New Hottest Jodi on Indian TV?

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Have you ever felt seeing the small screen’s hot couple rising your heartbeat by their craze, die hard looks, immense cuteness, shivering sweet lines, by their amazing superb chemistry and super killer eyelocks, which makes you recall your love?? We got an interesting poll on the New Hottest Jodi on Indian TV and would like to know about your three choices – hot, hotter and hottest couple. You can even discuss your opinions in the comments section below.

1. Sahir and Aarzoo – HumSafars:

The couple has passion as they both dream to hit it big in the fashion industry. Their destiny and common dreams have got them together. Aarzoo is unaware of Sahir’s wife and his bitter past. She has fallen in love with him. Sahir tried to keep her away from himself, and when he felt his heart is getting inclined to her, he even punished himself showing his angry side. Sahir is soft at heart and started feeling for Aarzoo, though he is denying himself. Sahir and Aarzoo are connected by love and the pain it carries along.

2. Neil and Ragini – Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:

They got separated 15 years ago by petty fights for children’ upbringing and some big misunderstanding planted between them. Dr. Neil and Ragini are working in the same hospital now, as he came India for his daughter Nishi’s marriage. Ragini acts like being married to Dr. Aman, as she knows Neil is with them for a month and wants to hide her pain and show she is extremely happy with Aman. Ragini and Neil’s divorce does not end their love chapter, as they still have emotions linked, as they are connected by their loving children.

3. Viraj and Nisha – Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Viraj looked like a superhero when he entered Nisha’s life, just with a big impact which took away her heart to the sky. She was completely bowled over by his amazing personality and his talent. She joined his shooting academy to be around him. Viraj is now her mentor and finds her very weird as she keeps on doing mistakes as her focus is always on Viraj. This cute couple is definitely one of the happening couples on Indian TV these days.

4. Ranvir/RV and Ishani – Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Ishani’s childhood friend who sincerely loved her, is her husband now, after many difficulties in their lives. His love has finally reached Ishani’s heart and before she could confess it, RV got shot. Ishani’s true love will be seen by everyone as she takes care of RV and accepts his loyalty and love with pride. RV and Ishani look hot together, especially after their post marriage funny intimate scenes.

5. Manik and Nandini – Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan:

They have become a craze in youngsters, and got named Manan. The show Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan is ruling MTV by showcasing superb and sizzling chemistry between the lead couple. Manik and Nandini are going for the phase of love confession and the viewers are eagerly waiting to see it. Manik is super hot and Nandini is not less, they both look angelic together and rock the screen. The couple’s sweet scenes and love arguments make them lovable.

6. Vikram and Shobha – Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh:

Vikram had a bitter past as he got ditched by Shobha’s sister in law Sarika. He is Shobha’s boss and now her best friend. While his Nani tries to fix him with Shobha, seeing her good and honest side, Vikram is also slowly depending on Shobha. They have started sharing problems and helping each other move on, post Shobha’s divorce. They share a bond of understanding, pain, and emotions, which make their maturity look tender. Vikram and Shobha look as they are made for each other, which the world can see and its just… they have to realize it.

7. Abhimanyu and Ria – Tum Aise Hi Rehna:

Abhimanyu/Abhi met Ria in the hospital when he was admitted to treat his accident wounds. Ria treated him and they eventually fall in love with each other. After a year of courtship they decide to get married. Abhi meets Ria’s parents and asks for Ria’s hand in marriage. Ria’s parents insist to talk to Abhi’s family. Abhi convinces his mum, but she accepts the alliance with a plan. She develops hatred for Ria and thinks to separate Abhi and Ria. Their strong love is reaching marriage. The show has full on filmi romance between the couple.

8. Leela Dhar/LD and Radha – Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali:

LD and Radha started catching up in college by their fights and misunderstandings. LD played a prank on Radha and even he got into a problem by it, as they both got really married by keeping a mock ad shoot. Radha refuses to keep up the marriage, and even LD felt he should let her free and pursue her acting career. Radha’s honesty and guts made him realize she is the one with whom he wants to spend his life. LD felt the love moment with Radha and admits to his mum. He requests Radha to accept the marriage as love has struck his heart doors. LD and Radha are too young and look really adorable together.

9. Rajat and Anushka – Shastri Sisters:

Rajat and Anushka’s chemistry would make anyone start seeing the show. Their sweet love moments and eyelocks have given life to the show. With major drama going on, Rajat and Anushka’s love is getting tested in hard times and its going to win against all odds, as Anushka exposes Karishma and gets married to Rajat. Rajat’s attitude and Anushka’s simplicity made them different and hit right chord with the masses.

10. Akash and Anjali – Everest:

Anjali’s marriage is fixed with Vidhaan and she has started falling in love with Akash. Shikha asks Akash to confess his love to Anjali, before it gets too late. Anjali’s mum is supportive and tries to let Anjali live her life to the fullest. Anjali’s determination to win her father’s love and Akash’s determination to win over her fears make them similar and bond well. Anjali and Akash share a friendly bond, and both have to admit love. Anjali looks very lively and Akash sees a good positivity in her, as she helps him in fighting with his vertigo. The couple got hit as the show progresses towards main plot of Everest mission.

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  1. Obviously it’s manan love them to watch n their amazing chemistry…parth n niti are the best…n thank u for such an lovely show…

  2. so many new couples romancing on the telly but the feels that Manik’s and Nandini’s proximity, romance, love gives none other do. “Manik and Nandini’-seems like cupid’s hands touched their hearts…

    1. credit goes to Parth and Niti for their poignant performance…and the team for executing their scenes the way they do it…

  3. akash n anjali izzzzz d besssssssttttt luv u both

  4. Sahir and Aarzoo Rock!!! They r d most amazing and hilarious couple ever!!!!

  5. Only manan r the best. I have seen many couples on telly. The scorching chemistry between manan is too die for

  6. ranveer & ishani always nd forever

  7. only manan!!! i love their chemistry

  8. Manik abd Nandini are the best

    1. Sorry not abd its and


    1. Yeah humsafars is the best!! Sahir and arzoo rock the screen


  11. Manik and Nandani are the best couple

  12. I luv u manik :* even nandu….. lots of luv manan

  13. Manik &nandini.they are the best couple. love u manan

  14. Parth and niti obvio
    Manik n nadani roxxxxx

  15. manan

  16. Manik and nandini New Hottest Jodi on Indian TV……………… i love manik

  17. obviously manan…de heartrob parth aka manik…and nandini….

  18. manan is the best among all 🙂

  19. Harshad and shivya
    Love u

  20. Only manan

  21. Love yhe way they look n its enough for fans to die its only our manan :* n no one else

  22. One & only Manan that’s it

  23. obviously parth and niti aka manik and nandini…mesmerizing ……………… u parth.. <<<3

  24. it’s our manan.

  25. Only Manan! Manik and Nandini’s chemistry is awesome… No couple mentioned here comes anywhere close to them in that.

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