Falling In Love Again @Riansh #3 The First Kiss

NIGHT 12:30 AM

At the farmhouse

After the elders leave…

Riddhima: Hey! Let’s play a game!

Vansh: Never Have I Ever?

Sejal, Sia, Ishani and Aryan: Yessss!

Riddhima: Okay then! Everyone grab a drink! I’ll have…

Vansh: Wine?

Riddhima: I don’t drink.

Vansh pinches her and says, “Same pinch!”

Riddhima: OWW! You actually don’t drink or is it because you wanted revenge?

Vansh: No, I don’t drink.

Everyone grabs a Frootie and there’s one last left when Riddhima and Vansh both go for it. Sia is observing this and says, “Oops! Now you both share.”

Vansh: Umm… I’m fine if she’s okay.

Riddhima (at the same time): I’m fine if he’s okay.

Sia and Sejal: OOO!!!

Sejal (winking to Sia): It’s done then! You both will share.

Everyone sits in a round. Sejal says, “Aryan, you start.”

Aryan: Okay… Never Have I Ever… had any police record.

Sejal, Sia and Vansh have a sip.

Sejal: Overspeeding

Sia: We both were racing.

Vansh: If everyone wants to know… I was accused of murdering my fiancee

Riddhima stares at him, expressionless… then says, “But you can’t commit a murder, of course!”

Everyone is surprised… Vansh, the most…

Vansh: How are you so confident?

Riddhima (realising what she just did) : Umm… first of all… you don’t seem that kind of person and secondly… you are Sia’s brother so… Well… 

Aryan: Okay! Sia next!  

Sia: Never Have I Ever… fallen in love!

Everyone except her and Ishani takes a sip and Vandh and Riddhima drink it together… sharing a moment. Then Riddhima, Vansh and Sia are surprised to see that even Aryan and Sejal took a sip. They stare at them…while Sejal and Aryan stare at each other.

Sejal: Umm… speak up everyone!

Aryan: Ya!

Vansh: What do you want us to speak? Everyone knows about me… and Riddhima’s bre-

Riddhima pinches him  to make him realise that nobody knows that they met after her breakup.

Riddhima: And my breakup too… It’s you both who have never told us anything!

Sejal (whispering to Aryan): I think we should tell them now…

Aryan (whispering back): Okay…

Ishani: What are you both whispering!?

 Sejal: Umm… Guys,… Ummm… 

Sia: I understand that we have the whole night but that doesn’t mean you’ll be spared…

Riddhima: So speak up!

Vansh: Aryan?

Aryan: Me and Sejal are together.

Everyone is shell shocked. There is a long silence and then…

Sia: Which means… you knew about me!?

Sejal: Ummm… Ya.

Sia: I WANT A PILLOW!! You were pillow fighting with me without any reason!!

Ishani: Even I want a pillow! What is this, Bro? You were supposed to tell me, at least! After all! You all share all yours secrets with me! I knew about Sia’s secret friends too! How come I didn’t know this!

Just then, Riddhima and Vansh bring some pillows and hit Sejal and Aryan on the head.  They all start pillow fighting and two pillows burst… there’s feathers all around… Riddhima   and Vansh reach the garden while fighting and  Vansh trips on a hose and he falls down. Riddhima starts laughing. Vansh, still lying on the wet grass, says, “ Let me show you!” and he pulls Riddhima down too.Then there is a short silence and they both start laughing. Then, Sia sees them and smiles. Then, she picks up the hose and starts the water supply and Vansh and Riddhima get all wet. Riddhima cleverly steps on the hose, stopping the water supply. Sia points the hose towards her face to look in it and pouts. She says, “This is not fair!” Riddhima says, “ Then, Vansh, let’s make it fair.” And saying this, she takes her foot off the hose and the water splashes on Sia’s face. Everyone comes and they start playing.

At Kabir’s house

Kabir is sitting in his study when Anupriya comes in and asks, “ Why aren’t you sleeping?”

Kabir: I can ask you the same question.

Anupriya: I’m awake because my son always keeps his mission above his health.

Kabir: MOM! He killed Ragini! Do you think I’ll spare him for murdering my sister!?

Anupriya: Ragini is dead! And I don’t think she’ll want her brother to die because she was killed by the person she loved!

Kabir: Mom, I don’t think waking up till late at night would kill me!

Anupriya: No, but He would!

Kabir: I’m not dying until I take my revenge! I have lied to Riddhima because of him!

Anupriya: I don’t understand you! You love her but you are using her. What are you doing Kabir?

Kabir: Mom, I love her but I love my mission more.

Anupriya: Best of luck getting both then!


At the farmhouse

Riddhima: I think we all should leave now. It’s really late.

Vansh (whispering to her): And we have a morning walk together tomorrow.

Riddhima (whispering back): Why are you so excited?

Vansh (still whispering): It’s been long since I have enjoyed someone’s company this much.

Riddhima: Oh!

Sia coughs. They get conscious. Everyone leaves. 


At the park

Many kids are playing. Kabir is here for his regular jogging. Riddhima is waiting for Vansh at the entrance. Vansh arrives there.

Riddhima: You shouldn’t keep a lady waiting. It makes a bad impression.

Vansh: But you arrived before time, which means that you enjoy my company as much as you do and that my impression is going to be spoiled.

Riddhima: Do you imagine things in the morning? I was just… Umm… I woke up early so I came.

Vansh: Then why were you waiting for me? You could’ve started jogging or exercising.

Riddhima: Cut it now! Let’s walk.

They enter the park and start walking. They talk about how much fun they had the previous night. Just then, one of the kids playing in the park falls and hurts his knee. Riddhima and Vansh run there. Riddhima washes the kid’s knee with the water in her bottle and Vansh narrates a story to him to make him stop crying. They both play with the child to cheer up his mood while Kabir is advancing towards that part of the park while jogging.

The kid: Thank You! You both helped me a lot,naaa… My momma taught me that you should thank everyone who helps you.

Riddhima: Okay, so now give me a kissy (pointing on her cheeks)

Vansh: Even I want one!

The child kisses them both and asks them to kiss him too. When they both are kissing him together on cheeks, one of the child’s friends asks him to bend. The child bends and Riddhima and Vansh kiss each other accidentally. Kabir, who had reached there just a minute ago, fumes seeing them together. He speaks to himself, “Hold it, Kabir! You have to let her go to get her. It’s good that they are coming close! Don’t forget that to destroy Vansh, you need Riddhima to get close to him! If it goes this way, it will soon be time to play the next step.”

Riddhima: Umm… I… 

Vansh: Umm…

Riddhima: Let’s just walk and pretend that it never happened?

Vansh: Ya! Snatched the words out of my mouth!

Riddhima: Ya, so there’s something important I need to tell you…

Vansh: Me too, but you first.

Riddhima: Okay… Sejal is preparing to propose Aryan for marriage and I don’t want her heart to break… So please tell me if you think Aryan isn’t ready… she’ll listen to me if I ask her to wait.

Vansh: No! No! No! No! No! I wanted to tell you the same thing! Aryan wants to propose Sejal and I wanted to know if Sejal is ready!

Riddhima: Wow! God does plan his games well!

Vansh: Like I said earlier, it was just a coincidence.

Riddhima: I’ve an idea! Let’s send them on a date and let them propose to each other and then… We’ll plan the wedding! I love planning weddings!!

Vansh: Good idea, but I’m not a party planner… Will I be able to help?

Riddhima: You want to know a secret? I am a physiotherapist by degree… I never did an event planning course!

Vansh: Wow! Just when I thought you couldn’t be any cooler!

Riddhima: Haha! You enjoy my company very much so I don’t think you’ll have any problem in planning the wedding with me.

Vansh: Nope! Never.

Riddhima: Done then! Sejal Weds Aryan.

Precap: Aryan is on his knees and says, “Will you marry me?” Riddhima enters the VR Mansion. Kabir disguised as a helper, cut the chain to a chandelier where Riddhima is making a flower rangoli.

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