Made for each other..(Part-2) #IMMJ2

After 10 years…….


At Raisinghania Mansion,

Doorbell rings and door is opened.A lady in her early seventees enters and is welcomed by Sumitra(Vansh’s mother).”Maaji,namaste”.Saying this Sumitra touches her feet.”God bless you,beta.By the way where are all and why didn’t they come to receive me here”.
“Maaji,Abhay(Vansh’s father) has gone out for his walk and he’ll be about to come only.Dhruv and Vansh have gone to office for an urgent discussion about their project.Ishani and Pranati stayed at their friend’s house yesterday and from there they’ll directly go to college,”told Sumitra.
In a sad tone the lady[Prabha Raisinghania(Vansh’s Dadi)] said”This is not good. Didn’t they knew that I would be coming.Chalo koi ni,I’ll meet them when they will come.Take me to my room.”
“Sure maaji.Come.”
Sumitra took dadi to her room.The light was off and when she switched on the light……SURPRISE….All together said.Dadi’s room was decorated with flowers and pictures and on wall it was written’WELCOME BACK’.All her grandchildren surrounded her and met her.Dadi’s eyes were filled with tears.Pranati noticed it and asked,”Dadi why are you crying?”
“Beta,these are the tears of happiness.After meeting you all after so many years,I couldn’t control myself.I missed you all so much.”
Ishani hugged her from back and said,”We too missed you dadi.Love you.”
Then all went down to have breakfast.After that they took blessings of dadi and left for their respective works.

At around same time,in Bansal’s house,

Chirag,who now has turned into a handsome young man,came down in the kitchen and took blessings of his mom and said,”Good morning Mom.What have you made for breakfast today?”
“Good morning beta.I have made your favourite aloo parathas with lemon pickle.”
“Great..Umm mom I’m getting late,so can you please serve them bit quickly.”said Chirag.
“Sure..but till then why don’t you go and wake her up.”replied her mother.
“Ok maa.But don’t know who’s gonna wake my princess up when she’ll be away”saying this Chirag started to leave.Just as he turned to leave,he saw Riddhima standing behind him holding a bowl.
“Bhai,I’m 22 now.I’m a big girl and I can wake up by myself,”said Riddhima with a proud feeling.
“Oh,really??Great.Mom it is a good news.From tomorrow onwards I’ll not have wake this lazy pig,”and after saying this Chirag burst into laughter.
“Bhai,you…,”and then she started to pinch him.
“Ouch,ouch,stop it.By the way,what is this in your hands,”said Chirag,pointing towards the bowl.
“Oh this,this is dahi-cheeni(curd with sugar in it).You’ll be handling your first project.So…you understand naa.”(making a cute face)
“Ohh,how caring.Now aaaaaa,”.And Riddhima gave him a spoonful.
“Good.Now I’m leaving.Bye maa,bye chunky”
Bye-bye bhai…umm mom I’m going to Sia’s house.Bye.”saying this Riddhima left.

So guys,this is it for today.Thank you very much for your support…
Keeping supporting and keep loving….bye bye.

  1. Interesting dear …Best of luck

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  2. Nice episode.Make it a bit longer and put it in dialogue form.Otherwise,great start

    1. Thank you..sure.I’ll make it longer and put it in dialogue form…

    2. Thank you… definitely I’ll make the next episodes lengthier.Maybe they can meet in the next episode😁😁

  3. Nice episode but it’s short, you may make it lengthy and waiting for riansh metting

    1. Thank you… I’ll make it lengthy…. they’ll meet soon

  4. Waiting when #riansh will meet and what’s going to be their first impression on the other one….. Nice episodeπŸ‘ keep going πŸ₯°

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    Nice ep .Keep it up !!

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  6. RiyaVaghani

    Cool! And don’t mind them… it might be because I shortened the length of my posts… 😜 anyways… good one πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜

  7. Eagerly waiting for the new update

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