Do you like Rajveer and Simran becoming hurdle in Veera and Baldev’s love?

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The new track in the Star Plus’ show Veera has got two new entries. Rajveer who came in between Baldev and Veera by fate and Simran, who is Bansuri’s childhood friend Amrit’s daughter came in between them by Bansuri’s efforts. Rajveer is now madly obsessed with Veera and want his ego and pride to win over Baldev. The current track goes like this… of you missed to catch the last week’s episodes….

Baldev and Veera reach Ranvi’s house. Ranvi’s family assumes that Baldev and Veera have got married. Veera stops Ranvi from slapping Baldev. She informs Ranvi that she has not got married to Baldev, and makes him realise that she could have eloped with him. Ratan and Veera convince Ranvi to give a chance to Baldev. Rajveer gets the permission to construct a road, leading to the agriculture university. Veera hides from Baldev that Rajveer has got the permission of constructing a road, leading to the agriculture university. However, Baldev learns the same, and becomes upset. Veera cheers Baldev. Ranvi decides to get Veera married to Rajveer. Baldev presents a rose and a ring to Veera. Balwant becomes upset with Baldev as he has taken Rs. 15000, without his permission. Bansuri learns that Baldev has gifted a ring to Veera.

Veera keeps her ring aside, while working. Later, she panics on not finding the ring. Rajveer finds the ring, and keeps it with him. Gunjan takes Rs. 20000 from Ranvi. She loses money in gambling, and borrows Rs. 5000 from Bansuri. Veera and Ranvi witness Nihal caring for Ratan. Gunjan gives her ancestral bangle to Manjoth as she has failed to repay her loan of Rs. 20000. Ranvi and Veera help Rajveer in building a football team. Baldev stops Rajveer from putting the ring on Veera’s finger. He decides to build his own football team to challenge Rajveer’s side. Gunjan confronts Ranvi for missing a concert. Baldev and Rajveer train their respective teams. Ranvi suggests Veera to help Rajveer. Bansuri decides to get her friend’s daughter, Simran, married to Baldev. Nihal brings a salwar for Ratan. Veera hands over the salwar to Ratan, and requests her to wear it on Diwali.

Baldev asks Veera to cheer for his team. Simran’s mother suggests her to impress Bansuri. Nihal daydreams of professing his love to Ratan. Veera wishes luck to Rajveer’s team, and decides to cheer for Baldev’s side. Rajveer decides to play for his team as a player suffers from fever. He asks Baldev to play for his team. Baldev scores a goal. Rajveer fouls Baldev, and scores a goal. Rajveer threatens Baldev that he will take Veera infront of him, and he will make Ranvi reject him. Baldev gets angry. Simran starts impressing Baldev and Bansuri. With two new entries, the lovers will have a tough time. What do you think? Let us know.

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  2. Yeah its a good track cuz jealousy is good for love !!!

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