Tum Aise Hi Rehna 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mr. Kapoor hugs Anushka and wishes her happy wedding anniversary. He shows her chain with a pendant and says it is a gift. Ria thinks he loves his wife so much. What will happen if he comes to know about Anushka’s truth. He makes her wear it and asks when will I get my gift. Mr. Verma( The man who was with Anushka in the same room) comes there and says it is your gift. Mr. Kapoor thanks him. Mr. Verma says your wife is awesome and she forced me to sign on the project file. Mr. Kapoor thanks him. Mr. Verma pulls Anushka closer and says I risked my life and career for your wife, as she is very special. Ria is shocked. Mr. Kapoor goes to drop Mr. Verma till the door. He comes back and tells Anushka that he is very happy for them. Anushka says she is tired of doing all this. Mr. Kapoor says he is doing this for their future. Anushka says we can live life without money also.

Mr. Kapoor asks her not to talk boring today. He asks her to drink and says I married you because of your beauty. He says you are reason for my success. Ria thinks how can a husband stoop so low. Anushka cries. Door bell rings. Mr. Kapoor opens the door and greets Abhi in. He introduces Abhi to Anushka. Ria sees him and gets shocked. Mr. Kapoor asks him about his wife. Abhi says he is calling Ria, but she didn’t pick his call. Anushka realizes that she is the same Ria. Mr. Kapoor recalls and laughs saying our wives met before. She gave lift to my wife. He asks him to sit there until he enquires about Ria. Abhi refuses, but Mr. Kapoor leaves after asking Anushka to take care of Abhi. Ria’s phone falls from her hand. She hides. Abhi goes to check, but just then Mr. Kapoor comes and tells Abhi that he informed his secretary. Abhi says he will leave. Mr. Kapoor asks him to wait for a drink. He then thinks to have snacks instead. Abhi insists to leave. Mr. Kapoor says until your wife is not there, it is good.

Abhi says I don’t drink, not because I am a Maheswari, but because the difference between wrong and right gets faded. He says my life is my wife Ria. Anushka smiles. Ria is touched by his words. Abhi leaves from there. Abhi keeps calling on Ria’s number and wonders where is she? Mr. Kapoor leaves. Anushka asks Ria to come out and asks her to go. Ria says sorry to her for thinking her wrongly. Mr. Kapoor calls her. Abhi enquires with the receptionist. Receptionist says she wanted to change her room, but then took her keys and leaves. Abhi says can I see your hotel’s CCTV footage. Receptionist asks Abhi to take help of security incharge. Mr. Kapoor calls Abhi and informs him that Ria is in his room. Abhi is surprised. Anushka tries to speak, but Mr. Kapoor says I didn’t know that you will give me a big surprise. Abhi comes there and asks where are you? Why you didn’t pick my call. Mr. Kapoor says she is looking tensed and asks him to take her to their room. He thanks Ria. Abhi and Ria leaves from there.

Mr. Kapoor asks Anushka, what did she know about us? Ria tells Abhi to cancel all deals with Mr. Kapoor. Abhi asks what did his wife say? Ria says I saw with my own eyes. She tells him everything. Abhi is shocked. Ria tells that Mr. Kapoor forces his wife to compromise his clients. She asks him to refuse the deal. Abhi says he will not do this deal and says I don’t know about his personal life. He tells that this project is my papa, chacha ji and his family dream. He tells why his wife is bearing everything. Ria asks him not to do partnership. Abhi says he have to talk to Babuji and Chacha ji. He tells that he will talk to his lawyer to cancel the deal, as the deal is signed. Ria looks tensedly as she hears Anushka’s screams.

Ria gets kidnapped, probably with Mr. Kapoor’s orders. The lady who was spying on them smirks.

Update Credit to: MA

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