Gadbad Ho Gayi – Part 1 (Raglak, Ronakshi and Rivanya)

Hi frns… Back to Tu after long time. Hope u remember me. I stopped posting as there was no response, no readers, no comments, no likes etc etc. Now m posting this. Hope I’ll get gud response.

Coming to story… It’s abt 3 couple… Raglak, ronakshi and rivanya.

Cover credit goes to my dear friend jasmine.

Let’s start…

A room is shown where a girl was sleeping. It was nite time. She heard some sound and woke up. She saw some shadow near window. She slowly goes near window in fear. She opens window and curtain. No one was there. she relieved and closed window. She turned and sees a person standing infront of her in hoody. She was abt to shout but that person closes her mouth by his hand and shows his face.

Girl: laksh? U ? here? At this time?

Lak: yes my ragu. My eyes wanted to see u. so without wasting time I came here.

Rag: o really?

Lak: yes (romantically holding her fingers with his fingers) u know one more thing.

Rag: wat?

Lak: my eyes wanted to see u. so I did. And now.

Rag: now?

Lak: my lips want to kiss u.

Rag with shy: laksh.

Laksh comes close to her to kiss. Suddenly a voice is heard

” ragini… its already 9″

Ragini woke up from her dreams.

Rag: dadi.. u also na? u woke me up at wrong time.

Dadi: today also laksh dint kiss u?

Ragini makes faces: just few seconds dadi, he wud hav almost kissed me.

Ragini makes faces: just few seconds dadi, he wud hav almost kissed me

Dadi: u keep on seeing dream only. Don’t make it come true.

Rag takes cup from tray which dai had broght.

Rag taking sip: how dadi? Wat if he rejects? Our frnshp will also break.

Dadi: so u’ll live ur life like this only. If u wait like this then some other girl will propose him or else he will only propose some girl if u wont say ur feelings to him.

If u wait like this then some other girl will propose him or else he will only propose some girl if u wont say ur feelings to him

Rag: m trying dadi. Everytime I decide to tel but when I see him near, I don’t know wat happens to me? I forget everything.

Dadi: same reason as usual all says while proposing. Coz of u I’ve to stay here. All want to study in USA. But u r Ulta of this. U r staying in India.

Rag putting her hands around dadi’s neck: u already know reason.

Dadi: ya ya. It’s only laksh. U propose him soon and get married. I’ll go to USA.

Rag kisses her cheek: oh.. my cute dadi.

Dadi: now get ready for college to see ur laksh.

Ragini smiles and goes to get ready.

…………. ……………..

At college

Laksh was late to class. Sir stopped him to come inside.

Sir: u r late. Stay outside.

Lak: but sir….

Sir: no but ifs. Just stay out. Maintain discipline.

Lak: u know the reason for getting late.

Sir: stop arguing.

Laksh stands outside.

Ragini feels little sad.

After few minutes class gets over. Sir comes outside.

Sir: go inside. Ur next class will start now.

Lak: m your younger bro Bhai. How can u do this to me? Wat my frns will say? Ek Bhai me dusre Bhai Jo bahar dal Diya.

He’s laksh’s elder bro Rohit.

Roh: here no relation. Only Discipline. Today which pooja was there.

Lak: today is Monday. So as per Bhabhi I shud b there and follow whatever she says till pooja gets over. So in that I got late.

So in that I got late

Roh: hmm.. ok go to class now.

Lak: don’t wry Bhai. Tmrw is Tuesday. It’s ur turn.

Rohit leaves from there. Laksh goes to Ragini and sits happily beside her.

Rag: laksh.. u also na. Troubling ur bro.

Lak: it’s fun yar. He always torture for me always telling discipline.

He always torture for me always telling discipline

…. ……..

Rohit reached home after college. Before he enters inside sonakshi stops him.

Sona: wait Rahul(ronakshi’s son) k papa.

She comes in saree.

She comes in saree

Roh: now wat Sona?

Sona: whole day u spent. Who knows if any evil eye fell on u.

She takes Mitch, lemon and all ( as typical house wife do to remove bad sight).

Roh: over?

Roh: over?

Sona: ji. Now u can enter. I’ll bring water.

Rohit sits on sofa. He sees Rahul giggling seeing him.

Roh: Acha beta. Mujpe has Raha hai. Still u r 4 yrs. Wait for 2 more. Then ur mom Wil not spare u also. U hav to keep fast etc etc as me and ur chachu do whenever ur mom says.

U hav to keep fast etc etc as me and ur chachu do whenever ur mom says

Sona brings water: Wats going on Rahul k papa?

Roh: nothing. Just father and son talks.

Sona smiles and goes. Rohit sees laksh coming hiding.

Roh: la…

Lak: sshhhh… Don’t speak loudl. If Bhabhi knows she’ll come with arti plate, mirch and lemon.

He escaped and directly goes to his room. Now both Rohit and Rahul giggle.

Precap: rivanya intro.

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  2. Please continue writing

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    Such a beautiful episode. keep going well. Didn’t expect Rohit is Laksh’s professor. But loved the scene. Ragini’s dream is romantic. Excited for Rivanya’s entry. Sonakshi’s typical wife drama is cute

    1. Palchin

      Thanku dear 🙂

  4. Adhu

    Nice one👍🏻. Ragini’s dream and conversation with Dadi was so nice. Laksh and Rohit’s scene was funny. Sonakshi’s character seems to be funny. Rohit’s conversation with his son was hilarious too…

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