Reporters 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Reporters 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohan ends his news reading and thinks he is best. He joins office party. Trisha starts her weather report. Kabeer enters party with a hat and casual dress. Malvika greets him and takes him along.

Ronnie comes to Ananya’s house and asks her to come along with him for party. She says she will stay at home and have frooti. He insists and mom also insists.

Kabeer in party searches for Ananya. Trisha says him hi. He says she is looking pretty and asks where is Ronnie. She says he went to pick out Ananya. He asks will they come. She says she does not know. he asks her to enjoy party then. Malvika asks him to be with her, else he will get lost in this party. He says it is not that easy. A tarot card reader comes. Malvika introduces her to Kabeer. Reader asks if she should read his mind. He says it is not that easy.

Manav starts his news and interviews film director who made bold film. Director gives his explanation and Manav ends his interview.

Ronnie and Ananya enter party venue. Sunny tells Richa and Trisha that their tiegress entered. Kabeer stops Ananya and says she is habituated to come late to office, but she should not have come to party late where people are waiting for her. Ananya calls Ronnie and says she told him, sir will take her class wherever she goes and asks Kabeer if she should go out or call her parents. Manav interferes and asks him to leave his partner. Kabeer leaves. Manav welcomes Ananya and tries to kiss her hand when Sunny gives him drinks and he moves on.

Khalid enjoys drink with film director. Kabeer greets him hi and asks Malvika why is her hand empty and asks what she wants. Malvika says vodka.

Richa tries to force Ananya to have drinks, but she does not. Kabeer comes there and asks Ronnie to give vodka for Malvika. Ananya gets angry seeing his pic and asks sunny to make her drinks. She enjoys it with everyone, but Ronnie doesn’t.

Tarot card reader tells Kabeer that he has romance all around him and her tarot card is telling this. He asks where was she till now. Kabeer sees Ananya enjoying drinks. Director introduces himself and says he is making film on reporters and he thinks she is fit for heroine role. Ananya says she knows. Ronnie continues looking at Ananya. Richa suggests him to propose Ananya. Director takes selfie with ananya and invites her for his movie premier. Richa pushes ronnie to go and propose Ananya, but before he could reach, Ananya takes director from there. She takes him to Kabeer and says director that Kabeer is his hero. Whole crow gathers around her. Ananya says film’s title would be kabeer sharma in and as reporter.

Kabeer gives end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Ananya says Kabeer she is not inebriated and says he was thinking she is in team manav, even she is thinking same.

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  1. Finally their love story starts soon.Excited to c them as a Couple..

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