Tum Saath Ho Jab 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Younis gets upset to know that that drunkard (Imran) will coach his son. Waqar and Fiza talk in favour of Imran. He isn’t that bad. He doesn’t come to school in inebriated state. He teaches well and has even started loving us now. He has also gifted tennis cap to Najma. All the eyes turn on Najma. Younis asks for it. najma has no option but to take it out of her school bag. He says this is how he is misguiding my kids now. Najma says this is just my get well soon cap. Fiza too adds that he gave it to NAjma Appi in front of us only. He tells her to be quiet. Now I understand how Najma got the guts to ask those questions. It wasn’t her but that drunkard who was talking. He asks Mariam if she understood anything. She bows down her head disappointedly but then walks up to Najma. You met him even when I had told you against it? you dint think about me at all. Najma tries to explain but Mariam doesn’t let either her or Waqar talk. She warns Najma not to meet Imran from today onwards or she will drop her to her Nani’s place. The kids leave for school sadly. Nasima wonders what Imran wants from them. Shabnam has already said so much against us because of him and now he is after Najma. Younis thinks that Imran wants to take revenge from them. He is filling Najma’s ears against us. Mariam hears this and angrily clutches onto the tennis cap in her hands. She leaves from there.

Imran is giving coaching in school. Afshaah apologizes to him but he punishes her by asking her to stand outside the court for the day. He is surprised to hear Mariam’s voice. She wants to talk to him but not in front of the kids so he sends them to another corner to practise.

She confirms about the cap and then throws it on the ground. What do you think? I had told you clearly to stay away from us. Why are you still after us? Now you are after Najma. He doesn’t understand what she is trying to say. She feels he is misguiding Najma by talking about tennis, praising her or by giving this cap. He says she is misunderstanding but she wants him to stay away from Najma. He gets irked with her. what’s your problem? You come and shout at me whenever you feel like. Is this a way to talk? She advises him to keep this game away from Najma. She turns to go but he speaks up. I dint go to Najma with this game. She has come after it. She isn’t wrong. She is fit enough for it. but sadly, even after being her mother you are unable to see it. she is so young yet she knows about her talent. You have no idea about it. she requests him not to talk to Najma even if she tries to. He knows it wont help. She won’t stop dreaming about tennis? She will continue to be suffocated and it will be all because of you. Her heart beats for tennis. Do you realise? Maybe not! I had given her racket but she refused to play. I even made her swear in her Abbu’s name but she declined to play only because of you. She dint want to hurt you. But sadly you don’t know or understand her pain.

Mariam says it is very easy for you him to say this. it is right that maybe I am not a good mother. But I cannot help it as I am a woman after all. You do realise what it means to be woman? She is a wife, a mother and even a DIL of a family. A woman is something or the other to others all her life except being her own. He asks her why that is. She reminds him that she is a widow. There are a lot many restrictions on me. I love my daughter a lot but this society doesn’t allow girls to dream about all this. Should I go against society? He puts forward a question. Who is your own – this society or Allah? You have to decide who you have to abide by. She looks at him all short of words. He tells her to make Najma understand that she should stay away from this court instead. I cannot kill a girl’s dreams.

Bilkish puts oil in Nasima’s hairs. Younis bhai is right. That drunkard is instigating Najma against us or Najma isn’t capable of saying all that. Ask him to reply to that drunkard nicely. Nasima is irked with Najma. Why she keeps roaming around him all the time? We keep telling Mariam to keep Najma away from Imran but in vain. He is a bad influence after all. Rehmat BI asks about the menu for lunch. Nasima and Bilkish are surprised to know that Mariam isn’t home. Rehmat Bi takes Mariam’s side. she only goes to mosque. Don’t blame her wrongly. Bilkish reasons that she could have informed them before going. Nasima gets irked with Rehmat Bi as she always takes Mariam’s side.

Mariam comes home just then. They are shocked to know that she had gone to Najma’s school. Nasima guesses it that Mariam must have gone to school to talk about Najma’s tennis fetish. Has she started playing tennis? Bilkish thinks of Younis’s reaction. Mariam firmly tells them that Najma is not playing tennis. All her stuff has been kept in the storeroom. All her dreams have been killed. She heads upstairs all sad. Nasima is upset at Mariam’s reaction. Bilkish finds Mariam deeply worried over something. Nasima doesn’t mind.

Fiza and Najma talk about Najma’s cap. Afshaah comes to tease Najma about her cap. Afshaah is angry with Najma as she was told to stand out of court because of her today. najma wants to stay away from both tennis and Afshaah. She tries to go but Afshaah twists her hand. Fiza bites Afshaah’s hand in reply. Coach stops them. he also reprimands Afshaah for she had promised Imran that she will maintain a distance from Najma. I can see what you are doing. Be good or I will complaint to principal sir regarding you. She apologizes and leaves from there. Coach asks Najma if her Ammi came here because of Afshaah. Najma is surprised to hear it. imran sir’s mood was very off afterwards. He left without even training the students.

Bilkish opens an old trunk. Jamaal asks her what she is trying to find in it. he notices Amma looking at herself in the mirror. Amma praises herself while Bilkish tells her to keep it as it might break seeing her. Bilkish takes out a suit from the trunk. Amma wants it as it will add to her beauty but Bilkish warns her against it. Amma still eyes the suit as Bilkish goes to change.

Altaf is surprised to see Imran home so early. is everything alright? Imran nods. I came home directly from Nabeel Public School itself. They talk about veggies. Altaf finds Najma’s cap in the house. He thinks that maybe Imran took it back from her today. Imran tells him that Mariam came to return it. She thinks I am misguiding Najma. He tells her everything. At one side, her daughter is ready to sacrifice everything for her but she isn’t able to understand any of it. altaf doesn’t like it that Mariam thinks wrong of Imran. I will go and talk to her. Imran says I have already done it. There won’t be any further talks from now on. He wants to eat chicken. They both go out to get it.

Mariam thinks of Imran’s words. She herself is troubled. She eyes Tauseef’s racket. You tell me Tauseef, am I really doing injustice with Najma? Was Imran right? What should I do? I know what Najma wants but what should I do! Shall I go against Younis bhai? He is against girls playing sports. Even if he agrees what about the society! Please guide me. she recalls when Tauseef was trying to teach her tennis. He had dreams of making their daughter a national / international lever player. He again thinks of Imran’s words. Najma calls out for her Ammi. Mariam keeps the racket just before Najma enters her room. Mariam gives her clothes to change. Najma talks about her coming to the school today. you left without even meeting me! Sports teacher told me about you coming to school. You had come to fill my form? But I got to know that new neighbour’s mood was really off after meeting you. Why Ammi? He wants me to play tennis. Mariam gets upset. Why he wants you to play tennis? Najma is taken aback by her Ammi’s reaction.

Precap: Najma says I dint know earlier why you weren’t talking to new neighbour and why you closed that window but now I do. Younis questions Mariam as to why she went to Najma’s school to talk to Imran.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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