Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 10th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 10th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha saying Sadhna that she has supported her at home, so she came to talk to her. LD looks on. Radha apologizes to them and says I don’t agree with this marriage solution, I can’t accept this marriage. She says I believe that love is needed in any relation, trust and respect are important, and we don’t have friendship. LD thinks who can become Radha’s friend. Radha says I can’t leave Mumbai, as my dreams and career are here, its my dad’s dream to make me actress, I want to become successful to get the best for Rupa, I want to fulfill my mum’s dreams too, I want to do my duties as a daughter, if I become your bahu, I will have to depend on you to get the needs met for my family, and I don’t want to take any favor.

She says a daughter is not weak. Sadhna says they understand, but her thinking is different from her parents. Govind says yes, it looks like they will force you, what will you do. Radha says I will not accept it, they don’t know understand, I don’t want everyone to get punished for LD’s mistake. Radha asks them not to accept what her family is saying, if they pressurize more. She says she wants to show something, and takes a DVD. LD thinks what is she doing, whats this movie. The video has Radha dancing as background dancer. LD is puzzled.

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Suhasini tells Sudhakar that Radha is not at home, and even her handbag is missing. She says even her phone is switched off. Rakesh says call her again, check did she run. Sudhakar gets angry and scolds him. He says I m sure Radha is having an affair with a guy. Suhasini defends him. Sudhakar scolds his brothers. Suhasini calms him. Sadhna shuts the laptop. Radha says she can’t hide her truth. Govind asks what can he do by this. Radha says he can recollect this video and realize that she is not right to become the bahu of their house, she is not ashamed of her work, she chose this profession and she is proud of it, this profession looks wrong, but wrong is in every profession. LD smiles.

Radha says everyone tries to copy an actress but say bad about her, no one wants to make an actress their bahu. Sadhna says you have courage to tell everything honestly. She says I know you and LD don’t want this relation, don’t ever say you are not a right girl, as we believe whom you choose as your life partner, that guy will be very lucky. LD thinks Radha has guts, superb. Govind says if Radha does not want this marriage, we will talk to her family tomorrow and leave for Mathura. Radha thanks them for letting her say her matter, and she feels bad for LD getting rusticated, and she will request principal not to blacklist LD so that he can get admission in any other college.

She sees LD hearing them and is shocked. Khel khel me…………..plays…………….. She leaves. Sudhakar says he does not need to give any explanation, and there won’t be any argument, you both can go now. Suhasini says worry about Radha. He says yes, so I m asking them to leave, I know they worry for Radha and want good for her, but… They get angry and leave. Suhasini asks what is he doing, this was not imp. Sudhakar says I will see where is she. Suhasini says I will come along. He says but Rupa is alone at home. She says she is sleeping. Govind says we don’t need to think more, pack the bags, we are going to Mathura, and asks LD to come along.
Radha sits outside. LD walks to there thinking. Few men come and tease Radha seeing her alone. LD comes and they leave seeing him. Radha asks what is he doing, is he following her. He says no. He sits to smoke. She asks what is he doing. He asks what is she seeing. She says how disguting, you feel your tension will fly in this smoke, and scolds him. He asks her to see herself. He counts her mistakes and they argue. She says she went to apologize to Dada ji but he left, and she has sent the apology letter to him in his parcel and Tiwari Sir was Isha’s prank as you ate her burger. They holds their fingers, and argue a lot. Music plays……………. The police comes and scolds them. They think Radha is not LD’s GF and he is not teasing her, it means she is a wrong type girl. Radha is shocked.

She asks what is this nonsense. He asks her to come. LD stops the constable. He says you can’t do this. Radha is getting arrested. LD says she is my wife, shocking Radha. The constable says I should have understood before, she is wife, so you both are fighting, but don’t fight in public place. Radha calls Sudhakar and says I m sorry, I did not know when my phone got off. He asks where is she, is she fine. She says I m reaching home, I m safe. He says come home soon, we are waiting for you. LD stops Radha and he is going home, he has car so… She says thanks but no thanks, our destination is same, but our way is different. She leaves. LD looks on and says this girl is my God, what to do.

Sadhna asks LD what he wants to say. LD says he is in love with Radha. Sadhna is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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