An arranged marriage love story- FF epi -7

so sorry guys i am truly sorry my laptop got broke nd i had to buy another nd my parents asked me to buy on dushhera only so i was not able to upload till then . hope u guys understand nd like this epi.

So the epi starts with sona reaching home where everyone was waiting for her

Sona: why are you guys looking at me like that?

Asha: we were eagerly waiting for u … how was the meeting with dev?

Sona: mom first of all we didn’t meet at coffee shop or park to call it a meeting ……..nd it was actually a patient and doc meeting so what do you expect from it ………….nd ya why didn’t you guys informed me that dev was at my hospital

Asha: oh really! How many times I called u but just ignored me as u thought I was calling to scold u for not coming to the dinner ……………..nd yeah why didn’t u came at that dinner how many times  I reminded u to be on time but you

Sona: u could’ve texted me I would atleast see that …… mom actually speaking I was late because of dev only…….he was the person who came to the hospital emergently and the other doctor was late ………………

Asha: I know u would see my text but it was your punishment for not coming to dinner plus ignoring my calls knowingly

Ele: leave that sona so say did u like dev?

Sona starts thinking about him

Ele: see massi now only she is lost in his thoughts

Sona: shut up ele ………..nd I think u have started talking so much now-a -days looks mom we should also get ele married

Ele: sona! You ……….

Nd both runs here and there in the whole house. Scene changes it’s evening, sona gets a call

Sona: hello! …………..oh it’s you …………….ok I’ll be there in 20 mins

Sona leaves for xyz café nd she sees a guy sitting in chair back facing nd goes to him

Sona: yes dev! why did u want to meet me ?

Dev: actually first of all i am sorry I didn’t recognize u when I saw u at the hospital

Sona: it’s okay ! actually I too didn’t  recognize

Dev: that I thought so seeing ur expression when u got ur mom’s call ( dev smile’s remembering her expression nd sona gets annoyed luckily waiter comes to take their order)

Waiter: what would u like to have sir and maam

Dev: one black coffee and sonakshi what would u like to have

Sona: (directly to waiter) cancel the black coffee nd get two orange juice

The waiter leaves

Dev: sonakshi why did u cancel black coffee

Sona: you should avoid it atleast for one week as ur health is not good nd u should drink more fruit juices ……don’t forget that I am ur fiancée later and ur doctor first ( she realizes after saying that she said mistakenly fiancée which a little shocks dev )

Dev: actually I wanted to get things get cleared between us before we start our relationship…………….i might not be the perfect person u wanted as a life partner but I would try my best ……….nd I expect only one thing from my life partner is that she can do her best in keeping my family happy

The waiter brings their orders and serve them

Sona: dev I understand even if u have not said I would do my best to understand ur family …………waise I too don’t have much expectations from my life partner

Dev: waise may I know how come u agreed to marry a guy whom u didn’t even see nd specially in this century

Sona: as u love ur parents I too love my parents they did everything for me and didn’t restrict me to do anything so I just wanted that they take this decision for me nd I trust that whomever they choose would be the best for me …………..nd waise speaking about this century they’re less no .of people who get married to the one they love nd have a happy ending it mostly in films

Dev: so it means u don’t believe in love

Sona: who said that I do believe in love but I feel like its lost somewhere in guys today well people don’t realize what’s  the difference between love, infatuation or attraction nd plus it takes a lot of time and emotions ……………nd as u know I am doctor who rarely have time

Dev: so it means u never have even a crush

Sona: waise to be honest I have a crush and I don’t think I can forget him in my life

Dev: then why don’t u marry him only ( in a annoying way)

Sona: I would love too but he is busy in his life and career without even knowing my existences in this world

Dev: what do u mean …..without even knowing ur existence

Sona: its ranbir kapoor dev ( nd both laughs …….nd seeing dev’s smile sona says ) ……u know u should laugh  more as it will make aunty more happy ……

So the epi ends here. Let me know below how was the epi nd I’ll ost the next epi tomorrow for sure

  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Sonakshi cancelling black coffee and ordering orange juice was hilarious. Dev thinking about Sonakshi’s expression at hospital was funny. Their conversation is nice

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