Veera 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Veera 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev being hit by Rajveer. Veera signs him to neglect it. The game goes on. Veera and Gunjan cheer for Baldev and Ranvi cheers for Rajveer. Its half time, the scores is 1-1. Veera takes water for Baldev and gives a towel. Rajveer looks at them. He takes Veera’s pic and smiles. Bansuri tells Amrit that she could not go to see Baldev’s match as she can’t see Veera’s face. Amrit asks who is Veera. Bansuri says she might be cheering for Baldev. Simran asks is she close to Baldev. Bansuri says yes, she is after Baldev, don’t know what magic she did on him, he is mad for her, he thinks I m his enemy. Amrit says don’t worry, there will be some way.

Bansuri says my ways did not work. Amrit says see my ways now and smiles seeing Simran. The match resumes. Rajveer makes the goal. Baldev could not make another goal and the score is 2-1. Baldev gets the ball and makes the goal. Everyone clap for him. Rajveer gets angry. The match gets interesting as the final goal will decide the winner as the current score is 2-2. Rajveer falls intentionally and puts the blame on Baldev. He acts like getting hurt and Baldev says he did not do any free kick. He scolds the referee. The referee scolds Baldev and Baldev starts beating him. Rajveer stops Baldev.

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He says we will play after a break. He falls again and Ranvi makes him get up. He gets angry on Baldev. Rajveer says how dare you slap me. Baldev says I did not slap you. Rajveer says you taught your team to beat and push, to win. He puts blame on Baldev and Baldev asks him to mind his tongue, stop acting. He says this Pind is mine, you are new here. Rajveer says you will know what I can do, Ranvi will see what you did here, Veera will also see, you are dreaming about her, Ranvi does not like you, who will agree to get his sister marry a goon.

Baldev starts beating Rajveer. Ranvi stops Baldev. Ranvi warns Baldev to stay away. Baldev leaves with his friends. Veera gets upset. Balwant apologizes to Rajveer and folds hands. Rajveer says no need, you are like my father, elder to me. Balwant says Baldev is immature, I always head complains about him and apologized, I don’t think he will change. Rajveer says its so sad that your son is like this. Balwant leaves. Rajveer says he is felling sad for kids, Baldev ruined everything for his ego. Ranvi says we will keep another match and I promise Baldev will be away from it. Veera leaves. Gunjan gets annoyed by Ranvi.

Rajveer says you are so good and have good family respect, why do you let your sister meet Baldev, she went to meet him right. He says I saw many people in my 5 year police career and Baldev won’t change, his dad is apologizing today, tomorrow you sister will apologize. He smiles fueling Ranvi. The kids talk to Veera. Bansuri and Amrit talk what Ranvi did with Baldev by supporting Rajveer. Simran says I don’t understand Veera, why did she not support Baldev. Bansuri says its good, else Veera would have made him more mad. Bansuri says against Veera, and she does not want to make her bahu. Amrit and Simran smile.

Ranvi talks to Ratan and Nihaal looks on. Ranvi tells everything and he does not want Veera to apologize on his behalf. Nihaal defends Baldev. Ranvi says I know him very well, he did not change. He says what d you want, I make Veera bear all this to wait for Bladev to become mature. He asks Ratan to tell Veera to think about her decision, today he fought with Rajveer and hurt referee and Rajveer. Nihaal says maybe we are mistaken, maybe Baldev is right, some kicks happen in football game.

Ranvi says I m talking to Ratan, are you talking from her side. Nihaal says no. Ranvi says my Biji will tell me directly, you don’t need to say what she thinks, you are not our Papa ji. Ratan and Nihaal are shocked. Ratan scolds Ranvi and asks him to apologize to Nihaal. Ranvi leaves. Veera talks to Baldev and his friends. Jaggi says it was not Baldev’s mistake. She says why did he spoil the kids game and says the player should never fight, a player is one who plays my rules. She says everyone is ashamed by this act. Baldev says don’t talk like my Papa ji, try to understand, my team was cheated, was it right.

He says Rajveer did the same thing yesterday and took referee on his side. She says like we can’t prove this, try to understand, this things happen, if you hurt anyone, people will blame you, so I told you to be cool and not get angry. She says whats your problem. Baldev says you want to know it, fine, the problem is you are thinking I m wrong, my Veera is not like this to see the wrong thing, you came to explain me as you don’t trust me, your Veer ji does not trust me.

Ranvi and Baldev have an argument. Baldev says Veera and I are adults, we can meet anytime, I will see how you stop us. Ranvi gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg veera is only 17 ..she looks so mature..shes beautiful. I wonder if shes comfortable doing scences with baldev

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