Gadbad Ho Gayi – Part 4 (Raglak, Ronakshi And Rivanya)

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lets start….

Ragini was still holding letter in her hand.

Rag: if rakhi reads this letter, she’ll definitely reject. Not only rakhi, any girl will reject if they read this letter.

Ragini takes pen and paper and starts to write

” To

My love

The moment I saw u first, I felt like I got my world. I felt like I got reason to live. Ur eyes, ur talks, ur smiles make me forget the world. Now I just know one thing that without u my life is incomplete and I cant live without u. u r my life. I don’t have much words to express my love. All I want to tell u is I love u so much. And want to spend my life with u. m waiting for ur answer.

Ur true love ”

Rag: now this is wat called as love letter. Rakhi will definitely accept his proposal.

Her dadi sees this.

Dadi: wat r u doing ragini? u r writing love letter for laksh so that he can giv it to some other girl? How can u ragu? U love him so much. Y r u letting him go?

Rag with little upset: I know dadi. But he doesn’t love me. He loves rakhi. He will b happy to b with her. And his happiness is important for me. My happiness is in his happiness.

Dadi fakely: I hate u ragini.

Both hug.

Dadi in mind: I know u r going through pain. God pls keep my ragini happy.

Rag in mind: I know dadi that u r hurt coz of my this behavior. But wat shud I do. He doesn’t love me.

Single tear escaped from her eyes.

……………. ………………….

Next day ragini went to meet rakhi and handovers that letter.

Rag: rakhi, he loves u more. He’s very gud guy.

Rak: he’s ur best frnd and if u r saying then he must b gud. I’ll giv him a chance. We will date each other.

We will date each other

Rag fakely smiles: he will get mad after listening this.

……… …………..

At home laksh was walking here and there waiting for ragini’s call. He took a paper which was on table.

Lak: its another copy of that letter. I had written two so that I shud not lose. Now I gave letter. No need of this.

Just then sona comes in his room with coffee. He keeps letter in his jeans pocket in hurry to hide from sona.

Sona: devarji. Take this coffee. I’ve prepared snacks. If u want tell me. I’ll b in kitchen.

Lak: ok bhabhi. Thanku.

He joins rohit and rahul for snacks.

Roh: still seeing dreams of marriage.

Lak: u r jealous of me bhai.. I’ll get heroine bhai.

Roh: keep on dreaming

Lak: rahul also agree with me. Rite rahul.?

Rahul nods as no. rohit laughs.

Lak: baap, beta at one side. Rahul, I had brought chocolate for u. I wont give u now.

He left from there. sona comes there.

Sona: rahul k papa. Can I tell u one thing?

Can I tell u one thing?

Roh: ??

Sona: I like devarji ki dost very much. I had dream to make her my devrani.

Roh: I also feel same. Ragini is perfect for him. but we cant interfere in their love decision. We can just support them. I hope laksh will fall for ragini.

………… …………….

After sometime

Laksh is sleeping in his room. Rahul slowly enters. He searches for chocolate. He looks at his jeans. He takes chocolate from there and while taking the love letter which was kept with chocolate fell down. Rahul takes that letter. He sees laksh is waking up. He runs to hall. He sees sona coming. He hides chocolate in his pocket and keeps that letter in rohit’s book.

Sona: wat r u doing here? Come get ready for school.

She takes him with her. Rohit comes there and takes his books.

Roh: sona, m leaving for college.

He leaves.

Laksh’s phone rings. He sees its ragini. He takes call.

Rag: she agreed. She wants to date with u.

Lak happily: great. Thanku so much ragu. U made my day.

U made my day

Rag: she told u to meet at 4 today.

She cuts call. She was not able to control her emotions. Dadi was seeing this with heavy heart.

………. …………..

Laksh and rakhi starts to date with eachother.

……… ………………

At college ritik drops shivanya.

Shi: atleast be some romantic. Give me flying kiss.

Rit feels shy.

Rit feels shy

Shi: don’t b shy. U r getting late for station.

She leaves.

There was meeting in principal room. All teachers gathered.

After sometime.

Pri: ms.shivanya. u explain xyz topic. I want to see improvement in ur teaching style.

Shi: ok sir.

She goes near board. She realizes that she kept her book in her place. She returns to go. Rohit gives her his book.

Roh: xyz topic is in this book also.

She takes it. She opens it and sees letter. She reads it. She looks at him once. Rohit smiles.

Shi in mind: rohit gave me letter? He loves me?

She came to sense by principal’s voice. She explained her topic and returns book to rohit and leaves. Rohit takes book. Letter fell down from book. He reads it. He was surprised. He runs and looks at shivanya who gives him small smile.

He runs and looks at shivanya who gives him small smile

Roh: shivanya gave me love letter? She loves me?

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  1. So much confusion, but I liked your ff very much 👌👌

    1. Thanku dear

  2. Shesha485

    Superb episode. Ragini writing love letter for Rakhi on behalf of Laksh was hilarious. I liked when Shivanya and Rohit had confusion because of Rahul and Laksh. Poor Ragini is doing so much for Laksh but not getting anything in return. Sorry for the late comment as I ddin’t see yours in FF Forum as it was filled with Riansh FFs. Hereafter I’ll try my best to read earlier….

    1. It’s ok dear.
      In watty already next parts r posted. U can read there also

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