Yeh Parivaar Kya Kehlata Hai – FF Episode 3

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YPKKH: Episode 3
I hope everyone is enjoying my fan fiction so far! 🙂
Recap: Kartik and Nairas phone got swapped around. They went to swap them back and meanwhile Gayu and Mishti (Kartiks sisters) have followed Kartik to the meeting point. What will happen next?

~There are no strangers in the world – only friends who haven’t met.~

Kartik looks at his watch as it has taken longer for Naira to arrive. He looks on.

NAIRA: Oi coconut guy!
Kartik turns and sees Naira holding Kartiks phone out, ready to swap them. Kartik is mesmerised in her beauty. He looks at Naira who’s hair blows with the wind. Naira is smiling. –Yaha waha hai tu–
Whilst Kartik is in his dreams, Naira clicks her fingers
NAIRA: Coconut guy! Where are you lost?
KARTIK: In your..
He stops.
Naira: Did you say something?
Kartik: No.
They trade their phones and Naira is too happy to text her friends.
Kartik coughs to grab her attention.
Naira; *looks up* Sorry. Please be careful next time!
Kartik: Is it my fault?! You picked up the phone first!!
Naira: You were on a jog can you not jog an extra mile to let me know?
Kartik: First you keep the phone locked so I can’t contact you and then you show arrogance. Forgive me MADAM!

The nok jok continues. Gayu and Mishti are behind bins and are laughing, but they cannot see Nairas face properly. They push and shove to get a closer look. Suddenly the bins fall and makes a loud sound.
Flip to naira who jumps and gets scared. They both turn around and noone is there. Gayu and mishti have run off and are now hiding behind a tree. Kartik starts laughing and calls her a mouse. Gayu gets a closer look of Naira.
Karthik: You come across as so confident and yet bins dropping scare you!
He laughs. Naira laughs.
They look at each other and Naira feels a little awkward.
Naira: it’s almost time for dinner. I need to get going. Bye coconut guy.
Naira turns and heads home. Kartik waves and continues waving as she works by. Romantic music plays in the bg.
Hes too mesmerised and just then mishti and gayu come on each side of his and say boo. He comes back to reality.
Kartik: When did you get hear?!?!
Mishti: Nothing we went for ice cream
Gayu smiles at Mishti. They all head home together.
There is a shot of Kartik and Naira going separate directions.
A delivery man comes to Singhania household. He has a envelope which is for Naira Singhania. Luv and Kush are overwhelmed and shout “Mummmaa mummaaa”
Akshara comes from the side and asks what is going on. She sees the delivery person and sees its for Naira. She thinks; “what could it be?” She signs it off and the delivery guy leaves.
Luv and Kush peer from each shoulder as she looks at the cover. Akshara teaches them:
“this doesn’t have our names on it so it isn’t for us. We only get what is ours, not anyone elses”
She explains the importance of privacy. She keeps the envelope, unopened, to the side, but in her mind is slightly confused. She tells Luv and Kush to come for dinner and she places the envelope on the table. Luv and Kush run after Akshara and knock the table. The envelope falls to the ground and something falls out.

PRECAP: It’s the next morning. Rukmini comes home on her own as she hasn’t come in a while. She walks in and sees no one is there. She sees some document on the floor and walks towards it. She looks at the sheet. What will happen next?

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  1. Vinni05

    Nyc one can’t wait for next

  2. Fenil

    Nice …waiting for next

  3. Really nice episode
    I wonder when they will meet again and what documents are in the envelope — it might be the thing that we saw someone on the phone talk about

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