YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 62)

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episode 62
The episode starts with Naira getting ready for puja.Karthik comes from back and back hugs her.
Naira:Karthik its not time for romance.I’ve so much work.Leave me..
She struggles to go but Karthik holds her tightly.
Karthik:As if I’m going to leave you just like that jaan…
Naira:Arrgghhh..what you want tell me fast..
Karthik:Whats the hurry?..
Naira(serious):You’re telling me or not..
Karthik:Arrey jaan why are you getting angry jaan..
Naira:Why are you not letting me do my work?..
Karthik:I will but first give me what I want..(points to his lips)..
Naira:Karthik..please not now..Let me go..
She tries to go but Karthik pulls her back.
Karthik:You know na I’ll not let you go before you give me what I want then why do you try?
Naira:You’re the most stubborn person in the world…
Karthik:If it comes to romance then…yes I am..Now my kiss…
Karthik leans closer to her..Their lips are just inches apart when..
As soon as Karthik hears it he moves apart.
Karthik(while turning around):Ya Ishaan you….
As soon as he turns around to the door he sees that there is no one there and turns to find Naira who is giggling at him..
Karthik:Jaan you…
He starts to chase her but soon she gets out of the room..
Naira(going away):Bad luck Karthik…
Naira runs as soon as she says this and Karthik smiles at her…

The scene shifts to MM.
The Malhotras reach for puja at MM.Naira gets busy with the decorations while Emi and Vitki goes around with Ishaan to have a look at the house.Naira’s eyes suddenly falls on Karthik who is standing looking the house with most eyes full of emotions.Naira understands that he might be missing his parents and goes to him.
Naira(puts her hand on his shoulder):Karthik…are you okay?
Karthik quickly wipes his tears and tries to act normal.
Karthik:Ya jaan ..what will happen to me?
Naira(cups his face):At least don’t pretend in front of me.
Karthik hugs Naira tightly and digs his face in her neck and sobs while Naira caresses his hairs to calm him down.
Karthik sees a little boy coming from the door with a bag and a bottle.He runs inside and back hugs a lady who is standing facing the other side.
Lady:Ohh ho so my son came back from school..
Boy:Yes mumma I came back..But I won’t go tomorrow.And I’m angry with you for sending me to school.
Lady:And why is that so Karthik?Why you don’t want to go to school haa..You’ve so many friends there right.(Yes guys it is none other than our Karthik.He is thinking about his childhood)
Karthik:Mom I have friends there but I don’t like to stay away from you with that hitler teacher..I don’t like her at all.You’re much better than her.
A man comes from behind and lifts up Karthik and puts him on his head.
Man:So do my prince miss only his mom?
Karthik(hugs him):No he misses his dad too…Dad tell mom na I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.
Man:Okay if my prince wants..then okay we’ll not go to school tomorrow..
Lady:Arrey but..
Man:Because we’ll go to picnic tomorrow..Right prince..
Karthik:Yes papa..yeah..yeah..picnic..I’ll go and tell big b now only and mom..chotu Ishaan will also come with us na..
Lady:Of course he will..
They all share a group hug..
Karthik smiles seeing it but suddenly the scene before him begins to vanish..He tries to catch it..but can’t..
Karthik:Mom..dad..stop please..
Naira realises Karthik is hallucinating so she shakes him to bring him back to sense.
Naira:Karthik..Karthik its me Naira..no one is there..
Reality strikes Karthik and tears roll down his eyes.
Naira(holds his hand tightly):Think about the good times Karthik and be happy.Remember that your mother and father are watching you from somewhere and they just want you to be happy..If you cry like this they will not feel relieved na..
Karthik:Actually they are relieved about me and my happiness..
Karthik:Because they know that their son have got all the happiness which they could wish for him in the form of his wife.
Naira smiles and keeps her head on his shoulder..
After sometime the pandit ji comes and starts arranging the items.By then the Singhanias come to.Naira and all meet them and hug them.The Maheshwaris also come.They all are talking when suddenly they hear a voice.
Voice:Looks like you all forgot me..And of course..who will remember this Mittal uncle..
Everyone turns around.
The Malhotras gets happy seeing Mr.Mittal standing while the Singhanias stand confused.
Naira goes and hugs him.Emi and Vitki also hugs him and so does Karthik and Ishaan.
Emi:Dadu we missed you so much?Why came so late haa..
Vitki:Yes Dadu..We missed your jokes very much.Chachu toh always tells faltu joke and we’ve to pretend to laugh..but now you came no..Now you’ll only tell us jokes..
Mr.Mittal:Don’t worry Emi and Vitki.I’ll be 24/7 at your service and I’ll teach Ishaan also to tell good jokes.Okay..
Emi & Vitki(hugs him):Thank you Dadu…
Naira:What Mittal uncle?You’re meeting after so much time.Couldn’t you come before?
Mr.Mittal:Arrey Naira you don’t know how much I tried.I told the lawyer to let me do his work…I’ll do it faster but he called me mad…I asked his assistant to let me type the files I’ll do it faster but again he called me mad,I asked the pilot to let me fly the plan I’ll make it land in India faster but yet again I was called mad..I don’t know what with these people..Every time I try to do something so that I can come to India faster don’t know why I’m called mad..
Naina(coming from behind):Because you’re mad papa…
Mr.Mittal:See now my daughter is also calling me mad..
Naina comes and hugs Naira..
Emi and Vitki also hugs her..
Emi:Mami haven’t you brought Sanaya di with you..
Vitki:Yes mama where is she?
Sanaya:Here I come Emi and Vitki..
Sanaya comes and Emi and Vitki hugs her..
Emi:Yeah..Sanaya di..you came..
Vitki:You’ll play with us na..
Sanaya:Yes and you know I brought video games also..
Emi and Vitki gets happy.
Naira comes to Sanaya..
Naira:Looks like someone forgot her buddy..
Sanaya comes to her and hugs her..
Sanaya:How can I forget my buddy?I missed you so much buddy..Buddy you’ll go for shopping with me.Its so much fun to do shopping with you just like I’ve with papa..
Naira gets teary eyes hearing about Karan.
Naira:And how is he?
Sanaya(cutely):He is busy..(pouts)He is so busy that he have not taken me for outing since one week you know buddy..You’ll scold him na for this..
Naira(hugs her):I’ll..(slowly)If he allows me..
Just then Naina’s gaze falls on the Singhanias & Maheshawaris who are looking confusedly at them.She feels a little strange for some reason seeing them but don’t now why..
Naina(in mind):Why am I feeling so strange as if I’ve seen them before?
Naira follows Naina’s gaze and then understands that she looking at the Singhanias and Maheshwaris..
Naira:I know all of you’re confused but let me introduce you..
She is Naina Kapoor Karan Kapoor’s wife and Mittal uncle’s daughter and this is Mittal uncle and she is Sanaya Naina bhabhi’s daughter.
Naina(looking at Mishti):And you’re Mishti right?
Mishti:How do you know?
Naina:Wo Ishaan..(Ishaan signs her)..I mean Emi and Vitki showed me your photo as the girl who calls chotu defect ki dukaan..
Mishti:Its okay but who is chotu…
Emi & Vitki(together):Chachu..
Mishti(laughs):Really…hahahah..chotu..(goes and pulls his cheeks)..oh ho..chotu baby…I’ld have not called you defect ki dukaan if I knew your nick name before but its okay let you remain defect ki dukaan only..
Then Naira introduces everyone and all starts the puja….

Flashback(no one is thinking or remembering anything)
London,Kapoor Mansion..(At this point of time Naira and Karthik’s marriage has got green signal from Karan.(see episode 46 flashback part to know about the day Karthik told Karan about them))
Preparation for some function is going..
Naira:Tanu have you seen bro where is he?
Tanu:Naira whats with bro?You look for bhabhi instead.Its her gosh bharai na..bro is anyway not allowed in godh bharai..
Naira:Arrey I know Tanu that’s why I’m asking..From morning onwards bro is making some plan or the other so that he can become part of the function..That’s why I’ve to keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t get to enter the function..
Tanu:Ya you’re right..You do one thing you go and see if bhabhi is ready or not and maybe bhai is also in room only..and if he is not there you and I’ll together look for him okay..
Naira:Aye aye captain..
Tanu:Go now..dramebaaz..
Naira goes while Tanu laughs..
Naira while going collides with a lady..The lady has her face covered with a veil.As she collider her veil falls down and she quickly puts it again
Lady:Its okay..
Naira(feels something strange):Can I see your face?
Naira goes to lift the ghunghat..

So guys who do you think is under the ghunghat?Tell me your thoughts.And one more thing guys my mock tests are coming so I’m becoming late in giving the updates.Please bear with me..I hope you understand.I’ll try to upload as soon as possible.

  1. loVely epiSode anD it coUld be kaRan or Gayu aND plz try to be reGular

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  3. Hales

    I think it will be karan ghunghat trying to go to godh bharai!

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    this one was awesome mittal uncle joke mad …and karthik childhood one filmy it was….
    but u left it cliff hanging ..hope u can update this week only
    all thr best dear

  5. it was awesome
    and I think its karan in ghunghat and gayu is only naina.

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  8. U nailed it dear debu…

    karan is in ghungat….

    pls show some cute scenes between Ishaan nd Bua dadi…..

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