Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Abhi’s usual dumb attitude and fight with Pragya. They continue to walk in jungle. She asks what is he missing being away from his family. He says daadi, guitar, his favorite pillow. She asks what about love. He thinks she is right, why is he not missing Tanu. They come back to the same spot. He scolds her for getting he to the same spot and asks what should do now. She says they should walk in 1 way. He says he will follow her then. Mai tenu samjhawa ki…..song…. plays in the background while they continue walking.

Pragya’s daadi tells Purab and Bulbul that she searched Sarla everywhere but did not find her anywhere. Purab says they should inform police and calls commissioner. Bulbul sees Sarla sitting on temple steps with beggars and shows it to Daadi.

Aaliya gets out of car and tells Tanu that all her plans are failing and she has to execute her plan as she told corporator.

Bulbul sees a man thinking Sarla as beggar and giving her money and stops him. She wakes up Sarla. Sarla asks why are they here and how did she come here. Daadi says she came here to pray for Abhi and Pragya, but slept here worrying for them. Sarla says she was nervous and worried for Abhi/Pragya, so she came here to pray god, but why did she trouble everyone. She continues crying and tells that Abhi and Pragya got kidnapped because of her and came to seek answer from god. Daadi asks Sarla to come home with her. Bulbul asks Purab to drop Abhi’s daadi and her cousins home while she drops Sarla home.

Abhi and Pragya are still walking in jungle and it is already night. Abhi’s senseless talks continue, he continues taunting Pragya and irking her. He says there are chudails/witches here and she will be afraid. She says he will be afraid. He says is not. She sees a secluded house/bhooth bangla and enters. He gets afraid and asks Fuggi to not enter in, but enters in. He asks where is she. She says same place where he saw her last. They both clash and fall on ground. He sees pillar without support (rope is clearly seen) and says he is puzzled about this pillar. She asks him to sleep now. His senseless talk continues, and he sleeps on floor.

Bulbul serves medicine to daadi. Daadi asks her to take care of Sarla. Bulbul goes to Sarla’s room and asks why did not she have food yet. She says she is not hungry. Bulbul says if she does not eat, she will also go like Pragya. Sarla says she cannot tolerate if she goes, eats food and also feeds Bulbul. Bulbul gets emotional and hugs her. Sarla says she is sleepy and will rest now. Bulbul drapes blanket on her and leaves.

Corporator gets tired and sits on stone, writhing in hand pain due to bullet injury. Goon says he searched Abhi and Pragya in whole jungle but did not find them. Corporator scolds him and asks to search again, if they are not found, he will be in trouble else.

Pragya sees Abhi sleeping and thinks his stupid talks make her smile and prays god to keep him same always. She then goes to sleep. Abhi wakes up and thinks she is sleeping peacefully, but he is not getting sleep. He sees idol’s sword moving, gets afraid and wakes up Pragya. Pragya also sees sword moving but says it is just his imagination. He says her specs number has increased and there are ghosts all around and will kill them. She says they should go and check. He asks her to go first. She scolds her and asks to follow her. He goes in opposite direction frightening. She sees god’s idol and tells he is very fattu, it is god’s idol and not ghost. He says he will not come . She drags him and shows idol, says it must he jungle god. He asks jungle god will help only jungle people. She says god helps everyone. He says then why are they in jungle and kidnapped, etc..She asks him to be silent. He says he will walk out, leaves, gets afraid and stops and says he came back for her. she prays god to make Abhi also believe in god.

Precap: Pragya brings water for Abhi and does not find him in temple, this kidnappers must have kidnapped him again.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. to say that. you must be one of the writers then.

  1. This serial is going round in circles- Like a dog trying to bite its own tail!!!!

  2. Once kumkum bhagya was a beautiful serial with a unique storyline but now-a-days it is the worst serial of zee tv.

  3. h hasan is also getting bored writing updates of kkb..

  4. Correct getting bore serial in zeetv

  5. Writers continue the same kidnapping drama obviously they don’t care about the viewers opinions

  6. Waiting for th gorgeous look of abhigya. Fr god sake end up this kidnapping drama.

  7. sabeera sheikh

    its damn funny wow worst serial ever

  8. But i still like it because of prabhi love scenes . Wish to see more and more like arshi love scenes. Hope kidnapping series would end soon

  9. It seems the writers are using the kidnapping as a medium for developing Ahbi’s interest in and love for Pragya. My worst fear is that after all this, Abhi will still be working towards marrying Tanu. Now that would be a waste of expensive fossil fuels – electricity. 🙂

  10. How long will dis kidnapping thing go on… Getting irritating now.. Seriously..

  11. Really boring.. yawn ..yawn

  12. Very very boring. ………Wen they will stop kidnapping abhi and praya

    Not very interesting anymore……..really borng

  13. Terrible boring this show is gone…….the kidnapping never coming to an end. I no longer watch this show.hope they put something better like mere doli tere angina or any thing else

  14. Here we go again,same SHIT,same story,writers have no imagination.

  15. What are these writers thinking? Where is this jungle that they cannot get out.By the way a jungle has all sorts of animals and I have not heard or read at one time they saw an animal .This jungle belongs to Ahil and Pragya.They are in a house and he is not even initiating any thing romantic to his wife so what is the sense of this scene.It is not showing me the purpose for all this kidnapping.If this is an exercise for them to stimulate the love and marriage then why are the scripts indicating annihilation.Set us some goals and the build on them.All Aliya plans are falling to pieces along with Tanu.Ahil does not even think about her .so what is this long track about .Where is the logics,where is the gist?Writers patience is the comparison to wisdom but I am still waiting patiently for about one month to see the wisdom in this kidnapping .All I am getting is Abhi acting with no sense and a coward rock star.There is a woman with him in the lonely forest ,what are the two of them enjoying?Writers true enjoyment comes from activity of the physical body where the two are united .So what the hell are these wasted tracks for ,help us to understand.Bring the back home and do something with the script.Animals co- habitate in the wild and so do human beings.

  16. It is very annoyed to see same kidnaaping as a long time but i enjoy it.Because if they are in the city or maybe they are in their home;they dont live near to each other.They don t know how to help or protect each other and also stupid Tanu and Aaliyah are make them misunderstand to each other.In this kidnaap abhi is always thinking how to save pragya.How to protect her.So they both near each other but there is one things i disapointed so much.That is abhi didn t know pragya love and always escape to read the letter that pragya give it to him.He should know pragya love.why the serial make abhi not to read pragya letter.

  17. plz hum apke per pad te hai ye kidnapping ka track bund karo,barna ise dekh ke hum suiside karidabu

  18. plz plz plz ye kidnaping ka track bund kariye,ur ap sub apni chekup karalijiye and hm writter ko agra leke jaiye.ao pagal ho gaye hai,chi ,ab is sireal ko dekh kar mera khun garam ho jata hai

  19. worst serial.

  20. ayo saamy…ivanunga inuma mudikala intha kidnap scene….dei evla naal da ithayae ootuvinga….mudila boss…onnu serial ah mudinga ila vera serial ah pathu copy adinga….apapaa………….paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….ivlo mokkaya oru mokka serial ah pakka mudiyathu…Mokka No.1- qubool hai & Kumkum bhagya..ethupa jeikum..heavy competition…

  21. Yaar sema poru… Writers thrinja n ippadi panranga… Katla avanga thavari vizhytta urupanga nama pathukutta iruka vandiyathan.. Ithaum vala vetti vittutu pakram LA nammla sollanum..

  22. Pls end kidnapping drama its boring

  23. I have to agree with you all. this is extremely boring, Completely opposite of Superb episode. The only way you will be entertained, is if this is your first day of watching the show or you are one of the stupid writers. Because of this kidnapping saga, I have stopped watching the show, just read the updates.

    This is beyond and beyond stupid

  24. Kumkum Bhagya is running well. Another woman oriented show ‘Devi’ is coming soon on Zee Tv.

  25. The sequence is lengthy but i loved the abhigya part.abhi is extraordinary only.writer could have created it more better.

  26. M Hasan arent u too irked by writting tis lines for God kws how many weeks man… dumd dumnder bumdest serial.. pack up…

  27. lord have mercy. i stopped watching this serial over a week, came online just to see where show reach. Cannot believe that is it stuck in same place………this is ridiculous and boring.

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