Gadbad Ho Gayi – Part 3 (Raglak, Ronakshi And Rivanya)

Ragini decides to propose laksh on valentine’s Day which was after few days. Ragini gets a call.

Rag: hello. When did u come ? Let’s meet.

She talk for sometime and cuts call.

Rag: I’ll ask laksh also.

….. ……….

Laksh was talking with his frns.

Lak: my gf wud b special. She’ll b innocent but shud hav daring if required.

He goes on telling his requirements and Ragini was listening this from far. She lost in her world seeing him talking. She came to sense when laksh shakes her.

Lak: hey devar ki dost, where u lost?

Rag: hmm? Nothing. And laksh stop teasing Bhabhi. Atleast not in college. Wat will others think.

Lak: ok Baba sry.

Rag: laksh , I’ve a frnd.

Lak: everyone has a frnd.

Rag: ofho, stop joking.

Lak: ok ok.

Rag: she’s a model. She was out of country. Just yesterday she came here. There’s fashion show tonight. She’s gonna participate. She invited me and my frns. Will u come with me?

Lak: wow. Fashion show? Models? Beautie? Of course I’ll come.

Rag glares at him.

Lak making innocent face: simply told. When we hav to go?

Rag: evng 6.

Lak: I’ll come to pick u.

Ragini smiles.

…….. ……..

Laksh picks Ragini from her home and reached venue. They sit on Thier seats. Show starts. Models start to walking on ramp one by one. After few mins.

Lak: wat Ragu, u told models. Who’s looking like model here.

Rag: we came to see just show not to judge.

Just then a girl walks ion stage.

Rag: hey look. That’s my frnd rakhi(played by Nia )

Laksh gets mesmerized seeing her. Automatically he says

Lak: wow.. gorgeous.

He was looking at her without blinking eyes. Ragini was clapping seeing Rakhi.

Show gets over. Ragini takes laksh with her to introduce Rakhi.

Rag: hi Rakhi.

Rak: hi Ragini.

Both hug eachother.

Rag: Rakhi, meet my bestie laksh. Laksh, my most dear frnd rakhi.

Both say hi to eachother.

…. ………..

At home.

Lak: Bhai, y don’t u think abt my marriage?

Roh gives him look: meri halat Dekh Kar bhi tujhe shadi ki padi hai? O bhi itni jaldi?

Lak: Bhai, all r not same.

Roh: btw, complete ur graduation first. Chala shadi Karne.

Sona comes that time.

Sona: Rahul k papa, don’t scold devarji, he’s also rite. Hi s age is of marriage now.

Hi s age is of marriage now

Lak: thanku Bhabhi, atleast u r at my side.

Roh: fine. First complete graduation. Then get settled. After that ur shehnai bajegi.

Lak: thanku Bhai. So sweet of u.

…. ……..

Lak: how to tell to Rakhi that I love her. If I tell Infront of her, she may slap me.

He imagines proposing her and getting slapped.

Lak: no no. I can’t do this. Hey I got idea. She’s ragini’s bf. I’ll take her help. But I also have to express. Wat Ragini Wil say ‘ Rakhi, laksh loves u’ it doesn’t sound good.

After thinking he decides to write love Letter.

Lak: I’ll express my feelings in letter. Then Ragini Wil give it to her. Like this she’ll get to know my feelings also and I won’t get slap. Laksh, u r genius.

He takes pen and paper and site to write. He wastes lots of paper.

Then finally he wrote.

Lak: finally I wrote my love letter. Now I’ve to give this to Ragini.

……….. …….

It was valentine’s Day. Ragini was preparing herself how to propose laksh.

Rag: let anything happen today, I’ll confess.

She takes mob and abt to call laksh but she only gets his call.

Rag: hi laksh, I was going to call u only.

Lak: Ragini, I’ve something important to tell u. Can u meet me now?

Ragini gets happy.

Rag: of course. M leaving now. At same park ok.

Lak: ok.

Rag cuts call.

Rag: he told important. May b he also loves me. Thanku god.

She leaves.

….. ……………..

Lak: u r late. From one hr m waiting here.

Rag in mind: how desperate he is to see me.

Lak: I want to tell u something.

Rag: I also.

Lak: u tell.

Rag: no. U tell first.

Lak: ok.

He turns faced his back to Ragini.

Lak: I don’t know wat Wil u think after I’ll tell.

Rag in mind: I’ll feel like m in heaven laksh. Tell fast.

Lak: m in love Ragini.

Her heart starts to beat fast.

Lak: I don’t know how it happens. I really love her. I love Rakhi very much.

I love Rakhi very much

Listening Rakhi ragini’s face fell down.

Lak: u know it’s love at first sight.

He was going on telling whereas Ragini’s tears were flowing.

He was going on telling whereas Ragini’s tears were flowing

Lak was abt to turn, she wiped her tears fast and dint let him know.

Lak: whatever I want to tell, I’ve written in this letter. U r her bf. Wil u give it to her from my side. And let me know wat she said.

He took love letter out of his pocket and forwards to her. She takes it with shivering hands.

Lak: thanku so much Ragini.

Rag gives fake smile: m ur bestie laksh. I can do anything to see u happy.

Lak hugs her: thanku so much Ragini. I knew it that u’ll help me.

She returns home with heavy heart.

…….. ……..

Ragini was holding his letter and staring.

Rag: how lucky u r Rakhi.

She wanted to know laksh’s feelings for her.

Rag: m sry laksh. M reading ur letter.

She opens it and reads. It was written.

” To

My love.

Sub: request for love.

My dear love. Since I saw u I never slept properly. Daily I see u in everywhere. Then I got to know that I love u. So I request you to love me. So pls love me.

Your sincere


Ragini with shock: this is love letter?

  1. Shesha485

    This episode is seriously hilarious. I thought it would end by Ragini’s breakout. But Laksh’s letter make me laugh.. My god! His imagination of being slapped by Rakhi and Rohit-Laksh conversation is funny. Excited for the next episode

  2. Shesha485

    Please release your story at FF category so I can find it easily…

    1. Oh ya… I did it under humour category. That’s y it was not visible in Tu page. I was confused. Thanks for telling. I’ll do that only. I’ll repost these two parts under ff category

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