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Urmilla is walking through the corridor and enters the teacher’s staff room. Rishab and Vibha update her on the counting and say that it is a very close competition so far. She says that it’s nice and I don’t want any mistakes and asks them to check them twice. She says that I must do something as If Sid is selected then he will create problems for Utkarks.
Meanwhile Rishab Sir checks the votes again and says that they are perfectly fine. He gives them to Vibha and leaves to call everyone for the announcement. Urmilla is confused as she wanted to see the results before they were announced. Later the students have gathered and Urmilla announces the competitor against Utkarsh which is Sidarth, while the against Krissane , Siyale has been selected. Urmilla calls the four of them to come on the stage and wishes all the luck.
Later Krissane asks all of her friends to come to the dorm room while everyone of the boys congrats Sidarth for winning. One of his friends say that without Ayaz this group feels incomplete and now you are the only one left to whom we can look as a leader. Sidarht says that chill right now as I am thinking of becoming the head boy right now not a leader.
Krissane is seriously frustrated and starts throwing things away in the room and blames all of them. She says that I wanted all you to vote for Rohi but you have betrayed me. She says Siyali wont stop me and when I become the head girl I will see to all of you. She tells them to go away from here and the girls leave.
Parth congrats Siyali on the victory and so does Utkarsh. Siyali also can’t believe it as everyone voted for her and Utkarsh says that maybe it’s because of Niti who did the hard work for you. Utkarsj says that if I join politics one day then I’ll take you with me for help. Siyali looks at Nitii and says that you did something wrong and what was it. Nitti smiles and explains to what she did. She sent Seemi in the dorm room who told the girls about Krissane’s real plan about easily defeating Rohi. Seemi did her best to manipulate all the girls against Krissane. Seemi says that she treats everyone so badly now, imagine of what would happen when she is head girl. Her words leave an impact on the girls who vote for Siyali then.
Nitti says that those girls didn’t have a mind of their own so I decided to use mine. Utkarsh is really impressed with Nitti’s thinking and says that you will definitely join the politics one day. Siyali is still annoyed and says that this is no joke and is a big responsibility. Charlie comes and looks at Nitti from a distance and walks away. Siyali says that how more problems will we face as Krissane won’t back down. Utkarsh says that since when are you so scared these things and have started to back down because of such people. He further says that I am also here with you in the competition. Parth also agrees and says that you deserve this place and competition and all of us are with you so don’t need to fear anything. Siyali agrees and says that I will now try my best; she then says to herself that I came with a lot of dreams here and now it’s time to fulfill them.
Vibha is working with Rishab and hands him the I.Q test paper, he looks through them and then asks of who will win the competition. Vibha says that it is a tough competition and he agrees with her saying that all the students have their specialty. He says to her that you are also an ex student of this college so what are your thoughts. Vibha shares her views saying there is something that makes all the students here special and disciplined. Kartick enters the room and soon Rishab leaves saying that he has a class.
Kartick drops some of his files and Vibha comes to help him, as she helps him Kamini walks in and watches them furiously. Vibha gets confused and walks back to her seat and says that this Vibha will never learn and I will show her, her place. She walks up to the table and says to Rishab that someone has called him outside and so he leaves. Vibha is confused and says that what did I do now? that made her so angry.
Sidarth and Siyali are both in the library without knowing of the other. Siyali hears a voice and goes to see who it is as everyone is supposed to be in class. She sees Sidarth and says to herself that I am impressed as he is preparing for the competition. She says that I thought you get everything easily so you don’t care for things but are working as hard as me. Sidarth notices and looks back and sees Siyali staring at him, she comes and grabs a random book and goes to her seat. Sidarth smiles and says that she is weird.
Utkarsh is very nervous and says that I have no idea on what to say and I have only an hour left. Parth tries to calm him down and says that this fear is just a phase and you’ll get through it. Utkarsh thanks him for the help and hugs him for giving the advice. Parth then chases Utkarsh as he runs away from him. Later they are walking in the corridor when a worker comes and says that Urmilla mam has called you. Utkarsh asks Parth of what might be reason and he says that go and you will find out.
Utkarsh goes to Urmilla’s office and she asks him about his preparation for the competition. Utkarsh says that he is nervous as he has done nothing like this before. Urmilla says that you must believe in yourself and not let anyone get ahead of you. Utkarsh says that he will try his best and leaves. Urmilla says in heart that I wish your dad could be here to see you. He would feel as proud as I do.

Precap: Charlie says to Sidarth that you seem different this time and asks of what is going on. Sidarth says that this time it’s not just about winning but also reminding someone about who I am. Urmilla mam inform the students about the competition and their aim for the post.

Update Credit to: Sona

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