Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 16th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj explaining Sandhya about her twin babies, and when they asked Lord for one, they got two, why. Bhabho and Babasa take the laddoos and she goes back inside home. Sooraj says maybe this second child is sent for Bulbul. He asks her to think about Bulbul, she got sad, and explains her. She moves the curtains and shows the truth, that both babies or one are their Ansh, can they do this, they are humans and have wish, motherly love, desires, they can’t do this. Bhabho sees Bulbul unwell and prays for them.

Ankur and Ankita take care of her and Bhabho prays Lord does not test them, and do some miracle. Sooraj says yes, but Lord gave us heart to feel other’s pain, a mind by which they can take decision for other’s happiness. Sandhya says even she is worried for Bulbul, she will be fine, we will pray for her and show her to good doctor, and this wish will go with time, she will understand, don’t worry about her. He says even he felt the same, but she is in much effect.

He says all this is Lord’s sign, I need your support in this. They recall about Bulbul and their dreams of the twins. He asks will she support him. She cries. Bhabho walks to them. Sandhya holds his hand. Bhabho comes and hears them. Sandhya says about their happiness. Sooraj says Bhabho will understand this, she will agree when we say we are giving one child to Ankita. He says I will talk to her, she is also a mum, she can understand a mum’s pain, and we have to talk to her now, she will leave for puja now. Bhabho starts shaking and goes. He says we have to talk to her right now.

Babasa asks why did she get late, and not get Lord idol. She says Sooraj will bring it, and says we will go to temple. He asks what happened, why is she in so much hurry. She thinks she got some fear in heart and she is making it go, she will not let this happen. Sooraj comes and asks Bhabho to stop. He says I have to stop Bhabho, and calls Babasa.

Babasa asks Bhabho not to worry, as they will reach soon. He asks her to take the call. She thinks it will be Sooraj’s call. She says the work we are going to do is imp. They sit in the temple to do the puja. She recalls Sooraj’s words. Babasa asks her not to worry, Sooraj will come. Sooraj and Sandhya come there. He says we have to talk to Bhabho before puja starts. Bhabho goes away seeing them. Sooraj asks Babasa and looks for her. Bhabho thinks she will not listen to him today, she will not do this, once they do the puja, they will get sense about the relation of kids and parents.

She sees Sooraj’s hand near fire and moves him, asking him to be careful. He asks where was she. He says he has to talk something imp. She asks him to talk after puja. They sit for the puja and everyone join them. The pandit chants the mantras, and Bhabho recalls the twin foot marks on the door. He asks them to take the Kalash in hands. He says mum is given the most high regard and she is like water, she bears all the tough times and her motherly love does not get less for her child, she can’t make child away from her, and Sandhya gets sad. He says every child is born with its fate, but this puja is to make a mum promise to be with child by heart strings. Bhabho thinks once she ties the threads, she can’t give the baby to Ankita. The pandit says this thread will make the mum stand with the baby as strength forever. Sandhya ties the thread to one Kalash. Everyone smile. The pandit asks them to tie it on the second kalash, and few lucky mum have this chance to have twins. Sandhya looks at Sooraj.


Mohit gets a call and is stunned. He says fine, I will tell Bhabho. Babasa asks whats the matter.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ridiculous episode…..

  2. Sandhya is right abt babies. Wat happen to sooraj? ?
    Bulbul have to be taken to a psychiatrist
    And I think it is the stupid track running to revel abt sandhya sacrifice

  3. this is very stupid there are so many orphans who need home. they should adopt them. it is stupid to make someone happy u separate baby from her mother

  4. Looks like its going to be stupid story line coming along – giving up a twin baby ? please don’t write such scripts – only a person had twins will understand the pain – the most horrendous story line it would be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Agree with hk. When Bulbul’s parents are willing to adopt a baby, what is Sooraj’s problem? Why can’t an orphan get parents’ love and a home? Why does Sooraj need to sacrifice?

  6. And this Bulbul is too annoying. Her mother who lost the baby is ok but Bulbul is taking it to extremes. She should be fine with an adopted kid. No matter what, for her family it will be an adopted kid – either an orphan or Sandhya’s kid.

  7. Sandhya is so mahaan – first she gave her kidney, then she’ll give her baby, next she will give one eye to babasaa, then she will give her other kid to Meenakshi becuase something happened to her new born, then she will give other organs to each family member … OMG … too much !!

  8. I Just want to see naked pictures of sandhya to jerk off everyday

    1. plz u change ur name as DRAINAGE..ur thinks and thoughts are like that only..dont come to comment on this serial tracks. go to someother sights…and u ask these wishes to ur family members..especially TO UR SISTER R UR MOTHER…..UGLY MINDED ANIMAL…

      1. do u have sence or not…..r u a mad…..r u a man….r u a human…….chappal slapping is waiting for uuu…u will get the slap soon from someone…..nonsence…….

      2. @ranjani: don’t reply to his’s waste of our time….. he is not human,not animal,not even soul. He is psycho,mental patient

        Shameless fellow………. who(ravi) born of no use

  9. I love You sandhya You are m’y heroine

  10. I am shahrukh khan

  11. Worst storyline. The writer’s thoughts have become drained and he unnecessarily drags the serial at the expense of viewers’ interest. The T.R.P . Rating will touch abysmal low soon without doubt. The story has come to standstill with unbeleivable sentimental farce evoking no interest for the viewers. Better stop the serial and save the past glory of it in the minds of one and all.

  12. bulbul wants to be with sibligs..its good that ankur family shifted to rathi family..then bulbul gets chance to be together with pari and misri..then she will completely cured…this s also a one of the good way…no need to seperate the twins…this track surely low the TRP…i am a great fan of DABH..but for the past one week i dont watch the serial..only i read the written update only….

  13. Such stupid story line. Why to give a baby to a couple who already has a child n bow down to a small kids adamant wishes , such stupidity n unrealistic serial

  14. Yes me too have stopped star plus channel n I read written episode when I feel like as all serials r become bullshit

  15. First of all the intresting point to watch this show is it’s different from all serials…………….
    But after kidney drama…this show also turned in to same tragdey as all show…
    I think it’s better to change show name…it’s not sutable as DABH

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