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hi guyz i am overwhelmed by your support .do love this story and keep commenting and those who haven’t seen this story do give it a chance .
guyz i want to add more character’s do suggest me to take from which show .moreover randhir ,laksh ‘swaragini are my favourites so i’ll be able to express them more specially randhir [he is my longest crush i ever had] and ragini so hope you won’t mind as i’ll give important importance to all .
pairs are same but just some equations will be changed but at last they’ll we as you prefer and do comment please .

[as a fan of param singh i have a request to watch ghulaam it’s really a complete different show with unique concept and keep loving him .]

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let’s start


sanyukta: from centuries you were waiting to seek your vengeance now you are failing weak .this is not done all

man in a hoddie[suggest character][in high pitch]: it’s my will moreover it’s me who was cursed .it’s me who suffered why you are worried and i can’t make anyone suffer for what they don’t deserve it’s not right why don’t you understand

sanyukta[in same voice]:i don’t care and who are you to decide it was correct or not.they need to be punished that’s why only me,sanskar them are reborn

that man; all this is your imagination sanyukta .get this into you pea sized brain you are just a simple human it’s you have read too much about queen sarianynika that you are mistaken yourself for her reincarnation .[wisphering inaudibly to sanyu] you can never be my sara]

sanyukta: then why quest for emerald throne excites me and why feel for you

[what’s emerald throne let’s see]

all the characters are orphan
randhir singh shekhawat : he is extremely arrogant and go to any length to have his will .he is complete spoilt brat thinks worlds revolves around him respects none and had never lost anything .apple of his brothers eyes so got whatever he wished and never valued anything .most precious pawn of destiny’s game and most powerful yet fragile character .girls are like tissue for him

laksh singh shekhawat:elder brother of randhir completely vain businessman who loves none accept his brother and a complete playboy .he is the most dreaded boss everyone except his own bro is frightened of him he is the main guardian and most trusted soldier [can’t reveal more let’s wait for the story to unfold]

ragini gadodia: she is very responsible and protective towards swara she is the one who had vowed to shield her sister. she is extremely beautiful and can’t tolerate any competition, knows very smartly how to remove that. she is a successful businesswomen

swara gadodia: a cute bubbly passionate princess with golden heart but always afraid of her sis and misses her parents a lot ,crybaby still a strong minded and total feminist type of girl.the most precious character

sanykta: raichand;she is extremely passionate and is blessed with the talent of playing with words i.e. she is a excellent writer and very influential speaker who can deliberately use any emotion. she is opportunist,scheming is part of her life,highly competitive and extremely selfish.she thinks she is the best and is living with wrong asumption who she is .she is the mastermind behind this game of revenge .spoilt brat before knowing her reality now a rigid minded revengeful lady

sanskar raichand: follower of his sis .whatever she says he does .[his true motives will be revealed later.quite mysterious]

these character sketch are not even half it’s just their intro their reality will unfold with story .sorry for short one next time promise a big one

precap:let’s see

do comment

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  1. Aasthu

    Hey!!!!! Its superb !!!!!!!! I’m excited to know what the revenge game is all about….who is going to be the pairs??? swasan raglak and randir-saynkita ??????? plzzz update soon….is this about any reincarnation ???????


      thanks alot

  2. Raglakholic

    Awesome one
    But pairs r raglak,sandhir nd swasan na???


      yes pairs are same

  3. Simin

    Its superb
    will love to see sandhir in these new shades
    i have always seen sanyu and goody goody type but this is damn awesome
    and randhir hayeeee he is a killer man in every shade


      thanks a lot

  4. intersting plot dear

  5. SidMin

    Interesting plot and concept . … waiting for it …. Santa’s attitude…… too good
    Can the man Sanyu was talking to be Parth….. I mean if in past be was with Sanyu they look cute together ….
    Love you ❤❤


      thank you dear

  6. Asra

    awesome dear….


      thank you so much

  7. IQRA222


  8. Interesting

  9. Its so interesting yarr..
    Jst loved it. I m a crazy fan of revenge drama.
    I jst hope it will be swasan.

  10. The introduction was just superb.keep going

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