Tum Saath Ho Jab 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Younis questions Naima as to why is she here. Naima replies that she was worried about her sister. After all she is worried because of me only. Younis sends Nasima inside with the kids and sits down to think about who that woman could be who had come with Imran.

At night, Najma tells Mariam how she and Altaf Mamajaan got scared upon seeing blood on the floor. When I reached home then I got to know about Badi Ammi’s ill health. I dint know that the real tension was in the clinic. It was good that you handled everything. I would have fainted if I had seen Bade Abbu and Badi Ammi from that close. Even Mariam was scared, she says. Allah saved me today.

Altaf calls out for Mariam. They greet each other from the window. Altaf asks her about the prescription. Which medicines to give at what time? She guides him well. Najma adds that nothing would happen just by taking medicines. Tell your nephew to leave alcohol. Imran hears this too. Altaf appreciates Najma for her idea. Najma tells the same to Imran who in turn tells her to stay in her limits. I am only teaching you tennis. Stop interfering in my life. Najma doesn’t budge. My Ammi got into problem because of you. She would have got caught today. You cannot even imagine what would have happened if Bade Abbu would have seen her. imran replies that he dint ask Mariam for help. She insisted which is why I went there. No one has to worry about me from now onwards. I can take care of myself. He takes the liquor bottle and goes from there. Altaf, Najma and Mariam worry as he is still not ready to leave alcohol.

Bilkish calls Nasima to check after her health. You could have called me for help. She too gets to know about Imran coughing blood and how a woman accompanied him till the clinic. Did you see her face? Surprising, he got into an affair already. Amma rues that Bilkish had called to ask after her bhabhi’s health but the ladies started gossiping. Bilkish assures Nasima that Naima will get a good match soon and then ends the call. Bilkish tells the same to Amma and Jamaal.

Next morning, Mariam notices Imran coughing badly from her window. He leaves from home coughing. She asks Altaf if he wants Imran to quit alcohol. Altaf nods. Mariam asks him to bring Imran’s liquor bottles and throw the alcohol in the sink. altaf is scared that Imran wont spare him. mariam says this alcohol can kill Imran instead. Altaf throws it away all scared / confused. He shows her the empty bottles. Now you will save me from Imran’s wrath. She suggests him to refill these bottles with black tea. If he says anything to you then you can take my name. I have got scolded from the doc, not him. altaf agrees but is still scared of Imran’s anger.

A guy comes to collect his old certificate from school. He was trained by Tauseef. Imran gives the certificate to the peon to hand it over to the person. A photo falls from the file. Imran picks up the Tauseef and Mariam’s photo and looks at it. Peon comes to tell Imran that a woman (from Baig family) has come to meet her. It is Naima. She tells him that she has come here earlier as well. I like school teachers a lot. He is taken aback. Why did you come here? She thinks that he wants to meet her somewhere else. Will you come to garage today? He thinks of something as Naima can see Mariam and Najma at the garage. He declines saying that there is a ghost in garage. Mamu and I have seen it. naima connects it with the blood that she had seen on the floor. We will meet at some other place then. he excuses himself on the pretext of being called by the principal sir. We will meet some other time. She gets happy thinking that he promised her for a meeting.

Girls congratulate Saba that she has been selected in the top ten participants for the beauty pageant. You have to win this contest. Saba is engrossed in the mobile. She has ten missed calls from Naima. The girls think that Shabbir was a hypocrite to back out in the end just because of her age. Saba tells them how her Naima Khala is after their new neighbour, a drunkard now. Plus my parents don’t like him at all. Ayaan greets Saba and all the girls. Ayaan too congratulates Saba. But the makeup was not apt today. get it done from some professional artist in the finals. He offers to bring one for her, free of cost. Saba and her friends get excited. He dials the number of the artist to talk to her.

Najma greets Mariam and notices that her Ammi is worried. Younis bhai has started talking to everyone in the area about who accompanied Imran yesterday. He has even gone to talk to the doc today. what if he finds out the truth? Najma denies. your face was covered with burqa. Bade Abbu would not have been able to recognise you at all. Don’t worry, he wont get to know about it ever.

Mariam and Najma hear Imran shouting. He has realised that his liquor bottles are filled with black tea now. Altaf notices Mariam. He requests her to speak up as she had made him do this. you said that you will handle this. Mariam stammers but then accepts that it was her idea. Imran loses his cool. Najma interrupts but Mariam tells her to be quiet. You are my neighbour and I cannot see you ruining your life like this quietly. Imran asks her again who she is. She repeats that she is his neighbour. You are Najma’s coach too. He still cannot understand why she would add tea in his liquor bottles. She reasons that she threw the poison out of those bottles. Altaf too supports her. mariam tells Imran to stops arguing over this matter. Have your lunch and reach garage on time or Najma’s practise will delay. She has to complete her homework afterwards. He tries to talk to her but she tells him that she has to finish lot many tasks today. stop banging those empty bottles now I don’t have time. She takes Najma inside with her while Imran stands there speechless. Najma is amazed at her Ammi for scolding Imran. Altaf tells Imran to sit. I will serve food now as we have to go for practise too. Imran repeats that he wont tolerate any of this nonsense.

Nasima paces in the lobby thinking about the mystery lady. Rehmat Bi brings tea for her. nasima notices Mariam (in burqa, with her face uncovered) and Najma coming downstairs. She asks them about their whereabouts. Mariam tells her that they are going to the mosque. Nasima scrutinises Mariam from top to toe and thinks about the burqa clad woman who had accompanied Imran yesterday. She stops them and sends Najma to her room. Nasima asks Mariam why she went to the clinic with Imran. mariam is taken aback while Nasima continues talking. I am sure it was you only. The same walking style, the same burqa! Tell me it was you right? Rehmat Bi interrupts Nasima. Why would Mariam go with Imran? she was with me that day. Nasima says you are lying. The mother daughter duo weren’t at home that day when we had gone to the clinic. Rehmat bi clears it that they had returned just when she had left from home. You doubt your own family members because of that drunkard? You can spy on outsiders. Nasima goes quiet. That mystery woman has ruined my head. mariam asks Rehmat Bi why she lied. Rehmat Bi is sure Mariam can never be wrong. Mariam accepts it that she only had taken Imran to the clinic the other day. He was coughing blood and I had no option. Rehmat Bi appreciates her for her good act.

Precap: Asad calls Imran again during the practise. Imran walks out of the garage to drink alcohol leaving Najma alone in the garage. Some drunk guys come there and try to take advantage of Najma. Thankfully, Mariam reaches there on time and Najma hurries to her mother’s side.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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