihaan gets shocked.
thapki:bi… bi… bihaan please save me from coakroach.(she jumps on floor)
bihaan:thapki don’t worry.I will kill that cockroach.
cockroach runs in floor.bihaan looks at cockroach.
thapki:(closed her eyes)I… I.. I feel irritation.

bihaan:wait…wait…I will check.
he looks at her blouse back.thapki closes her eyes.she gets scared.
he touches her back.he opens her blouse dori.he rubs her blouse back.thapki feels different.she smiles slightly.thapki turns at him.bihaan looks at her.they have an eye lock. he smiles at thapki romantically. they looks at each other(ranjhanaa plays…..)
they gets closes.bihaan goes near to her lips for kiss.suddenly kushi starts crying.they comes out from
their romantic mood.
bihaan:kushi starts crying…
he takes his daughter in his hands.
bihaan tries to consoles kushi.

thapki:bi… bi..bihaan I think kushi asking kisses to us for her.that’s why she was cried now.
bihaan:OK…then I will give so many kisses to my baby.
he kisses baby’s cheeks.thapki takes baby from bihaan’s hands.she kisses in baby face.
they gets happy.

suman and preethi was talks about vasu and thapki.
suman:did you see that vasu maa? she was gave nice necklace to that thapki.but we gets only this simple chain only.
preethi:yes suman.she gave that awesome jewel to thapki.but we are also this pandey nivas bahu’s na.?

suman:yes…vasundhara treating us like servant.she was saying that thapki so special for her.
preethi:I am so worried.I want that jewellery.
suddenly shraddha gives jewells to suman and preethi.they gets happy seeing it.Jewells looks so aweaome.
shraddha:(smiles)these jewells are for you di.
preethi:wow… shraddha its very awesome.I love it.surely these are for us?
shraddha:yes di..
suman:but why you are giving this to us?
shraddha:di… I am sister.we are this family bahu’s.did you notice that thapki???mummyji was showering more affection for her.
so we have to ruined her respect in family.then we will get back our respect automatically.

suman and preethi thinks everything.they nodes at shraddha.
suman:yes you are are very nice but we thought you are are so affectionate girl
shraddha:its OK di. but if you does support for my plan I will give more Jewell’s for you .
preethi and suman gets happy.they shakes their hands with shraddha.
they smiles.

at the same day evening bihaan and thapki lying in bed.thapki closes her eyes.she goes about to sleep.bihaan keeps his hands on thapki intentially.thapki moves from him.bihaan moves to her.again he keeps his hands on her waist.
thapki:(turns at bihaan)bi… bi.. bihaan what are you doing??sleep now.
bihaan:but I am not feeling sleep.
thapki:o…o…OK I am going to sleep.she turns from him.
bihaan hugs her tightly from back.

thapki :(opens her eyes)bihaan l…l…leave me..
bihaan:no I won’t leave you.
thapki turns at him.she looks at bihaan.she becomes in romantic seeing his eyes..thapki gets closes to him.she hugs bihaan.they hugs each other.they smiles.they have an eye lock(na… na… Naa plays.. )

shraddha brings locker box.she says,this is magical locker box.its has remote.suman and preethi gets shocked.

  1. So nice episode. Pls bring those intimate ff back. I am missing that very much. And dont make bihaan jate thapki. Your ff is my favourite and episodes are very good.

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai dead princess… thank
      you so much dear.don’t worry…but trouble is the same time romantic moments also there.

  2. what is shadz plan now ??? Oh so thahaan Mu again may biHu dream turn true

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai anu… dont get tension dear.thanks a lot for your support.

  3. Navami

    Nice epi vino, curious to know abt the magical locker box

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot navami darl

  4. Nice wala part…

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      thanks a lot my dear friend pooja…

  5. Sulbi

    Awsme dear… loved it…

    1. Vinolin.d

      thank you so much sulbi darl…

  6. Shraddha should taking care of dhruv than keeping eyes on thapki…and now bhabhis also against thapki πŸ™
    Hope nothing happened to kushi….
    Romantic scenes are back πŸ˜‰
    Keep writing..
    Thank you and tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello Leena dear… yes..we know already about suman and preethi.if anyone give money or Jewell’s to them suddenly they will change their character. surely they will realize soon.thanks a lot my dear Leena…

  7. Nice part

    1. Vinolin.d

      thanks a lot rifa darl…

  8. Di thank u for uploading daily ❀
    Thahaan romance at peak ??
    I just can’t describe it in merely words ?
    I hope bhabhis will change ?
    Di sorry for a short comment
    Love u ? di
    Take care ?

    1. Vinolin.d

      hello my dear sweet sis naitan… thanks a lot dear.its OK don’t feel concentrate on your well.if you have time to comment then you will do problem dear.but I wish to hear every readers comments in final episode of this ff. Its my request my dear friends.

  9. Manish ki deewani

    superb yr ….now bhabhies r also with shradha ……thahaan part is amazing….tc

    1. Vinolin.d

      hai reshal darl…thanks a lot


  10. Shibil

    Fabulous dr ….today chappy is so nice….i hope khushi will b fine …what tis evil sharadha goi to do ?? whatever may happen but keep thahaan united …..

  11. Vinolin.d

    thanks a lot shibil darl…

  12. nice ….u always show a precious love of bihan for his daughter….lovely ….

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