Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maasi ji telling Radha not to go out before marriage, and says she has to get LD’s name written on her hand with Mehendi. LD asks her to let them go. Maasi asks him to go and asks Radha to come with her. LD agrees to go alone. Radha feels bad. Jayshree tells that she didn’t see any groom receiving her inlaws. Maasi ji says Murli Dhar should go to receive them. Jayshree takes LD to talk to MD. Murli thinks everyone is happy as if this is first marriage in the house. He asks Shyamali to bring tea for him. Shyamali says she will keep the things and will bring tea. Murli gets irked. LD asks Murli to go and receive Radha’s parents as per Maasi ji’s sayings. Murli refuses. LD wonders what has happened to him. Sadhna tells that Banwari will bring Radha’s parents. Murli thinks he can’t act as being happy like others. Dada ji talks to someone on phone and asks whether the work is done or not?

He asks him to do the work carefully else the plan may failed. The man says he will not let anything wrong happen, as he has to do only about money. Jayshree hears him talking and thinks something is fishy. The man says he is on the way to Mathura. The man’s face is revealed and he turns out to be Radha’s chacha. Jayshree thinks that some big drama will happen before the marriage and thinks to enquire about Dada ji’s plan. Chameli gathers everyone and says Radha’s parents have come. Radha hugs her parents and sister Rupa. LD sees Radha’s friend Isha and takes her baggage. Radha hugs Isha. LD tells Sudhakar that I hope that you are happy with this relation. Sudhakar smiles. He tells that he has impressed Radha. Suhasini smiles. Sadhna thanks them. Suhasini says you have fulfilled your promise. Jayshree comes and greets Suhasini. They greet them in.

Maasi ji tells that Radha’s family are looking good. Dadi Bua says they are just pretending to be good. Maasi ji asks her not to be egoistic and praises Dada ji for agreeing to accept Radha as his bahu. She says it seems you have not accepted her by heart and asks him to learn acting from his sister. LD tells Isha that he wants to spend some time with Radha. Isha says Radha is 10 feet away from you. LD says our meeting is not allowed. Isha gets thinking and says what you will do within 5 mins. She says he will do something. She goes to Radha and asks her to come with her to market. LD signs Radha. She agrees and takes Sadhna’s permission. Suhasi comes and says she will also come. Radha and Isha refuse to take her. Suhasini asks her to get new design for her. Radha says this is Mathura. Suhasini asks are you happy? Radha smiles and says very much. Suhasini hugs her.

Dada ji tells Dadi Bua that he has some important work. They have reach Mathura. Jayshree hears them. Dadi Bua says I am sure whatever you have decided is for this family’s betterment. Dada ji leaves. Jayshree thinks this matter is serious. Radha and Isha came out. Isha sees Jalebi and asks for it. Radha asks her to eat it. She gets her 10 Rs. Jalebi. Isha eats it.

Dada ji is going from there, but they didn’t see him. Isha asks her about first kiss. Radha asks her to shut up and asks her to eat fast as LD must be waiting. Jayshree wears Burqa and comes out. She collides with Radha, but leaves from there. She thinks she will expose old man. Radha sees her chacha and misses him. Isha says you might have seen someone else. Jayshree wonders where did he go? She sees him and starts following. Dada ji collides with her and apologizes. Jayshree says it’s ok old man……Dada ji looks on. Jayshree goes from there and wonders where is he? Dada ji meets Radha’s chacha. He asks why did you give me money to return to Sudhakar. Dada ji says it is not right to tell you anything about our family matters. He gives money and asks him to leave. He says okay and leaves. Dada ji checks the papers.

LD says he wants to give her something, a kiss. Radha says you won’t get. LD says he called her for some other reason. They stare each other romantically. Jayshree looks at them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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