Will you watch Qubool Hai without Aahil?

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Karanvir Bohra has been impressing his fans by the Zee TV show Qubool Hai since 2014. The show is known for replacing the male leads and keeping the female lead Surbhi Jyoti as its lucky charm. Now the current one is Karanvir leaving the show, who used to do the role of Aahil. Aahil breaks down after his love Sanam gets kidnapped. He tries his best to find Sanam, and gets the new Sanam in her place. The lady does new tricks to fool him, saying she was kidnapped and hurt by some goons, who have killed his Sanam.

Now the show was bringing the twist of Aahil forgetting his Sanam and moving on his life with the new Sanam, by falling in her trap. How Aahil’s character will be removed from the show is still under wraps, his fans can catch the most of the show while the hunk is on air. The show has real Sanam moving to Pakistan where she meets a soldier Shaad, and has lost her memory. Shaad decides to protect Sanam from all dangers in her life. Meanwhile, Aahil wants to take good care of new Sanam and the baby, bearing the fact that he is the father of the child. She gets worried of getting exposed and thinks to weave any new story before she gets caught. With Aahil’s role still being under wrong impression, we have to see whether Aahil finds new Sanam’s truth before his character gets moved out from the show. Will you miss Karanvir in the show or watch the show without him? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. yes I vll miss…. no one could play tat role better than him.. gonna miss u aahil

  2. Of course no karanvir no maza of qubool hai

    plzz do something our earlier qubool hai has lost its charm without asad nd zoya now wat vll b left if karanvir also leaves it
    den wat wud b left to c
    certainly i m nt gonna watch it anymore

  3. When Ahil is taken out of the show what is left to see?No

  4. Wat da f? Hw can we live widout aahil
    If at all our comments matter to you plz spare our aahil we dnt want a new character

  5. Nothng would be left if aahil left the show who could watch ths show

  6. Please don’t leave ahil go from this show it Will be boring

  7. Kvb willl mis yew…..i swear qubool hai will shatter……y don they stop such foolish seriel

  8. please don let ahil out of da show………..quboil hai wl shatter

  9. i rly love Ahill i cnt watch without him.. pliz want ahil to continue

  10. I want ahil to enjoy the happiness he deserve before he leave



  11. I have’nt look qubul hai if the aahil will leave the show then hate this serial

  12. Whats wrong yaar Mr.Khan left , Sehers lover got killed 🙁 n now Aaahil leaving the show …god thats fooling the audience …:( wont be watching further … i thought the serial will start with something new … but guess the script believes in separating the lovers n audience watching like fools when will thy meet …cut the crap ! n highly predicted “Mr.Sashi Kapoor ” to be so called billo raniis daughter a look alike …. pls take a break Mr.script writer !!!

  13. […] Scene 1: Location: In captivity and Ahil’s residence Sanam wakes up in shaad’s room, with recounts of the nightmare that landed her in the lands of Pakistan. She hears the sound of music instruments and festivities downstairs, and goes down. She starts enjoying herself and tapping her feet with it. Also check ‘Will you watch Qubool Hai without Aahil?’ […]

  14. Stop watching it already

  15. watching all this nonsense that the soo called writers creation which is always nothing but a sad nd depressing story is due to ahil…he and rehaan were the only reason for watching d serial..rehaan is gone and if ahil leaves then definetly they will loose many viewers and ofcourse im one of them…

  16. pls dont take Ahil out uve already taken Reehan if Ahil should go then end the serial before dat if u end it before he leave, then our anger will be lessen i beg you in the name of God…. Pls

  17. […] Also check ‘Will you watch Qubool Hai without Aahil?’ […]

  18. poor aahil and i’m sad for kv.no i will not watch without kv.i’m so sorry for gul khan.she didn’t care that hero of the show will leave.she didn’t care about sahil fans.

  19. Not sure how I feel about Aaahil leaving as he is being portrayed as being stupid (he was like that when Tanvir was his mother…but). This woman…new Sanam is “supposedly” pregnant. Set her up somewhere until the “child” is born and take care of it. Nothing else needs to be done. No need for her to be in the house at all. She is pure evil and if she win over Aahil then move him out of the show as we can do without him.

    I like Shaad….hope Sanam finds some happiness there as Aahil never gave her any. he is trying a little too late.

    I hope the show gets some life as Tanvir is out temporarily. Stopped watching when it got ridiculous.

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