Swaragini 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Nikhil telling Swara that he was busy yesterday with arrangements. Sanskar asks her to pack her bags. Just then someone comes and says Nikhil didn’t come since few days. Sanskar and Swara are shocked. Sanskar says he lied to us. Nikhil acts to talk to his mum and says he lied to Swara and didn’t go to meet the client requirement. He turns and sees them standing. Sanskar asks him to give phone. Swara asks him to give phone. Nikhil gives his phone. Sanskar dials the last dial number. His mum picks the call and asks why did he cut the call. Swara and Sanskar are about to go, but just then they hear Nikhil’s mum asking him what was that medicine which he was talking about. Swara and Sanskar catch his lie. Nikhil runs from there and pushes Sanskar. Swara shouts Nikhil. Sumi and Shekhar hear their voice. Nikhil runs to a factory. Sanskar tries to catch him, but he escapes and drops his phone mistakenly. Just then Nikhil phone rings. They see Mansi’s pic coming as caller pic. Sanskar says she is Mansi. Swara says Laksh’s fake wife. She is about to pick her call, but phone gets switched off.

Mansi thinks why Nikhil is not picking call as his phone is switched off. Laksh comes to her. Mansi says she is feeling bad for him as he has to lie to his family. Laksh says he will return to his Ragini and family once Mishka gets fine after a month. Mansi says yes…Sanskar continues to run after Nikhil. Swara comes infront of Nikhil. Nikhil sees Swara infront of him and Sanskar at the other side. They are seen standing on side of river.

Sanskar tells Swara that they have done a big mistake by trusting Nikhil. Swara asks why did you do this and asks about Mansi. She says Sanskar will leave you if you tell everything. Nikhil says Swara…I…and holds her hands. Sanskar asks Nikhil to leave Swara. Swara asks Nikhil to leave her. Nikhil threatens to push Swara in river if he tries to know the secrets and says all secrets will be gone in river if Swara is not alive. Swara kicks Nikhil with her leg. Nikhil falls down in the river, but Sanskar holds Swara’s hand at the right moment saving her from falling. Swara and Sanskar are shocked to see Nikhil drowned in the water. Swara is shocked. Sanskar hugs her. Swara cries and says he was my childhood friend. Sanskar says we can’t afford to lose him as he knows all truth. We shall take Police help.

Sumi tells Shekhar that Swara and Sanskar haven’t come till now. Shekhar says I will see. Swara comes home and tells Ragini that they have done a big mistake by trusting Nikhil and says he is with Mansi in the conspiracy. She tells everything and says Police is searching him. Ragini hugs her and asks if she got any injury. Swara says no. Sanskar calls Sumi and asks her to give call to Swara. He asks are you fine? Swara says yes. Sanskar says I am going to end this game and says now it is proved that he is my brother Laksh and not Abhimanyu. He says don’t know I thought to talk to you once, even though I have informed Police. He asks what do you think. Swara asks him to do what he thinks right and says I am with you, whatever decision you take. Sanskar says okay.

Durga Prasad and Ragini come to Laksh’s house and show his ID proofs etc. Laksh provides Abhimanyu’s proofs. Ragini asks him to take off his shirt and tells that her husband is having birth mark on his hand. Laksh gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ahh finally swasan came to knw ab nikhil…loved tdys Epi it ws awesome…sanskar hugged swara??aftr a long time saw swasan hug*fainting..nd laksh is dng all these fr mishka..but wat hpn to her??
    Thank you H.hasan mam fr fast updates..


    SWASAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN IS BACK!!!!!…. just the written update is to drool over!! thanks for the update hasan mam

    1. Mica

      Mahira Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……….yuuhhuuu!!!!!!
      morniiing…..well let’s continue talk about your vampire 😀 😀
      nee..he turned to be toothless vampire when Swara use his tears or brain…
      for the rest..i’m agree with you… ahem ahem..
      you know what.. i skipped that part (the horrible part of Swara’s life).. it was too creepy for me…

      1. MAHIRA

        MY VAMPIRE this is so inspiring idea (may be for next FF)
        I skipped that part too but one day searching for the plot of another show I found swaragini.. Just after the 1st fall in river and I was shocked that swara finishes with sanskar not laksh (in Arabic channel the show is a year late… We’re now at Swasan marriage with kavita and urvashi crap!!
        This surpring twist made me fall for the serie and I watched all episodes in few days then the first part too)

  3. it’s interesting?

  4. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    swasan are togetherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    swasan rocksssssssssssssssssssss swasan love each other
    again that blo*dy river came don’t know where that river comes from
    but for the first time right person fell into it
    laksh beware of ragini she knows everything

  5. it’s interesting?

  6. ragini was looking like a princess…. even its just for less time….

  7. same precap will go for 2 to 3 days. oh no raglak scenes. only 1 scene of them in a week, so bad of cvs

  8. Raina

    swasan hug was like awwwwwww.
    when they reached that place itself, i thought someone is going to fall and the same happened, don’t know how many more are going to fall in the same river.today, everything happened so fast. like within one day itself, his truth came and all. mansi told only one month. not even one month, the show will end soon. the news is confirmed, because varun have posted a video saying thanks to fans. i’m crying. plz don’t do this cvs. plz plz plz i beg you.

  9. Manvinahar

    swasan hug eachother after a millenium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    loved todays episode!!!!!!!!
    i saw on tv but just sharing my thoughts here….
    and kal dekhiye was also nice

  10. Raina

    i have a doubt. whoever laksh is bringing, why they all are having asthma????? first tanya and now mishka

  11. only one scene for ragini n one for laksh . but sanskar u r too good yar nikhil ka zhoot zhat se pakad liya. aur pata,nhi river mai show khatam hote hote kon kon girega. ragu u look beautiful today oops u look always beautiful n congrats swasan fan for swasan hug. pata nhi hame kab milega. n I think swaragini 19 December se band ho raha hai shayad wo swabhiman ka promo dhikaya.

  12. Aasthu

    I think SR writers are obsessed with RIVER………..my god…..how many people have fallen down…….the last one being Nikhil……….

    Everything else was fny today…………..SanNik are boost boys and Swara boost girl………….

    1. Oh Aasthu I didn’t see ur comment when I commented… Give me a High Five dude… ?Telepathy….. Abt the River I mean ??

  13. Ahhhh awww….. sawasan rocks…. Now I’m speechless…. ? At last Nikhil got exposed ??? Some or other things often happen near rivers in swaragini… I don’t know why cvs are so fond of rivers???
    May Ragini be able to get her Laksh back…. She suffered a lot…. by the way Swasan scenes were awesome…. No matter how much u try to distance urselves from eachother, u always end up being together…. They r always together in hard situations… Like an ideal couple..What the hell is Mansi actually doing?? ??

  14. anonymous(raglak)

    ok…..now i am waiting for an episode like Friday one………..I know we won’t get it too fast…but still waiting for it………and laksh…..u r saying that u will go back to ur family once the girl gets cured……..do u think ragu will accept u and forgive u soo easily………..but i don’t think we will get to c such scenes where ragu will be angry on laksh….bcz it is always shown that she forgives him for his mistakes…bcz laksh is her life…and she can’t stay angry on him…but i really want to c angry ragu and laksh trying to winning her back..their knok jhok…their cute fights,…ohh my godd…soo many expectations…….

  15. Today’s episode is fantastic. Us that River’s fact is true,how many will fall in river now, but happy that this time Swara was saved by sandbar. It has been high time now, at least now Swara should have learnt swimming…. here…

    How we wished swaragini shouldn’t go off air so soon. There was lot more if they wanted to give. Anyways we will send off swaragini with our best wishes.
    One wish please CVS come with season 2 of swaragini with the same caste.

  16. Awesome … At last swasan is back…. But I want more raglak scenes… Everyone wants them back….. So ad their scene s more… They r d most romantic and cutest pair…. Just bcoz f them I don’t want this serial 2 b ended…

  17. nobody wants Raglak they are the cause they show is a flop

    1. Amrutha

      We want raglak scenes, if you don’t want means,nothing mean to us.

  18. Swasan forever
    swasan rocks baby
    They are my shining stars

  19. Hi guys
    How are you all? So SR is really ending how sad. I just hope it doesn’t. If it does then I’ll miss swasan allot, they’re my favorite couple.

    1. Mica

      Hi Shuva….soo we are Swasan family.. welcome back dear….

      1. Hi Mica
        How are you? Sorry for the late reply. And thanks for welcoming me back, I’ve missed reading comments in SR post. I will miss swasan allot and I’m hoping swaragini doesn’t end, fingers crossed that it doesn’t. And yeah swasan forever swasan rocks.

  20. what is ur problem sharnellee
    why do u always create rift between swasan and raglak fans
    plssssssssssssssssssss stop doing it
    i’m requesting u with folded hands to keep peace for this few left over days

    1. Salsabil tazrian

      I agree with you myna. How can sylana say this?

      1. Salsabil tazrian

        Sorry sharnelee

  21. Mica

    thank you soo much H Hasan mam for update…uugghhh missed the swasan kitchen part..

  22. Mahavir

    huhuuuu wait wait….first lemme breath….waaaaa…after a long time my swasan hugs eachother…..wowwwwww…….and sanskar’s care for swara ahhhhh omg….out of the world…..and nikil ,sanskar is correct he is one who caught at his first entry….totally loved todays episode and eagerly waiting for the precap……WILL MISS U SWARAGINI…

  23. helly fans can be happy bcz shez been roped for comedy nights bachao taza.u can see her tr.
    finally swasan r back.bt my raglak..awww!!waitng waiting

  24. I want more more raglak scenes…

  25. We want raglak….luv u raglak….miss u raglak

  26. Kisi na kisi ko tho river me jaana hi hoga,,,,,,cvs are soo fond of rivers

  27. Hey guys can anybody tell me why lax is doing this all??

    1. Mica

      it’s concealed still dear.. wish reveal soon…

  28. Mica

    Yuuhhuuuuu…… last night episode has 21.42 minutes…
    and mostly… MY SWASAN…..

    Skip the nikhman part to Laksh..
    weird scene, when Laksh gave mishka inhaler, ,,from front side, his long sleeves covered his arm, but from his side, the tattoo appeared. it happened again when adjusting the bed cover for mishka …
    uugghh about Tattoo..gooosshh why MF and Ragini didn’t questioning it instead of birth mark..
    uuppss…i should shut my mouth or i miss the opportunity the SHIRTLESS Laksh.. :3

    Kitchen scene, i watched it more than 10 times to figure out what Sanskar did in that kitchen ? accompanying his lady love cooking ? uughhh soo romantic.
    Swara is soo beautiful and Sanskar soo handsome..their clothes just match for each others.
    perfect couple.

    Nikhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllll…… goooosshhhh wish you alive dear! no matter how much you hurt me, i need you.. i need you….

    and then THE HUG…..aawww watched it more than 15 times just to see the moment when they panic about Nikhil, they intense gaze to the river but it’s not let Sanskar to forget his lady love’s feeling..he just grabbed her to his embrace, and said IT’S OK! to consoled her…
    omg…melting to the core..

    Laksh and Mansi scene…well i love their clothes, they just match…Laksh in yellow shirt, mansi in yellow saree..
    but then… even Ragini in yellow too…uuugghh, if only Laksh and Ragini walk together, it will be perfect.

    1. MAHIRA

      Micuaaa dear were you with me watching the episode last night, I can swear reading my situation with that wonderful episode… They are yes looking beautiful after a like long restless night.. He says he’ll be back to drop her.. Irresistible need to watch it again NOW and I’m at

      work.. Not sure about my reactions..
      About the tattoo I am asking myself this question since laksh met ragini..
      By the way.. Asking about a birth mark is more a mother’s option… About tattoo is wife’s one… But it’s OK, may be ragini misses him shirtless too (or maybe she knows other marks she made herself but can’t say it :p

  29. Amrutha

    Ragini aka teju dear don’t take more time to work for another show for swaragini and udaan only I got the colors package. I waited alot, and fought for your scenes, but finally we got nothing.
    Teju,as a die hatred fan of your beauty and acting , don’t sign for the projects , which are multi starer , because they also may feels that you’re dominating other actors so they may sideline you dear. I am telling this only reason that love on Teju.no grudge on others.

  30. MAHIRA

    What a wonderful episode with so missed Swasan moments lighting up the drama track…
    Kitchen scene.. So sanskar have passed the night in Gadodias home… … In the kitchen? Night is long and papa/ma are surely sleeping in their room *naughty thoughts*
    But, apart from shameless fan dreams,
    I’m again soo amazed by sanskar endless standing by swara’s side whenever her family is involved.. Cute moments he’s just here like a balm calming her by his presence.. Uneasy feeling for a spoon of sugar… Uff *huging myself happily*
    Then all of sudden that**** nikhil is exposed.. Wonder how swara can run faster than both of them… Super swara!!!
    I just burst out laughing at her menace of letting sanskar make him talk .. She knows her husband so well (and sanskar is so calmer since they are teaming up together again)
    Then that so blessed river… Thanks God she didn’t finish in water again… (Don’t worry little sister mica… I’m sure he’s still alive)
    THEN.. THE HUG!!!! It’s all in one, relief that she’s safe, console for her pain and missing torture… Ufff Swasan… I love you!!!
    And.. His call taking her advice so simply… They are patching up without even thinking about it
    The rest… Waiting for next.. But painfully feeling the end coming so quickly 🙁

    1. Mica

      huh! you are true leader of shameless fans :D.. goooshhh
      i don’t even thinking about Sanskar spent his nite at baadi.. that too brought clothes for change…hmmm.. don’t say that he prepared it ahem ahem…
      huh! about Ragini’s mark on Laksh’s body… goooooooooooooshhhhh

      1. MAHIRA

        It’s my leader’s duty to make my shameless friends see those small signals of naughtiness: p

  31. It’s so good to see swasan back.

  32. Todays episode was superb… But I m waiting 4 tomorrow’s episode…… Raglak plzzzzzz cum back….. Don’t end this serial now……

  33. Swaragini
    ……come back plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  34. Ohh!swaragini going off air
    .then bye colors tv

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