Mahakumbh 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mahakumbh 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aghori Baba killing his devotee to proof that sacrifice without genuine heart gives sin. Grierson and Rao get shocked. Devesh opens Leela’s hands. Rudra and Bhairavi see this and Bhairavi says its Mahakaal’s temple, and the third book is hidden there. Leela gets tensed. The aghori makes a protective shield around him, so that no one can being any hurdle in the vidhi. Rao and everyone see the bats. Devesh says how did they come suddenly. Rao says I don’t know, but this is for our profit, someone is trying to get in control and the vidhi will complete soon.

Thapadiya Maai says my weapon is ready, tell me whom to attack next. Shivanand says I don’t know. She asks then who knows it, Garuda head is not here and he is the brain of the Garudas, who can show them the direction. She says I have become directionless, I don’t understand whats happening and what will happen next. She asks what happened to him, they risked their lives to get him back, and had patience to make him fine, what happened now, whats stopping him. All Garudas look at him. She asks him to say it.

Shivanand says fear….. She says fear? Rudra looks at Bhairavi and says last question, why did she go on Naags side being a Garuda. Bhairavi asks can he say whats he is seeing or thinking, will he save amrit. He says Lord has thought about this, and that’s his fate, and not like her, who kept trust and humanity on side, can she reach Amrit this way. She says this is kalyug, don’t be fool to think enemy will also be loyal like him, Amrit is not a small thing, the war started much before, she does not think Garudas can protect Amrit.

Thapadiya Maai asks what fear now, your powers are activated now. Shivanand says power is in body and weapon, but his brain is weak, what will the weapon come in use now. Thapadiya Maai asks are they all still afraid and asks them to say. She says Shivanand that they are not afraid now. Charles, Katherine and Tiwari raise hand in Shivanand’s favor. She asks what happened to them, will we not protect Amrit. Shivanand says we will save it, not to make it flow in Saraswati kund, but for ourselves.

Rudra says times can change, but not the power of good, everytime good has won over evil. She says he won’t win by arguing with her, the secret is in third book, which they need to find together. He nods. Shivanand asks why are they looking like this, he is rectifying his ancestor’s mistake and shows the history illustration. He says what did they get being dutiful, they became slaves of the Naags and fate, they took birth to give sacrifice by being protectors. He says not this time.

Tiwari asks about the people whose life is at stake. Shivanand says we won’t let them die. Thapadiya Maai asks what will we do, saving Amrit for ourselves and not letting people die, you will make us mad, tell us what to do. Shivanand says we will not let good people die, who has right to live. He asks them to think of a clean world, free of sins and injustice. Aghori sits in between the illusionary temple. Rao and everyone go far. Dansh comes there and sees the temple shield. He does not get through the shield. Aghori sees him and laughs. Dansh uses all his powers to get through. Rao, Greirson, Devesh and Balivesh hide and look on. Dansh lifts a big stone. Rudra and Bhairavi are on their way in the jeep. Dansh throws the rock and the rock breaks into pieces touching the shield. Aghori puts some powder on Leela and she starts turning into a snake. Dansh looks on. Rudra says Shivratri is not far, but we will stop it. Bhairavi asks how, by sacrificing other Garuda’s weapons. Rudra says yes. She says will Shivanand give his weapon. He stops the jeep and says he trusts his dad. She says me too, and asks him to drive.

Aghori takes the sword and walks towards Leela. Dansh gets an axe and runs towards the shield. He hits the shield and fails. Aghori laughs aloud. He says its not so easy. Dansh says nothing can happen to Leela and keeps trying. He shouts and gets angry. Rudra and Bhairavi come there and see everything. Bhairavi says he is doing Naag Vashikaran yagya/ control the Naags. She stops Rudra and says its beneficial for the Garudas. Rudra says why is Leela in this state. Bhairavi says she is going to be sacrificed. Rudra says she won’t, you know she saved me and Maya, and even then you are stopping me. She says don’t stop the yagya. He says don’t tangle me, this is not humanity, I won’t let this happen, I don’t know anything else. Aghori drags Leela by her hair. Rudra and Dansh come face to face. Rudra gets angry.

Dansh apologizes to Rudra to seek his help. He comes to take revenge from Balivesh and Devesh and asks them to think of the penalty of their crime.

Update Credit to: Amena

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