YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 61)

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Guys here I come with next episode and soon I’ll start the flashback of Kaira wedding and pregnancy.But I want to ask a question.Do you want flashback in parts or do you want that I’ll finish it at once.

Link for previous episode:https://www.tellyupdates.com/yrkkh-ff-new-beginnings-episode-60/

episode 61
Baisa is shocked to hear mumma from Emi and Vitki.
Baisa(shocked):Mumma…(to Naira)Chori why are they calling you maa?(to Emi and Vitki) Why are you calling her maa?
Emi:Arrey then what we will call her?
Baisa:You call her anything but maa..Naira you also..how can you allow anyone like this to call you mother?
Naira:Bua dadi woh..
Vitki:Arrey she is only our mother.Now we’ll call mother mother only na.You don’t know that.You’re so stupid(smiles childishly)..(to Naira)Mumma who is she?
Emi:Yes mumma who is she?She is so funny.
Before Naira can say anything Baisa pulls Emi and Vitki towards her.
Everyone get shocked.Emi and Vitki gets afraid.
Naira:What are you doing Bua dadi?
Baisa:Arrey chori you don’t teach me now.Don’t know whose children are they?And you all also..just like that how can you allow them to call her mother?Do you even know its meaning?(to Emi and Vitki seriously)And you both..she is not your mother.Don’t dare to call her mother understand.
Emi and Vitki gets very afraid and begins to cry.
Emi(crying):Why are you scolding us?What wrong did we do?
Vitki(crying):Yes..she is only our mumma..That’s why we call her mumma..We’re not bad..
Naira,who still now was controlling herself,gets angry seeing Emi and Vitki crying.Even Karthik and Ishaan gets angry.
Naira(tries to be calm):Bua dadi leave them please.They’re getting afraid.
Baisa:Arrey chori if they don’t understand now they’ll repeat the same mistake again.
Naira(angry):Ya they’ll.They’ll call me mother because I’m their mother.Its the truth.
She comes and snatches Emi and Vitki from her hand.Emi and Vitki immediately hugs her tightly.They continue to cry.
Emi(crying):Mumma why was she scolding us?What did we do?
Naira:Ssshhhh Emi you didn’t do anything wrong.You’re toh my good boy na..Its not your mistake.
Vitki(crying):Mumma why was she telling you’re not our mumma?You’re our mumma na?
Naira(holds her shoulder):Of course Vitki I’m only your mumma.Its only the truth.Understood.I’m your mumma.
Naira kisses on their forehead and hugs them tightly…
Naira:I’m both of yours mumma.Both of you’re my babies..my kiddos..
Akshara feels something strange seeing Naira’s behaviour but decides to ignore it.
Karthik comes to them.

Karthik(wipes their tears):Shhhhh..shhhhh..Arrey now you both will cry like this.You both are toh my brave kids na.If in this small thing you cry like this then how you’ll become mumma’s saviour…
Naira:Ya Karthik I think you need to find some other people to look after me when you are not around.You’re representatives are becoming very weak.
Emi and Vitki quickly wipe their tears.
Emi:No no papa.We’re not weak we’re strong.
Vitki:Yes papa we’re very strong.We can protect mumma.
Ishaan also come there.
Ishaan:Arrey but a moment before someone was crying na.
Emi:Arrey no we were not crying.
Ishaan:Achcha then tears.
Vitki:Wo something went in our eyes.
Everyone except baisa smiles seeing their cuteness.
Mishti:Emi Vitki lets go and play na.We were enjoying so much.Lets go..And you see your mumma will scold this bad dadi for scaring you ..okay..
Emi and Vitki smiles and goes with Ishaan and Mishti.
Naira(angry but controls herself because of but dadi’s relation and age):Bua dadi why you did this?They got so afraid.They’re small kids.What was the need to scold them?I was telling you na about this.
Baisa:Arrey what will you tell haa..Don’t know what is happening in this house.Who were they?And they were calling you mumma and ya…this boy..they called him papa..will you all tell me whats happening?
Akshara:Baisa wo..
Naira:Its okay mumma..I’ll only tell her.(Naira makes her understand through eyes)
Naira:Bua dadi..its the truth..(points to Karthik)..He is Karthik..my husband..and the two kids you’re talking about are Emi and Vitki..my kids..I’m only their mother..That’s why they were calling me mumma.
Naira:Yes bua dadi this is only the truth.I didn’t inform anyone about it because I was angry with mumma the reason maybe everybody have told you and I know I did mistake by hiding this from all of you but my marriage and my children are not mistake bua dadi…
Naira lowers her head.
Baisa(angry):What have you done chori?Is this the reason you ran away from home?To marry…
Akshara:Baisa Naira didn’t run away because of this…
Baisa:But people will tell this only na…That she fell in love with someone and ran away from home.
Akshara:No baisa..Naira was very young when she ran away from home.Everyone knew this and everyone also know that she ran because of fear of police.
Baisa:Bahu these outside people don’t leave a chance to make stories and badmouth about us.They’ll pretend to be sympathetic towards us in your front but in your back they’ll not leave a chance to do backbiting.
Baisa continues to taunt Naira about the topic.Everyone try to stop her but in vain.Finally Karthik gets angry.
Karthik:I’m sorry to interrupt but can I say something?
Baisa:What will you say ha?You’re the reason for all this miseries.You’re equally responsible.If you knew everything about her then why you didn’t thought to inform her family at the time of her marriage.
Karthik:Because her family was already with her…
Everybody looks at Karthik confusingly while Naira gets shocked.
Naira signs Karthik not to say anything.
Baisa:What do you mean by it?Which family are you talking about?
Karthik:I’m talking about myself and Ishaan and the whole of London who were present at her wedding.No no no no the whole world..The whole world knew about knew about Karthik Malhotra and Naira Kapoor’s wedding…
Akshara:What..Naira Kapoor?
Karthik(realises what he said tries to cover it):I mean Naira Singhania..it was just a slip of tongue.(to Baisa)Bua dadi I know you’re angry with her and you’ve the right to be angry but only because she didn’t inform you of her wedding..please don’t be angry thinking about what people will say…
Baisa:Ohh so you’re Karthik Malhotra..A big personality.I’ve also read many news about you..Its good that Naira found a wealthy and good boy for her but this can’t stop people’s mouth na..
Karthik:Bua dadi I don’t know about other people but standing here I guess you’re the only one who is having so much problem..You’re her family bua dadi..And if you only will talk like this then the outsiders will also talk only na..To shut outsiders mouth and change their thinking you’ve to first change your thinking then only others thinking can change..I’m sorry if you felt bad by my words but I cannot just stand quietly and watch my wife’s insult when its not actually her fault.
Bua dadi stands thinking.

The scene shifts to Mishti’s room.
Ishaan and Mishti try to cheer up Emi and Vitki.
Ishaan:Achcha Emi and Vitki do you want to do horse riding?
Mishti,Emi and Vitki:Whattttt??????
Ishaan:Ya tell na do you want to do horse riding now..
Mishti:Are you mad defect ki dukaan..Off ho what I’m saying..you’re toh defect ki dukaan only na then of course your brain will also have defect only na..Where will we arrange a horse now?
Ishaan:Arrey I’m not talking about you..only Emi and Vitki…Tell me do you want to do horse riding
Emi & Vitki(happily):Yes chachu…
Ishaan:Okay so lets do it
Ishaan becomes horse and Emi and Vitki sit on him.They both enjoy a lot…Mishti smiles seeing them.
Mishti(in mind):This defect ki dukaan is not that bad.He is a caring chachu also…

Meanwhile downwards everyone is waiting for Bua dadi’s reply.
Naira:Bua dadi its okay if you don’t like me staying here I’ll not show my face to you and till you’re here I’ll not be here..
Akshara:Naira beta what are you saying…
Naira:Its okay mumma if bua dadi wants this then its okay…
Baisa comes to Naira and looks at her angrily.
She raises her hand but with it its her head playfully.
Naira:Bua dadi..
Baisa:What you thought?That I’ll let you go so easily.First you came after so much time and now talking about leaving ha..Am I mad to let you go just like that?
Naira:Bua dadi…
Baisa:I’m sorry chori.I said so much to you in anger.Your husband said right.If I only talk like this then how can we expect others to behave nicely.(to Karthik)Come here chora.
Karthik comes to her and she gives him a gold coin.Karthik hesitates to take it.
Baisa:Arrey take it thinking it as a blessing.Dowry is given before marriage so don’t worry.
Karthik:Thank you so much.He bends down to take her blessing.
Baisa:Stay happy always.Naira is so lucky to get husband like you who can stand up for his wife even against her family.Btw Naira call your children also.I scolded them without any reason.
Naira:Its okay bua dadi I’ll just call them and come.
Just then Emi and Vitki comes along with Ishaan and Mishti.
Baisa asks them to come to her.Emi and Vitki fearfully looks at Naira who asks them to go to her.
Emi and Vitki goes to her.
Baisa takes out chocolate and offers them but they clutches Naira’s saree and stands glued to her.
Baisa holds her ears and asks sorry for them.Naira makes them understan that she did mistake and Emi and Vitki forgive her and takes chocolate from her hand.
Emi & Vitki(together):But you’ll not make our mumma cry again.
Everyone laughs hearing Emi and Vitki.
Baisa:Okay okay baba okay I’ll not tell anything to your mumma…Now happy..
They smile and hug her.She hugs her back.Then Naira invites all of them for puja and goes back to farmhouse.

Recap:Puja at MM.Naina meets the Singhanias.Second part of flashback to start.

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