Laut Aao Trisha 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Trisha reaches home with Kabeer. Pratik asks what happened to her. She says she got an SMS from someone that kidnapper wants to kill Amrita and will be coming to Mud island, so she went to find who he was, but Kabeer rescued her on time. Pratik thanks Kabeer. Amrita asks why did she go without informing her. She says she really wanted to check who wants to kill her mamma and says Kabeer will find out who he is. Kabeer nods yes and says he will leave now. Meghan says everyone including Amrita and Aditya were worried about her. Trisha apologizes Aditya.

Lavanya hopes Trisha is dead and awaits Meghan’s call. Meghan calls her and says Trisha is back home. Lavanya thinks that means Kushan is not caught and waits for his phone call.

Amrita thanks god for sending back Trisha. Trisha comes back and apologizes her for going without informing her. Amrita says she knows she is worried about her safety but should promise she will not hide anything from her. Trisha promises and asks her also to promise to share all her problems with her. She nods yes and they both hug. She then apologizes god for telling lie to Trisha and hiding about Pratik and Neha’s affair.

Varsha reaches Kabeer’s office. Kabeer says he had medicines. She came not as a doc or cook but as his friend and asks if they can go out for coffee. He says he is busy and tells her about Trisha being tried to kill by kidnapper again. She says she is not a cop but as a doc she can say Trisha must be having another enemy whom she must have hurt anytime. He says she is right and says she gave him clue and thinks as a cop. She says she cannot imagine running around criminals. He gets calls and hurriedly leaves from there.

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Aditya asks Meghan, Bobby and Vivan not to leave Trisha alone even for a minute, else she will go missing again. Bobby says good Trisha came back, else their party would have been cancelled. She scolds her for worrying about party than her. Vivan says Bobby was worried about her and was requesting friends to help on facebook. Trisha hugs him saying he is her lovely brother. Bobby and Meghan also hug them. Meghan asks both boys to leave while she stays with Trisha. Bobby takes her to the corner and says her face tells that she likes Aditya. She asks how does he know everything. He says he is her brother and can read her emotions. She says he is the best brother in world. He asks when will she propose Aditya. She says she wants to know what is in his mind, then she will propose. Vivan asks them not to keep secret with him. They say nothing important and takes him with them.

Sonali sees Gaurav on phone happily informing about Trisha coming back and tells how can everyone be so normal when Trisha troubled everyone by going without informing anyone, if she had been her mother, she would have slapped her, she is a spoilt girl. Amrita hears that and scolds her for thinking bad about Trisha and asks how can she tell this being part of this family. Sonali says she is just giving her opinion and it is parent’s responsibility to take care of their children. Pratik hears that and asks what responsibility she has towards his son and what she did when her son used to take drugs, asks her to think of herself before questioning anyone else. Sonali thinks he is proud of his and Trisha’s relationship, she will break his proud.

Neha hears door knock and worriedly goes to open it, sees waiter standing out and scolds for knocking door even after seeing do not disturb board. Kabeer enters her room and asks what is she doing in hotel room when she has such a good house, says though criminal is intelligent, he will be caught anyhow, says she switched off her phone but used her credit card to pay bills, how can she make such mistake. He says she made one more mistake by not wearing gloves while planting Trisha’s kidnapped pics in Pratik’s locker, thinks he did not get any finger prints and is just bragging to trap her. Neha says she helped kidnapper but is not the mastermind. He says he knows, but can become evidence in court and save herself.

Meghan starts chatting with Aditya and asks him to tell about his college days. He says he has an appointment in the morning and has to go. She asks if they can walk. He says he knows, but she also should rest.

Gaurav sees Vivan venting his anger on punching bag and says he is angry on him that he is venting anger on punching bag than telling it to him. Vivan apologizes him and says he did not do anything till now that he can feel proud of and says because of him, he and mom have to hear insults from everyone. He says he realized his mistake and that is the first step towards moving to right direction and asks him not to tell that he is not proud of him. Vivan asks why is he so good and hugs him saying he loves him.

Sonali sees Trisha alone and thinks she got a chance to teach Pratik a lesson. She gets in and asks her if she knows where her dad is. She says she does not know. Sonali says he must have gone there. Trisha asks where and insists to tell what is it. Sonali says she cannot tell her but since she is insisting she will tell, tells her papa is having an affair with Neha.

Kabeer switches on tape recorder and records Neha’s statement who tells that she did all this for Kushan and he is the kidnapper. She says to plant evidences against Pratik, Kushan gave her 20 lakhs and even she is having an affair with Pratik for his money and power and not love. He says he knows and asks her to elaborate what role she had with Kushan. She tells their last meeting and says she only was dealing with Kushan and does not know anything. Kabeer asks Abhay to issue arrest warrant against Kushan.

Sonali tells that Amrita and Pratik have split but are staying together for Trisha and Sanya and requests Trisha not to tell she told her about this. Trisha nods yes. Sonali thinks she did her work and walks out smirking.

Trisha reaches Pratik and Amrita’s room, sees Amrita preparing her bed on couch. Amrita asks if she is fine. She says nothing is fine and asks Pratik why did he lie about his and Neha’s affair, asks why was mamma sleeping in my room and now on the couch. Amrita tries to explain, but Trisha says she did not expect lie from her and says Pratik he does not deserve to be called dad and their father and daughter’s relationship is finished from today and she hates him. Pratik gets sad.

Bobby tells Lavanya that he is going out for party. Kushan comes home and instead of talking to him sits tensely on sofa. Lavanya asks him to and enjoy party. Once he leaves, he asks Kushan what happened. Bobby thinks dad was tensed and he should know about it, he calls his friend and says he cannot attend his party today. He goes back in. Lavanya asks Kushan what happened. He says his plan was ruined. She says she knows Kabeer reached there. He says she must have thought if she SMSes him, she will be caught, so she did not. He starts panicking more and asks her to save him from Kabeer. Bobby hears whole conversation and asks why did he try to kidnap and kill Trisha, how cannot believe his dad is criminal and his mom helped his dad, says he is ashamed that he is their son. He says if Meghan will know about it, what will she feel and what will Amrita feel. Lavanya tries to console him. He asks her not to touch as she is a criminal and he will tell police everything. Kushan holds gun over his head and says it is better to die instead of going to jail and being insulted by his own kids. Lavanya and Bobby try to snatch gun from him, bullet hits Bobby and falls on ground. Lavanya panicks and runs to call ambulance. Kushan is shocked and keeps Bobby[‘s head in his lap. Lavanya shouts that he killed Bobby. Kabeer and Abhay reach there and are also shocked to see that. Kabeer picks gun and checks Bobby’s pulse and pronounces him dead.

Pratik drinks alcohol reminiscing Trisha telling that he broke her trust and she hates him now. Amrita on the other side tries to console Trisha and says she should not have hidden this problem from her. Trisha says she knew about Neha and Pratik’s affair from before, but wants to know why she hid it from her. Amrita says she did not tell as she was worried about her, she also was worried about her and did not want to hurt her. She asks her to stop thinking about it and be with her. They both hug each other and cry. Amrita gets Kabeer’s calls her and informs that Kushan killed Bobby.

Precap: Kushan at Bobby’s funeral alleges Pratik for killing his son. Pratik tells Amrita that Kushan killed his son and even kidnapped my daughter.

Update Credit to: MA

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  2. no no bobby dead… such a handsome boy. i love him. oh no nw i will not see him again in this show. how sad

  3. Werz today’s episode

  4. Show for the mentally retarded. I give zero points for entire story.

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