Warrior High 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Warrior High 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the dorm room, Seemi tells Niti she is going to vote Siali, no one can be a better head girl in school. Seemi tells Siali that she is the best and deserves this position, she must take part in selection. Siali says only they will vote for her, Siali leaves. Krissane says to her friends that teachers have selected her and she is going to be the next head girl. She says this is boring to achieve something without competition so let us make it a bit interesting. Her friends ask what she means. Krissane asks them to give all their votes to Rohi, a friend. She says they will all vote Rohi except for those wanting Siali to be the head girl.
Sid and Charlie walk in the corridor when Krissane comes and shakes hand with him saying all the best. She says he is going to get all the votes, Utkarsh won’t get any votes. She dreams about them both as head girl and head boy. Sid says he knows they are going to win this competition.
Kartik was in the staff room, Kamini comes in fully makeup and drops her books. Kartik offers to help her, both sit down together. Kartik notices Kamini’s stare on him, he says the flowers look good on her hair and her hairstyle suits her. He says she must make her hair this way daily. Kartik leaves, Kamini doesn’t believe and says there was so much love in Kartik’s eyes for her.
Charlie watches Niti painting a chart on floor. He tells Rohit and friends that Sid is calling them, when they have left he comes to sit besides Niti. Niti looks at him, then makes a face. Charlie says she has made her friend popular in a day. Niti asks why doesn’t he help his friend. Charlie says he doesn’t need it. Charlie says why is she helping Siali being head girl. Niti says she is not interested in talking to anyone here and being headgirl I would need to talk to them as well as listen to their problems. She asks Charlie why he doesn’t participate. Charlie says it would be useless when she won’t be there. Niti looks at him. He says Siali is lucky to have her as friend. Niti says she needs to make Siali win. He helps Niti with the glue and chart paper work. She notices his stare on her. Both their hands meet and the glue bottle fell off. She notices Charlie’s hands ruined and offers him a handkerchief. He was lost in thoughts. He gets up to help her paste it on height on the wall. Niti says thanks to him. Charlie says they have always help each other. Krissane comes there and tells Niti that her friends Siali is a loser and won’t ever win. She says to Charlie that he has helped their rivals, but no matter how much they try, only she and Sid are going to win. Siali comes there and watching the poster asks why is she struggling a lot, no one is going to vote her. Siali leaves curt, when Niti calls her full of negativity. Charlie was smiling watching Niti, she curses him for always smiling.
Urmilla asks the name for girls candidate and asks Krissane to start voting. After girls, it’s boys turn for voting.
In the library, Parth comes to Utkarsh who was sitting alone there. He asks if Utkarsh is alright, he nods that he is. Parth thinks he has come here though he dislikes being here a lot, just to stay away from people. But this will make him even depressed. Vibha comes there and tries to tell a story to Utkarsh but he doesn’t cheer up. Vibha takes Utkarsh’s to do something interesting in school as well. She tells some adventures about her student life, she says she used to hide her chocolates in the garden. Utkarsh says he also used to hide his warapao when he was in orphanage. Utkarsh tells Parth he is so boring. Vibha sides Utkarsh. Utkarsh asks Parth to get a bit better. Vibha nods at Parth approvingly.
Siali was sitting on the corridor wall, thinking Niti’s hardwork would go invain. Sid comes to sit with her and says Niti has made her a star. Siali says she doesn’t expect anything from them. Sid says is she fearful of responsibility. Siali says she fears no one. Sid calls Utkarsh’s selection as unjust. Siali sides Utkarsh and asks him to challenge her, her Utkarsh would be the head boy. Sid says alright, if he loses he will do anything Siali would ask him but if Utkarsh loses, she will fulfil his wish. Siali says done, and leaves. Sid looks behind at her going.

PRECAP: Vibha tells Urmilla campaign is done, and there was a close competition. Urmilla asks Vibha and Rishab to check again. Urmilla thinks she must check results before, as if Sid gets selected he will be enraged and will create problems for Utkarsh. She announces the name of student against Utkarsh.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Very nice epi

  2. SidYali ??? Saw d new ad dat siali was chosen against krissane.. Utkarsh n Siali?? Or Sid n Siali??

  3. Sid and siali ofcourse I like utkarsh bt I want it to b only sid nd siali…
    What wish siali gnna fulfil ugh cnt wait…
    But sidali the best couple in warrior high they mst shw more of sidali they shw too less

  4. Nice episode

  5. But de best jodi would have been of siali n parth

  6. But de best jodi would be of siali n parth

  7. Wer is today’s update for wh and kyy??

  8. tnk u telly foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. 26 may ka epi q update nhi kiya hai

  10. Kal nd aaj ka epi ka written update qu ni hua he sonaaaaa

  11. Can some1 plz update warrior high telly updates for 26 may and 27 may we r waiting for long time

    1. Im also waiting for it atleast sona should update todaes episode

      1. Same here !
        Well the episode was quite a fun !!

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