Beintehaa 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Beintehaa 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rehan says Zain that he does not know when he will pronounce 3rd and final divorce to Aaliya and chances are that he may not, says from today everything will change. Zain angrily looks at him. Rehan walks out and sees Aaliya speaking to Zain over phone. He calls her begum/wife and asks her to get into car and take back her responsibilities as wife. Zain hears that ober phone and runs towards car, but car leaves.

Rehan brings Aaliya home and starts talking to her wiedrly. He sees Zain’s call on her mobile and asks her to tell her ex-husband not to call her again. His children come and hug Aaliya and him. He asks them to pack their bags as they are going on a vacation. Kids get excited and ask Aaliya to pack her bag while they pack their own. Zain calls Aaliya and asks her to get out Rehan’s house and says Rehan is not the same which we knew. Rehan snatches phone from her and asks Zain to not disturb his wife, says his ex-wife is happy with her present husband and they are going on vacation today.

Surayya sees Zain tensed and asks about it. He tells her about the incident. She asks him to be courageous and get back Aaliya He runs towards Aaliya’s house. Surayya starts reciting Holi Quran. Zarina is shocked to see that. Surayya says after Usman’s death, she did not feel like requesting god anything, but she did today and felt that Usman is very near to her. She says life has given her a second change to unite her family and fulfill Usman’s dream, tells her that Zain has gone to bring back Aaliya. Zarina thinks Usman’s dreams will not be fulfilled as she knows Rehan will not leave Aaliya now.

Rehan comes to Aaliya’s room and tries to touch her. She wakes up and starts checking her cupboard. He goes and touches her shoulder. She turns back before he could get even closer. He tries to drape veil over her, but she asks him to stop him and says she is tolerating him to get his hatred for Rida’s murderer and says his anger is proving that he is behind it, says Surayya did not murder her and Rida did a suicide, says he should accept the fact and says she is following her friendship with him. He gets angry and says they are not friend now and says to prove Surayya innocent, she is trying to tarnish Rida’s image and she even tried to send him to jail, says he will not give her divorce now and she can do whatever she likes. He says Zain and Aaliya will not be together now. Aaliya starts crying hearing that.

Zain calls Aaliya and asks if Rehan told her something. She says Rehan told he will not divorce her. He says he is coming there to pick her. She asks him not to come there and she herself will come there. She sees Rehan busy working and on phone and escapes in his car. Rehan sees that, calls Rehan and says he knows she called his wife and says he will be responsible if something happens to her. Zain asks what did he do to her. He says he did nothing, but Zain did instead by making Aaliya mentally unstable by frightening her. He says Aaliya is tensed and if something happens to her, people will talk that Aaliya was going to meet Zain and met with an accident in a hurry. He says if he will suicide or murder hearing this. Zain asks what did he do. Rehan says mechanics are careless and they may have left nut bolts lose and anything can happen.

Precap: Rehan’s son informs him that Zara is in his car. Aaliya informs Zain that her car’s breaks have failed and crashes it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Omfgggg guys read on a spoiler that rehaan will show true cplours and that it was rehaans fault rida died as they had argument and he pushed hherin front of car and she was alive once surriya left but he showed no mercy and now he will go prision and thus leave the show! !

  2. what a worst track,,,,,please stop such worst story,,,i like rehaan very much,,, but now show u he is a villan in beintehaa no.. stop this nonsence…he is a gud frnd to aliya and zain

  3. Rehaan blames Zain and aaliya for they saved suraya from court he wanted to blame someone for his wife’s death but reality is rida his wife was suffering from depression and committed suicide he does not want to believe that

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