Qubool Hai 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Qubool Hai 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1:
Location: Shaad’s residence, Faislabad, Lahore
Sanam wakes up in shaad’s room, with recounts of the nightmare that landed her in the lands of Pakistan. She hears the sound of music instruments and festivities downstairs, and goes down. She starts enjoying herself and tapping her feet with it. Sanam dances with much excitement along with others at shaad’s wedding oblivious of the occassion itself. All are curious as to who the girl is, who is so amiable and cheerful, bubbly and spirited. she herself is too excited. All wonder who the girl is, and discuss how she lighted up the party. Sanam starts interrogating and chatting with ladies, and finds that its shaad’s sister’s marriage.

Meanwhile, in his room, shaad eyes a file and thinks that shashi killed liyaqat for this file, and now he shall come after him. Then he shall have his revenge. He keeps the file back in a secret compartment, behind his painting with his mother. hearing a knock, he opens the door, and his father comes to ask if he is ready. shaad says that he cant go through this wedding. hia father asks why and what does this girl not have, as she is the best choice. Shaad says that misbah is faultless, but he has only a place for duty and no family, and that if he marries today, and isnt able to give her time tomorrow, who would take the blame for it. He says that misbah should get a guy, who she deserves as he doesnt deserve her. His father asks if he finished, and then begins that Misbah’s mother is like a sister, and he cant let her dream about her daughter’s wedding be broken off. He says that this marriage shall happen, and asks him to get ready he leaves, while shaad is tensed.

Sanam goes to Misbah’s mother and doesnt let her work, congratulating her for her daughter’s marriage. Misbah’s mother says that she is just a guest. Sanam is about to clarify the misunderstanding, when someone comes in asking her to come along. she asks sanam to get ready. she says that she doesnt know where her clothes are. Misbah’s mother thinks that she must have lost in this big house, and then says that she is no more a guest. Misbah’s mother gives her a dress, thanking her for enlightening te party. sanam takes it smiling. She wonders where her rtoom is, as she cant find shaad anywhere too. Whgile sanam is coming down the stairs, she collides into shaad’s father, who is tensed. She says that she was looking for shaad, but she cant find him. She is about to spill again, when shaad sees and stops her, calling his father’s attention. he sends his father off. sanam then asks where was he. he takes her inside the room hurriedly. he asks whats she doing here. she asks how can she not be a part of the party. He asks if she even knows whose marriage is. She says that its his sister’s marriage, and tells how she got to know about the marriage. she then shows the suit, and shaad is shocked that she met Misbah’s mother. she asks about the groom’s name. He is relieved that she doesnt know. Someone hollers at shaad to come down. He asks her not to go anywhere, as he would just come.

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Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
While ahil is lost in sanam’s thoughts, the inspector comes in saying that hopefully they shall have a trace of sanam soon, and talks about having located a turck that went missing that day too, and how Dilawar khan, driving the truck is missing too, and this cant be a crazy co-incidence. the new bride hears this and is tensed. She thinks that she would have to get sanam’s thoughts off ahil’s mind. She goes over to him, and gives him the juice, while he isnt intersted. she asks him to drink it atleast, as he hasnt eaten anything since morning, for ther sake os sanam. he gets motionally blackmailed, and takes the glass, though highly tensed. He is about to take a sip, but then stops, and the new bride wonders. she eyes the taveez, that sanam had given him. He says that he doesnt want this, and goes to offer prayers. She wonders whats going on in ahil’s mind, that her magic isnt working. He thanks the lord, that he got some news of sanam, and hopes that his worst fears arent confirmed, and hopes that his snama returns back to him safely. he kisses the taveez, and she understands that the taveez is blocking her, and thinks that she would overcome this challenge, and shall only have to be cautious that her fake pregnancy isnt exposed.

While ahil is getting ready, he asks nazia where’s the new bride, and she says that she too wants to come, as she has some work. He asks her to get the new bride to come along. the new bride starts giving an excuse to nazia that she cant go, as she isnt feeling well, and asks to cancel the appointment. Ahil says that it wont be, as if she isnt well, its all the more reason for her to go. He asks her not to waste time and come along. she is terribly tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Lahore, Pakistan
Sanam gets ready happily and amusedly, and then in her excitement drops some packets kept on the floor, along with the wedding cards. she gathers them up again, but doesnt notice the card. she comes back again for her dupatta, and then finds the wedding card, and is shocked to find shaad’s name on it, as she remembers shaad standing up for her, many a times. she is boggled and confused, wondering how is this possible. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: The priest starts with the marriage, sking misbah if she agrees to the marriage. before she can respond, sanam comes in hurriedly, screaming that this marriage cant take place. All are shocked, while shaad is tensed. She rushes down and again screams that she wont let this marriage happen. All are shocked. Shaad and the bride are shocked, as they unveil their faces.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. why do i feel the bride is tanveer’s daughter.

  2. very nice that stupid sanam 2 is going to be exposed . But our own sanam had such a bad fate so sorry

  3. I also think so.

  4. Right vb i also think that the bride is tanveer’s daughter.

  5. even i too agree

  6. this serial is going nowhere it needs to come to an end because it is only spinning around in circles and it is one stupid script after the other not interesting at all in fact it is sooooooooooooo transparent that one could say what shit that the writers were coming with please end this serial now another boring and nonsensical serial

  7. I agree also that this may be Tanveer’s long lost daughter but I hope is Seher.I knew that witch was going to try something to get the wrong results.She may go and sleep with some guy and get pregnant and say it is Ahil this is why she is making excuse.This is what Tanveer did to produce the daughterband said it was Zoya’s husband baby inorder to black mail him.Foolish witch go away from there.Witchcraft is bad but you are making it worst,Writers take her away from there .

  8. Where is Seher guys is she dead or alive

  9. Guys.. sources say Misbah is Tanveer’s daughter & for your information. . Karanvir Bohra will be with Qubool hai only until April 14th 🙁

  10. pavam aahil…yaen avara ivlo koduma paduthuringa….sanam koda sethu vaikalanalum paravala..intha sanam2 koda sethu vaikathinga enaku pidikala………..aahil i miss u man…

  11. When karnveer will leave this serial i will hate this serial because i only look for karnveer bohra

  12. @rrr Neenga Tamil ah??

  13. @rrr and @ash – Neengalum Tamil ah??

  14. o my god already karan Singh left this show .now kb .y this people are dng like this .pls already u separate the sehaan pair atleat pls left sahil.otherwise u ll lost viewers

  15. o my god already karan Singh left this show .now kb .y this people are dng like this .pls already u separate the sehaan pair atleat pls left sahil.

  16. o my god kb quiting.y this people are dng like this .pls already u separate the sehaan pair atleat pls left sahil.I don’t want kb to quit this show.I watching this oly fr him

  17. this serial has lost its way

  18. Serial has lost its way…it is like seeing a whole new serial and getting used to it. All the old fav’s we knew are gone…Badi B, Tanveer, Zoya, Asad, Seher, twin’s grandmother, it is getting really boring now.
    Please end this track

  19. Silly stupid stroy lines.sumone pls wake me up wen witch saman is caught n punisd
    I c no future for Sanam n Ahil Sanam now in Jannat…lolss

  20. stopped watching, reading updates only. not inclined to even start watching anymore.

  21. All the shows has negative correcter and we don’t like any negative correcters but cursing the actors are not good. They are following the story and acting their part. I think Sanam 2 doing very well on her negative correcter!! ( When she was got married to Ahil she doesn’t know about Ahil previous marriage. Think about we are in her shoes but they shouldn’t make her doing black magic to attract her husband. This show giving wrong meesage to Public . I think still time for the creatives can make her become positive correcter and help Ahil and sanam be together.

  22. @ash & @ Sanoyes..I am from tamilndu

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