Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti says tat I can become bhoja and the vibhuti in black says if u can be a electrician for anita then cant u be bhoja for anguri and vibhuti says yes I will become bhoja for anguri later tiwari sees anita and goes towards her and anita is very angry and says so u came u r a bad man and u want to take a advantage of me and tiwari thinks wat is she talking and he shouts enough wat r u saying I preach u like godess and u say like this to me and anita says tat I was not saying u anything it was a dialogue for my play in my grooming classes and tiwari says tat he feels very hurt and he starts crying a lot anita asks him to stop crying and says tat she is sorry for wat she said and then tiwari starts laughing and says tat he was acting and anita says u r such a nice actor and then anita tells him tat this was the play in her college days she was the lead actress and tiwari asks who was the hero and she says it was vibhuti and tiwari says he was correct for the role and anita says wat and tiwari says he must have acted very well and then anita says u suit perfectly for this role y don’t u work and tiwari asks wat and she says tat u cried now I thought u were serious but u were acting there comes ladu and tells anita tat he uses his acting skills on of crying on anguri whenever she wants to go out on shopping he starts crying and then anguri has to convince him to stop crying tiwari tries to stop ladu but anita asks him to tell and after listening she gets angry and leaves. While tiwari runs behind ladu to hit him for his naughtiness and ladu tells go home as its amajis call for u.
Vibhuti is then seen started eating garlic and then he sees tat saxena is making a tattoo and he then goes and asks the boy tat when did u start this tattoo business and he says just today he started and then vibhuti says u started this at a good time and says tat he also wants to make a tattoo and asks him to make a tattoo of a cobra snake and he sits and then says tat if it pains he doesnot wants to make it and when it pains he says he doesnot want to make it and then saxena forcefully makes him draw a tattoo .

Vibhuti then goes to meet anguri they sit in hall and vibhuti says tat our days when we were small were so good and she says tat yes and then she says I didn’t asked u wat would u like to eat and goes in to bring something for him to eat and vibhuti thinks tat this is the right time and he says I have with me wat I want to eat and he remover a pack of garlic and eats it while anguri says tat it smells badly and he says but he likes it and then comes in tiwari and says tat y r u eating this garlic and spreading smell in my house and he says tat if I eat garlic wat is problem with u and tiwari says pls go and vibhuti says ok but eating garlic is not a bad habit and leaves and then anguri also says to tiwari tat even u had the habit of eating garlic when u were small amaji has beaten u to forget that habit and he goes up and anguri laughs.
Anita gets a cal she receives it and its her mother in law she asks y didn’t u recognized my call and she says the phone rings the same for every call how should I recognize u and her mother in law says tat I used to recognize my mother in laws cal very quickly and anita says tat I don’t have the talent tat u have and then mother in law asks her to give call to khachedu(vibhuti) and anita says u call on his mobile he is not at home and mother in law says tat call him I wanna talk and anita says then wait for 2 hours he will come and hungs up while her mother in law says tat will be so much of bill and looking at khachedus pick she says I miss u in some time comes in vibhuti and says hi to darling anita she says u please handle ur mom and he says tat she is mom don’t get so upset and then asks her to come close and when she gets close to vibhuti and she vomits and vibhuti thinks tat she is may be pregnant when he asks is it good news then anita scolds him tat u have ate garlic and u know I don’t like it and he says yes I have ate garlic and she asks him to stay away from him and he gets angry too
Anguri is speaking to amaji while she sees vibhuti on terrace and he is showing his torn baniyan and anguri hungs up the phone and she then asks vibhuti wat happen and then says ohi get it u don’t work so u don’t have money to buy new baniyans and she then calls tiwari and shows him vibhutis torn baniyan tiwari also sees it and says tat I have some at home from my shop I will give u wait and he goes in to bring it while angrui says y didn’t u tell me this and tiwari throws the new baniyan on vibhutis terrace and then tiwari asks anguri to close her ears and asks vibhuti if even his underwears are torn u can tell me even I have tat extra at home from my shop I will give u and vibhuti abuses him in mute mode and then anguri asks wat did he says and tiwari says nothing and they go in and vibhuti says bhabhiji is too much she is not recognizing me
That night vibhuti enters their bed room in romantic mood but anita asks him to leave as he has eaten too much garlic and vibhuti says I have ate garlic and not played with some roadside dog and anita says it would have been okay if u would have come like tat but garlic is not acceptable and so u please go out and then vibhuti says tat today I was in romantic mood and anita shouts at him saying u have ur mothers promise get out and he leaves .
Next morning vibhuti is seen singing a song and anguri comes out and she sees fog all over and thinks in summer where did this fog came from and she goes to do pooja and hears the voice and sees vibhuti singing while vibhuti has played the song on a record tape and has written the lyrics in a book and he is reading it and he then removes the remote and stops the song and says tat u look different lacho.

Anguri recognizes vibhuti as bhoja and then anguri goes and tells tiwari tat she has found her bhoja and he lives in front of our house and tiwari says tat in front lives anita and tat vibhuti and anguri tells tat vibhuti is only bhoja.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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