YRKKH ff New Beginnings (episode 63)

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Link for previous episode:Episode 62

episode 63
The episode starts with Naira about to lift the ghughat from lady’s face when a lady calls her from behind.
Lady:Arrey Naira beta what are you doing here?See no if Naina is ready or not?
Naira:Yes aunty coming…
As soon as she turns around the lady escapes from there but suddenly collides with a table and falls down and her ghunghat falls down from her face.Naira turns around and is shocked to see the face.
Karan stands up and sees Naira with puppy eyes.

Naira comes to him angrily and scans hm from top to bottom and then suddenly start laughing uncontrollably.
Naira:Hahahah..bro..what have you become?Its too much now..hahaha..look at you…You have become a lady..hahaha..I never imagined this..You’re so desperate to see the godh bharai function?
Karan:Doll you understand your bro na..See I so want to see the godhbharai function..And I know my doll will never stop me after seeing such a effort from my part to watch the function and will not let anyone know.
Naira:Stop buttering me bro..as it will be of no use..Oh god bro it might be very funny to see you like this but now not any more..I’m fed up of our silly acts..Since morning I’ve been catching and now no more..Now only one person can make you straight..Come with me..
Karan:Don’t tell me you’re taking me to..
Naira:Ya you’re right bro and I’m not only telling I’m seriously taking you to bhabhi.Now only she can make you understand.
Karan(makes puppy face):Doll please..
But Naira clutches his hand and takes him to his and Naina’s room.
Naina was getting ready when Naira comes inside..
Naina:Arrey Naira..come na..I’m almost ready..(Karan was standing behind Naira so Naina doesn’t see him at first)
Naira:Bhabhi..you’re toh ready for the function but your husband is also ready to attend the function..

Naina:What?..But males don’t attend godhbharai na..
Naira:Oh really..then what will you say about this?
She shifts and Naina gets shocked to see Karan in saree and wearing bangles and jewellers to look like an aunty..

Naina:Karan?..What is all these?..(starts laughing)..hahaha..was this some kind of joke or what?
Naira:Joke?..It’s not a joke..I’ve been made a joke from today morning..this is toh bro..50th attempt since morning to become a part of godh bharai..oh bro btw..congratulations for half century of failed attempt..
Naina:Really Karan…
Karan:Naina wo…
Naira:Arrey bhabhi what are you asking him ask me…the one who is bearing this torture since morning..I’m so tired bhabhi..please you only make him understand..I’m toh fed up..I leave him to you now..I’m going downstairs now for seeing arrangements..You make him understand.I’ll come after sometime to take you..
Naira leaves from there..
Naina looks at Karan with unbelievable look.Karan opens his saree and keeps it as he is wearing kurta pyjama beneath it..

He goes to Naina and kneels down and talks to the baby keeping his hand on the baby bump..
Karan:See na baby..no one is allowing papa to attend the godh bharai function.You only tell na mumma that papa so want to attend my baby’s function..
Naina(talking to baby bump):Baby you only tell papa that he is not the only man in the world who can’t attend his baby’s godhbharai..Its part of ritual that males do not attend it and tell him it is not like that if he does not attend this function then his importance will decrease..
Karan(gets up):But I want to..(makes pout)..please na..
Naina:Arrey Karan why are you acting so stubborn.Boys are not allowed in godh bharai.It is part of the ritual.Its a ladies function.
Karan:But why not papa also have right on their baby..

Naina:Of course they’ve but not more them mother..
Naina:Because a mother carries a baby for 9 months in her womb and then bears unbearable pain to bring it in this world.So..(cups his face)..don’t you think there should be something meant to make her feel special only..
Karan:Okay I think you’re right..But all I want is to stay with you..What’s the big deal in that.No one has to do anything for me.I’ll just stay by your side and not do anything else..(raises his hand & pinches his throat)..I swear..
Naina:If you only have to sit then you can sit outside also na..

Karan:Ya but..I don’t want to leave you and baby alone..
Naina(crosses her hands across her chest and raises her eyebrows):Karan its too much now okay..From the day you came to know about my pregnancy you’ve become over protective…From the sixth month toh you also stopped going to office and go only for important meeting and by chance if it happens then you’ll call after every 5 minutes…And just for a ritual also you’re not letting me alone..
She gets angry and turns her face..
Karan again talks to the baby bump..
Karan:See baby mumma is scolding papa..You only say how can papa

go leaving you and mumma alone.You know na that he leaves you both a lot…
Naina:Baby tell him if loves us then he’ll have to listen to mumma and not make any other attempt to take part in the function
Naina:No buts and all are there na to take care of me in the function and you’re also in the house only na but in the garden then whats the problem…
Karan:Btw Naina you love me very much na..I mean the most..
Naina:Its true I love you very much but I don’t love you the most..(turns around and smiles)I love doll the most..(teasing Karan)..
Karan:Even I love her the most..after that..
Naina:Then after that Tanu then papa..then..then Karthik,Rishi,Ishaan
Karan(turns her around):Arrey when is my no..
Naina:After everyone else..
Karan(pouts):Not fare..
Naina(smiles):I was just kidding..Both mumma and baby

loves papa a lot.
Karan and Naina smile at each other and hug each other..
Just then Naira comes and sees them and turns around closing her eyes.
Naira:Oh god what you made me see..Bro at least close the door before doing romance na..Just like that…
Karan:Oh nautanki can’t I even hug my wife or what..and talking about romance what you and Karthik do haa…
Naira:Bro we never do in front of anyone okay..
Karan:Oh it means you do..
Naira:Ya..but..wait a minute why I’m telling you?..Leave it..Bhabhi you made him understand na..See I’m already hell tired now I jut want to enjoy the function without having the tension that whether bro is making any plan or not..whether he entered or not whether..
Naina:Arrey doll bas bas I made him understand..he’ll not come in the function..Right Karan.
Karan(sad pout):Ya ya
Naira(serious):Better he does..
Karan:Doll how come you suddenly became hitler from doll..
Naira:Bro if anyone is tortured like me since morning na then toh he/she will become worse than hitler..I toh only becoming little strict..Now lets go bhabhi…
Naina went downstairs with Naira..

Naira makes Naina sees and goes to welcome guests.Just then a little boy comes and gives her a chit..
Naira(reads):Come near store room..Store room..Who can have sent this?And why asked me to come to store room.(thinks)..Maybe Tanu called..but..why the need of chit..she can call directly also na..This girl na..off ho..
She comes to the store room and does not see anyone..
Naira:Now where is this Tanu?(looks around)..It must be a prank planned by her..(starts to walk away)..I’ll not leave her for sure..

She is about to go when two string hands pull her inside and closes the storeroom and immediately closes her mouth in order to stop her from screaming..But soon he finds that she is not at all willing to scream.He removes her hand from his face..
Naira:Arrey yaar what is this haa..At least switch on the lights no..And btw what you thought that I’ll get afraid na…I’ve become habituated of these things.You always try to pull me in the corner.(switches on the light).Right Karthik..(Yes guys its our Karthik)
Karthik:Arrey yaar jaan I thought that today you’ll be surprised..But..
Naira:I told na I have got habituated with it..Now toh I have even stop blushing hearing jaan from you..
Karthik comes closer to her and gives a peck on her two cheeks one by one then he kisses her forehead,then her nose tip..
Naira turns crimson red now..
Karthik:Oh ho but someone becomes tomato when I come close right..
Naira smiles and hugs him tightly..
Naira:I’m so happy Karthik..Everything is so perfect.I hope I can spend my rest of my life like this only..
Karthik(teasingly):Like how..
Naira:Like you be always with me,I in your arms,Bro bhabhi,Tanu,jiju,Ishaan and the new member who is coming..
Karthik:Arrey but you forgot to mention the future members..
Karthik:The one who will come in our lives after 1 or 2 years of our marriage..Our babies..
Naira(blushes hard and hits Karthik’s chest playfully):Karthik…
Karthik:What?Of you you want we can bring them earlier but at least 9 months of our marriage is required na..
Naira:Will you stop now?I’ve to go now..
She turns to go but Karthik holds her hand..
Karthik:Jaan whatever you may say I always make you blush right..
Naira blushes and goes from there while Karthik follows her.
Naira and Karthik comes downstairs.They see that Tanu and Rishi are talking with each other..sorry sorry they were arguing..and Ishaan was trying to stop them…
Rishi:Its not right Tanu I also want to be part of godh bharai ritual..
Tanu:How many times will I tell you that even if you want you can’t because its a ladies function?
Rishi:Why?Where it is written and which idiot made this ritual yaar?…Ishaan you only tell..

Ishaan:Big B see asking about me then this time actually..for the first time I’m with bhabhi..Come on now..What we will do in this ladies function yaar?Besides between all these ladies won’t you feel awkward..Don’t know about you but I sure will feel..So I toh am not going to argue about this..
Naira comes there..
Naira:Wow Ishaan first time you said something right..Good..
Karthik:No no whats right in this Big B is right.Ishaan toh as always is wrong..Males should be allowed to be part of godh bharai.
Naira:Oh hello all of you are deaf or what?From that time we’re telling you its a ladies function..LADIES FUNCTION.. and men can’t attend it that’s it that’s the rule okay..
Naina comes there..
Naina:Arrey now all of you stop fighting over it..Karthik,Rishi they’re saying right..and even chotu can understand then why not you all..
Ishaan comes in front such that his back is towards the ladies and his face towards Karthik and Rishi.
Ishaan:Yaa bhai understand na you both…we all cannot atten the function(Ishaan winks saying this)..
Karthik and Karan understand it..

Karthik:Oh yeah you’re right..
Rishi:Ya absolutely right..We’ll not attend it..
Ishaan:So ladies we’re going out to Karan bhai..You all enjoy.
They leave from there..
Ishaan(while going):Don’t worry I’ve made everything ready.I’ll explain you everything in the garden.We all will be able to watch the godh bharai function..

Recap:Naina’s gosh bharai function.Naina rushed to hospital and everyone is tensed.What happened?

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