Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD telling Sadhna that he wants to give happiness to Radha, and complete her dreams. He says Radha has guts and he wants to confess his love to her. Sadhna says what if she says no. He says I m not psycho to say Radha and get after her. He says I want to confess my love and guarantee her that I will always support her. Sadhna calls it his madness and she can’t help him in this. LD gets upset. Radha talks to Sudhakar and cries saying why does bad happens with good people, or maybe I m bad. He says no, you are the best. She asks why are you all suffering with me, why do real life does not have happy ending. He says there is happy ending, else the picture is still left. He says Lord has written this script. Shea asks why did he bring this twist in my life. He laughs and says you are Lord’s fav heroine.

She asks what should I do. Sudhakar says just do your given role, and leave everything on Lord, life should have ups and downs, it makes a person’s character strong, if heart beat runs straight, the life is over, when lines are up and down curves, it means the person is still alive and strong. She says I love you Papa and hugs him. Sadhna thinks about LD’s words and is worried. Radha thinks LD’s chapter ended today and it will be new beginning tomorrow. Dada ji and everyone do the puja. He greets Bau ji and wishes happy birthday. He gifts her bangles. Jayshree eyes it. Everyone wish Bua ji. Jahnvi asks Bua ji about her husband’s birthday, why don’t we light diya on his birthday. Dua ji gets annoyed. 4

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Bua ji says its been many days to see LD. Jayshree thinks something happened in Mumbai and I will find out and tell everyone. LD thinks about Radha. Radha makes Rupa get ready for her fancy dress competition, and asks her to get first prize, else her waking up early efforts will go waste. She asks her to greet everyone on stage and say I m cupid, love fairy. She says I work to get love between two people love can happen anytime anywhere, it is not done, it just happens. LD leaves for jogging and has headphones on.

Radha looks for an auto. LD bumps into a milk vendor and all the milk vessels fall. Radha comes there and slips by the milk on the ground. LD looks on and smiles. Radha sees him and holds her head. LD says I thought all night how will she meet me and she came infront of me. Rupa comes there and ssees them. LD gives his hand to Radha. They get closer as she slips again. Mere rang me rangne wali…………….plays………………. They have an eyelock.

Radha gets away and scolds him. She says your name should be Problem Dhar. He asks whats my mistake. She asks him to be away, as he does not matter to him. He says I m thinking to make her my wife and she is calling me her past. LD asks the milk vendor to come to his flat and he will give him money. LD says he will drop her sister. Radha asks him to get himself dropped somewhere. He asks why is she showing attitude if he is offering help. She asks him to leave. He says you can scold me in evening, lets meet for coffee, you want Rupa to lose in competition, I will drop her. She says she will drop her. LD asks in this way, till you get ready, everyone will leave.

Rupa nods yes. LD stops a taxi and takes Rupa. Sadhna tells Govind that she has to go to Radha’s family to give an answer. He asks her to end the matter, as he don’t want to hear anything again. LD comes home. Govind asks where did he go in morning. LD says he went to drop Radha’s sister Rupa to schoo.. Govind scolds him. LD says he will convince Dada ji and he is sure he will understand my love. Govind says I will slap you. Sadhna says be calm, we are going to talk to them. LD asks what will she talk to them. Sadhna says you just get ready. Govind says end the matter and come, I will be waiting.

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Suhasini is angry on Sudhakar and Radha. LD comes to meet them and likes Radha. She welcomes him with a smile. LD smiles. Mere rang me rangne wali……………..plays…………. He comes out of his imagination and she asks him to go. Sadhna comes there and says she wants to meet her parents before going to Mathura. Suhasini welcomes them. LD says he has dropped Rupa inside the school gate. She says whats great in it, you did the mistake and then corrected it. Sadhna says we are going Mathura today and wanted to tell our decision. Radha says good bye forever. Sadhna asks LD to stand quietly. Suhasini asks her decision. Sadhna says we like Radha a lot, we accept her as our bahu. Radha and LD are shocked. Suhasini and LD smile.

Sudhakar says sorry, we understand, but this decision should be taken by LD and Radha. LD says actually, I love Radha. Radha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. aww its so cute when he says i love radha… hope she too understands her lover for him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, loving this show day by day

  2. aww its so cute when he says i love radha… hope she too understands her love for him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, loving this show day by day

  3. Good comment stuti

  4. Good story

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