Gadbad Ho Gayi – Part 2 (Raglak, Ronakshi And Rivanya)

Rohit , Rahul and laksh were waiting for bf. Sona comes to dining table with bf. Ragini comes there.

Rag: hi sir, hi laksh.

Rag: hi sir, hi laksh

Roh: Ragini, how many times I told u. Only in college u call me sir. Call me Bhai.

Rag: ok Bhai.

Sona: devarji ki dost. U also join us for bf.

Ragini sits in chair. It’s not new for her to getting called by like that.

Sona serves all.

Lak: Bhabhi, u know, yesterday one girl was asking many doubts to Bhai.

Rohit looks at laksh with anger look.

Roh: Acha? Who asked me doubts?

Lak: that Nisha Bhai.

Rohit understood laksh’s intentions.

Roh: there’s no girl of that name.

Sona takes plate of Rohit.

Sona: her bad eye Wil b follow u. Only solution is u keep fast today.

Only solution is u keep fast today

She takes plate and goes to kitchen. Laksh was giggling.

Rag: laksh… This is wrong.

Lak: this is my badla bro. U made me stand out of college yesterday. Now u keep fast today. See bf is masala dosa. Hmmmm…… Delicious.

Rohit gives him anger look.

Trio sit in car for college. On the way Ragini says

Rag: Bhai… Don’t mind. Forgive laksh. Laksh, ask sry.

Roh: it’s ok Ragini. It’s Tom and Jerry fight. He’ll not change.

Lak: and not u also.

Lak: and not u also

Roh: not Sona also. Though she brought up in Mumbai, still she’s only behind these all things. Shadi to karli. Ladoo khane hi padenge.

Lak: not today Bhai. Tmrw eat. Today’s fasting.

Laksh laugh whereas Ragini and Rohit gives him unbelievable look.

…… ………………..

Raglak were walking towards class.

Rag: hey laksh. See there physics teacher.

Lak: oh no. Today teacher will check yesterday’s notes. I’ve to complete. Come soon devarji ki dost.

Rag: don’t make fun of Bhabhi laksh.

Both run to class. Laksh starts to complete notes from ragini’s book.

Teacher enters class.

All: gud mrng ma’am.

Teacher is shivanya raheja.

Teacher is shivanya raheja

Shi: so all of you done with ur assignment?

All: yes ma’am.

She takes class and leaves.

Lak: thank God I completed on time.

Rag: this only happens if u bunk classes.

Lak: let’s go… M feeling hungry.

Rag: so soon? It’s just one hr u had bf.

Lak: I put so much effort so m hunger woke up. Let’s go.

Rag: fine.

…… ……

Both were having pizza. Laksh looks at a couple. Ragini also looks at them.

Rag: so cute pair.

Lak: one day u’ll also say same when I and my love Wil sit together and eat like this.

Ragini became little sad hearing this. She remembers dadi’s words that to confess her feelings soon.

…….. ………..

It was evng. Shivanya comes home after college. Nearby 8 door bell rings. She opened door.

Shi: welcome inspector. Need water? Or snacks? Oh sry. It’s dinner time. Let me serve dinner.

Let me serve dinner

Rithik: shivanya, u know abt my duty.

Shi: I know Ritik. U r only not inspector in this whole city. U don’t come on time any day.

Rit: sry shivanya. Pls.


Shi: ok. Come. Was waiting for u only.

Both had dinner.

Shi: I have to prepare notes for tmrws lecture. U r tired. Go and sleep. I’ll b in hall.

She turned off lights and left.

Ritik smiles and sleeps.

It was mrng.

Shivanya woke up , prepared bf.

Shi: Ritik. Come soon. Let’s hav bf together atleast. I’ll b late for college.

Rit wearing belt and putting shirt button: coming janu.

Both finished bf. Ritik drops shivanya to college and leaves for station.

…… ……………

Next mrng. Rohit gets ready for jogging.

He jogging. He saw shivanya there.

Roh: hi mrs shivanya. How’s jogging going on?

Shi: call me shivanya Rohit. We r teachers in college. Not here. Don’t b so formal.

Roh smiles: ok shivanya.

Both sit on bench after jogging.

Roh: really shivanya, u r very fit. No one can say u r a teacher. U still look like a college girl.

U still look like a college girl

Shi: thanku. And u r also not less ha.

Both smile and leav for Thier home.


Ragini sitting with sad face.

Dadi: wat happened?

Ragini tells wat laksh said.

Ragini tells wat laksh said

Dadi: that’s y I always tell u. Confess soon. Or else he’ll go in some other hands.

Ragini keeps on thinking.

  1. krithi poojary

    palchin can u please send the link of part 1. actually I did not read it so, please. ur humor is really y very so am very interested in the next part please give the next part also dear.

    1. Here’s third part link

      Let me know if u get access to both links

  2. Shesha485

    The Chapter is so interesting… Please update it soon. I like your Romcom. Shivanya as Physics Teacher and Ritvik as Inspector is nice. Its funny when Laksh complained to Sonakshi about Rohit…. Raglak hall conversation is good. Hope Ragini would confess her love soon

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