Swaragini-My Sister Is My Enemy ( Character Sketch of Remaing Characters )

Hey guys I’m back and I want to thank you for all your lovely comments. Please keep supporting me like this. As I said that in second chapter I will show Radhika’s entry that’s why before starting the chapter I want to introduce some new characters related to Radhika so that you won’t get confused while reading the chapter.

Reema Lagoo as Aastha Mehra ; she is late mother of Radhika . She died because of cancer when Radhika was 6 years old. She was a single parent because she was divorced by Radhika’s father. After her death Radhika’s responsibility was given to her cruel aunt.

Ratna Pathak Shah as Prachi Sharma; she is a fairy godmother for Radhika for whom she looks upto when she is confused or sad .She is a writer by profession , she was best friend of her mother Aastha and loves Radhika as her own daughter .She is bold and straight forward women.

Kamya Punjabi as Aarti gupta; she is the cruel and greedy aunt of Radhika and step sister of her mother Aastha who was taking care of her for sake of her property . She is a widow and she treated Radhika worse than a servant because she was not her real niece but she was forced to educate her because Prachi threatened her that if she didn’t give her proper education then she will file a case against her. (Prachi didn’t knew that Radhika was being tortured by her aunt)

And now introduction of Swaragini’s parents and their dida and some other characters related to Swaragini

Sachin Tyagi as Shekher Gadodia; late father of Swaragini a spineless man who always believed that his daughter Ragini was responsible for his wife until his last day when he was on his death bed and her wife came in his dream saying that he broke the promise he gave to her while she was dying that he will take care of their daughters he took proper care of Swara but he made Ragini an orphan and that how could he even think that their innocent little daughter could be the reason for her death , he realized his mistake but it was very late but he managed to take a promise from Swara that after his death Ragini will be living in Gadodia Mansion with Swara for which she unwillingly agreed.

Parineeta Borthakur as Sharmishtha Gadodiya ; she was late mother of Swaragini. She was very kind and lovely lady she always loved and valued her family more than any other thing in her life. She died while she was saving Ragini from a truck accident.
Tamina Sen as Shobha Bose; she is mother of Sharmishta and dida of Swaragini . She was the only one who believed that Ragini was innocent. She loves both of her grandchildren equally.

Delnaaz Irani as Resham Patel; she is Swara’s pa and also her best friend. Her character is a funny and cheerful one, she is a chatterbox but also very innocent girl.

Disha Salva as Bobby Mishra; she is an annoying neighbor of Swaragini who loves to boast about herself and her second love is spying on her neighbours.

Shoma Anand as Dolly Mishra; she is mother in law of bobby and also her partner in spying

I hope that you will like this character sketch, chapter two is on its way till stay tuned….

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