Udaariyaan 27th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh marries Jasmin

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The Episode starts with Tejo crying. Seena me dil jaise….plays… She thinks of Jasmin’s words. She thinks of Fateh. Pandit says call the bride. Angad asks them to get the bride. Jasmin comes dancing. Fateh looks at her. Everyone looks on. She comes and sits in the mandap. Fateh smiles. Sweety says Jasmin is going to Canada tomorrow, with Fateh, she is so lucky, he fulfilled his dream, she is happy that he will get away from Tejo forever. The girl says wow. Mahi hears this and goes. Angad looks on. Mahi says mummy, Fateh is going to Canada with Jasmin tomorrow. Everyone gets shocked.

Simran asks who told you. Mahi says I heard Sweety talking to her friend, Jasmin told her. Khushbeer says I m ashamed to call him my son. Gurpreet says he has gone mad. Bau ji says we will talk to him after marriage. Simran says we can’t trust Jasmin, why would Fateh hide if he wants to go. Pandit says forward your hands. Jasmin and Fateh forward their hands. Tejo sees the pic album and cries. She recalls her marriage. Angad comes to Tejo. He wipes her tears. She hugs him and cries. He says you are crying because Fateh and Jasmin are going to Canada.

She says yes, I don’t know why I m getting affected, I shouldn’t, right, maybe I can’t tolerate the pain of not seeing him again. Pandit says groom’s sister come to do the gathbandhan. Simran goes and ties the gathbandhan. Tejo says I don’t want to stay here, I have to go really far. Angad asks where. She says I don’t know, but far where no one knows my name. He says I can help you, let me fulfill my friendship. She says even Fateh was my friend. He says I m not Fateh, my friendship isn’t so weak. Pandit says stand for the rounds. Gurpreet comes to Fateh and asks are you going to Canada tomorrow, Mahi heard Sweety talking to her friend. Fateh says we will talk later. She says I have no patience, tell me, yes or no. He nods. She cries and goes. Jasmin looks at him and signs what. He signs nothing. Simran asks is this true. Gurpreet nods. Everyone gets sad. Fateh and Jasmin take the wedding rounds. Khushbeer says stop crying for such a bad child, think you just have one son. Nimmo says congrats, don’t you know, Jasmin is going to Canada tomorrow, with our Fateh. Rupy and Satti get shocked. Rupy thinks Fateh is going to Canada, Tejo…..

Angad says I won’t stop you if you want to cry, I know the pain of losing someone. He holds Tejo’s face. He says I want to take you far from this pain and this place. Tejo cries. Fateh makes Jasmin wear the mangalsutra. Mangalam…plays…. He fills the sindoor in her maang. She smiles. Pandit says marriage is completed. Everyone claps. Jasmin says yes, congrats, our new life will start today. Fateh says yes, it will be really new, with my remaining surprise. Pandit says take your parents’ blessings. Angad asks do you trust me, just I should see your tears, not anyone else, we can’t go out until you stop crying. Tejo cries. He hugs her.

Gurpreet scolds Fateh. Khushbeer says calm down, this had to happen some day. Everyone is angry. Bau ji says Khushbeer ousted Fateh because of this girl, what’s shocking if he is going with Jasmin. Jasmin thinks how do they know. Simran says Fateh cancel the tickets, you won’t go. Jasmin says how, he won’t cancel the tickets, we are going to Canada. Fateh says I promised her that I will take her to Canada, its her dream, how can I break the promise. Gurpreet scolds him. She shouts and cries. Khushbeer and Mahi hold her. Fateh cries.

Angad and Tejo come to see them. Angad asks did the marriage happen, very fast, congrats Mr and Mrs. Virk. Jasmin says thank you. Angad says Papa ji, mummy ji, you have promised Tejo that you will bless the groom and bride, come on, bless Fateh and Jasmin, fulfill the promise. Jasmin takes everyone’s blessings. Nimmo taunts her. She says you stayed here and got married here, there is no bidaai. Jasmin says my bidaai is happening from pind to Canada, you don’t worry. Jasmin hugs Mahi. Satti and Bebe make her away. Jasmin says done, Fateh you also take blessings and come to the room, we have to do packing, there is less time, we can’t miss the flight, we will surely go to Canada, you get blessings and come. She asks her friends to sit fast for kaleerein rasam. Satti says don’t know how many limits of shame will she cross. Jasmin says you all won’t get married, get up, it didn’t fall down, I think you all will die unmarried, everyone’s fate can’t be like mine, I m going to Canada. She sees Tejo and makes a face. She goes. Tejo looks at Fateh.

Fateh says I know, there is no need to say anything now, but I have thought about it well, if Jasmin and I stay here, then nobody can stay happy, you will get saved from daily fights. Gurpreet says you didn’t ask or inform us, you took this decision, your mum’s love, dad’s pride, grandparents and siblings, your wife’s dream is more imp than us, wow, today I doubt my upbringing, that you did this thing. Fateh holds her. She says get away, I have no relation with you now.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. First

  2. Finally Gurpreet aunty came to senses

    1. She made me cry… I could feel her pain.

  3. What the hell is happening 😃

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Finally Gurpreet, scolded Fateh.. she was always blind in his love, but today she did right thing..👍🏻👍🏻
    2. Thank god🙏🏻🙏🏻 Fateh married Jasmin, atleast now TEJO can move on👍🏻👍🏻
    Either with or without Anagad.. but I hope🤞🏻🤞🏻angad turn her life partner as well..
    3. Angad is really a true friend, who want tejo to take out her all pain and move on with smile😊😊😊
    4. Well mostly show focus on Jasmin and Fateh only, I just hope🤞🏻🤞🏻now show focus mostly on Tejo..
    5. Fateh ko 20-25 thapad 👋🏻👋🏻 bhi padne chiye the, he deserve more than Jasmin..
    6. Jasmin-Fateh ka to scene bhi dekhne ka mann nahi karta..🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😠😠😤😤😤😤😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
    Mann karta hai tv ya iss site ke update me jaa kar hi dono ko goli🔫🔫maar dunn

    1. Well said, I completely agree with you.

  5. Hello everyone it’s been a while how have you been since I left I miss you all I’m here today to thank you for all your support and advice

    I just relocated to Malaysia yesterday by God grace I’m starting my new life here as I give up my dreams before for the man I love who now betrayed me I’m going to start where I stop from

    And I have learnt my lesson not to give up on my dreams for a man wish me luck I love you all how is the show been going anything good?

    1. @Hannah,
      So glad to see your comment dear. 😊
      I’m so happy that now you’re moving on and choose the way to fulfill your dreams. Wish you all the very best and God bless you with good health, happiness and blissful life ahead, may all your wishes and dream comes true.
      I just hope that maker and writers will inspired by you and let Tejo will do the same thing which you’re following. We are bored of seeing her cry for that cheater Fateh. Tejo should move on and fulfill her dreams and settled with someone who’s far far much better than Fateh.
      Anyway, Congratulations 💐🎊🎉to you for your New Journey of life, New beginning of life.
      Best of luck. 👍 Take care of yourself. Keep in touch with us. Bye, miss you.
      Really Happy for you dear. With love❤ 🥰 keep shinning and smiling😊

    2. Hi Hannah….
      Which part of Malaysia are u in?
      I’m also from Malaysia

    3. I’m staying in kaula Lumpur

    4. Snowflake

      Wishing u all the best dear sister 💗💗💗
      May u fulfill all ur dreams and wishes!

    5. Kamaljeet Kaur

      Hello Hannah. I’m in Malaysia too!

  6. The best part of today’s episode is Tejang scene where Angad wipes Tejo’s tears.
    I wish Angad make her away from all this pain which she beared with Fateh.
    But I still doubt on Jasfa wedding to be fake one as Fateh said the surprise is still left. I hope this wedding will be true not fake one.
    I really hope that after all this, Tejo might forgive Fateh but never take him back in her life again, they’ll never be reunite.
    Waiting for tomorrow episode.

    1. @chahat I agree with completely because it’s unacceptable in any level I’m been cheated in 5 years of marriage 12 years of relationships with two kids and yet I stand on my feet and moving forward her own marriage is even few months and there is no many goods there she was the only one who was in the marriage fateh was never and out those few months she cry more than smiles

  7. Precap please

  8. Precap please?


    I still wish tejo should not return to fateh, even if he says sorry, tejo should get along with angad and marry him later, but when will jasmine will be punished for her evil doings, hope she doesn’t get away , when will Jass comeback

    1. Why you want Jass to come back, he’ll again torture Tejo. 🙏no jass will not be back plz.
      Rest I agree with you. But I guess your wish will soon be granted coz Fateh is the one who will expose jasmine in Airport scene.
      But I really wish that Tejo will not take Fateh back in her life again at any cost. No Fatejo reunion.

  10. @hannah good for you take a good decision for yourself we wish udaariyaan also give this type of story to help order women out there to me strong and move forward trust me everytime people here take about you like a family stay strong such is life women shouldn’t be show to be hopeless because we are not we can stand on our feet

    1. “Good luck

  11. Yarrr I’m very curious…. what’s the surprise….firstly I thought Fateh will move away from marriage just like Jasmine #RevengeTaken….but what’s the suspense yrrrr can’t wait more😭😭

  12. Angad can undestand thejo even without telling anything. Angad was there to share the pain when thejo needed it mostly. He undestood that she is shattered not bcz jasmine married fateh but bcz of fateh going canada.
    I think he undestands thejo not bcz he has gone through same pain of separating from loved ones but he actually likes or may be loves thejo.🙄🤗
    Hope thejo will undestand n feel this..
    But curiosity is there bcz of fatehs remaining surprise. Will that make thejo rethink about leaving everyone n live freely.

  13. The way Angad comforted Tejo while she broke down,that won my Heart 💕💕 ,He is the only one who understands Tejo❤️❤️

  14. @Hannah, I don’t usually comment here but I was touched by your story. U took a good decision to move on. There’s a saying that when one door closes, another opens. You’ll surely meet a better person than your ex.
    Wishing you a great life. You might be happier with time. Lots of love and hugs.

    1. @sktee Thank you so much guys for your support too I got this confidence after all of you advice me and give me the strength which my dear ones I know couldn’t give me through we don’t know each other I will never forget what you guys do to me when I lost home in myself

  15. Snowflake

    Gurpreet mam’s acting was super fab today!!
    Finally she said something sensible!

  16. Hello guys it has been a long time since i commented…
    So anyways something is very fishy going on cause the makers didn’t like focus 🐟much on jasfa wedding like compared to tejang engagement or fatejo old 🔍wedding…. Plus the way fateh is saying “surprise” its more like “suspense” than surprise 😂😂 also during that wedding fa wasn’t being excited his expression is almost to the first marriage also he called he own “pandit” ….
    So maybe fateh might ask jasmin to choose him or canada or something related to that… According to the rumors or maybe he faked his wedding but seeing jasmin ‘s crime record i think she might manipulate him that she is choosing him and cause of that he might take her to canada…. Can’t tell these makers have become so unpredictable in life 😂😂✌✌

  17. Precap please

  18. I think it’s all fake. The wedding and the Canada trip.
    Fateh has something up his sleeves. I think it might be an exposing confrontation with all the people she’s hurt/used minus Tejo on the “plane”
    There are so many clues happening and people are getting emotional instead of being logical. Just wait and watch.
    S/N: I am loving Ankit in Illegal 2

  19. I still doubt JasFa wedding because imagine someone. I wish FaTejo reunite.

    1. @sumi seriously did you watch from the beginning of the show? This is extra marital affair with wife sister we are talking about here that too they are romancing in front of her 😮😮and when fateh finally know he been betrayed again by jasmine he will go back to tejo come on dude

  20. Dropofthought

    Angad is being the support for Tejo which she has been for so many people but had no one for herself, he’s finally standing there with her. I read a comment elsewhere that mentioned how Tejo and Angad are perfect is so many ways. Also how the height difference when they hug is perfect. “The height difference she reaches where she belongs, in his heart” it was actually put very nicely.

  21. My favorite but getting bored now. There is no masala. Everyday I think there will something new. But still same. shows that devil have more power than God. Not interested any more will ask my mom for recap.

  22. Fateh clearly know what he’s doing he got something on Jasmin hence he said he did that after much thinking n fateh wouldn’t cause any hurdle for tejo cause he realize how much he hurt her that’s the first step to redemption whereas her own sister have no remorse she haven’t even had sort of feelings that she’s doing her sister wrong and she will pay dearly…tejo doesn’t need anyone to move on she can do a solo & successfully journey

  23. From this update I can say Tejo and Angad have mutual friendship. There is no love, I think Angad was hurt in his previous relationship so he understands Tejo’s pain and wants to make her strong so she can move forward on her own like he has. Maybe he’ll take her overseas and enroll her for her phd. JasFa are just going to destroy each other. I see people saying Fateh will expose Jasmine, what exactly is he going to expose? This shameless girl doesn’t care about her own parents; everyone already understands Jasmine doesn’t have any good in her. I don’t think there is any way Jasmine can be redeemed any way Fateh is not some amazing Trophy he’s only a pretty boy he’s like a flower with no scent I don’t get why these sisters are twisted by him. Fateh should have faked his own death instead of supposedly faking his marriage. Jasmine would have to find her own way to Kaneda, Tejo would mourn but ultimately be free and maybe the sisters would make up. Fateh is the problem, the more the writers try to make me sympathetic towards him the more pathetic I find him. @Hanah welcome back, proud of you sis keep achieving your own dreams reach for the stars

  24. Let’s give Fatejo one last chance guys🥺.They are so cute together 😌.Forgive Fateh because he is the only one Tejo loves.

    1. NO. Fateh literally left Tejo and cheated on her with her sister. Fateh treated her like trash. I pray that Fatejo is not a thing, because Fateh doesn’t deserve someone as nice as Tejo. Tejo should get over Fateh, no matter how hard it is and start a life with Angad. Angad from the beginning has been there for Tejo. So NO, we are not giving Fatejo another chance.

    2. Shallow much? Just cause they look cute together they should be given a chance? Go sit in the corner and look at your life

    3. No there is no redemption for what Fateh did, time and again he just betrayed her trust. No Fatejo would be a disaster.

    4. You need to stfu. Baqwaas Teri maa di.

    5. @shah I pray you don’t express such a betrayal in your life there are some betrayal which is not acceptable it’s might just be a drama but it’s happening in real life

  25. I think Angad will take Tejo to London or where ever his daughter is and she will bond with the daughter and ultimately fall for Angad.

  26. Irene mejavone from Kenya

    No marriage the pandit is fake
    The surprise will be Monday let’s wait what holds for jasfa fate

    1. Snowflake

      It is now from mon-sun

  27. Metin

    dear chameli.
    today i made some reading about different topics.
    this might be your answer.
    rot in caNEda
    take care
    Asperger’s syndrome symptoms
    Lack of social awareness
    (It is the ability of an individual to perceive the situation of the people in his environment without “taking” his own situation as a reference.)
    Lack of interest in socializing/making friends
    Difficulty forming and maintaining friendships
    Inability to understand (empathy) the thoughts and feelings of others
    avoiding eye contact or looking too intently
    Lack of facial expressions and gestures, or use of exaggerated gestures
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    Non-compliance with interpersonal boundaries; lack of sense of privacy
    “Behind the lack of empathy is a sense of grandeur, narcissism. Narcissistic people are unable to empathize and see the rights of others. These people do not develop a sense of entitlement. The strong crushes the weak. He marginalizes those who have the means and those who do not. Behind all the conflict in the world is the inability to look at things objectively. When people are taught to develop empathic vision, they solve 80% of problems.”
    for fateh
    ”Most people who fall in love with a narcissist have problems such as lack of self-confidence and relationship addiction.”
    what are you thinking?
    is jasmeli sick?

  28. According to some YouTube spoiler, It’s confirmed that Jasfa wedding is fake.. It’s all planned by Fateh in order to expose jasmine, so the Priest is also fake. That’s why Fateh made khusbeer agreed to bring Fateh’s Priest in his wedding… Remember.!
    So, Fatejo Fans are happy to hear this news that Jasfa wedding is completely fake.
    After hearing this news, I lost all hopes now that Tejo will move on, coz sooner or later, Fateh and the family members too get to know about Tejang fake engagement drama.
    After that, we all know what’s gonna happen, obviously fatejo reunion.
    There’s a least chance of Tejang. Or should no chance of Tejang in future.
    The show is all about Fatejo only.
    Dustbin, Disgusting and Pathetic show.

    I’m surely quitting this show so soon. No hopes left.
    Tejo, you deserve to be with cheater Fateh only, Tejo didn’t deserve best.
    They say, ” When the heart came on the donkey, so an angel is no big deal. ”
    In hindi, ” Jab dil aaya gadhi pe, toh pari kya cheez hai. ”
    Here the donkey is none other than Fateh. Even worsed than the donkey. And that’s what you want Tejo. Seriously🙁 I can’t tolerate this shit.
    Makers go to the hell.
    Chullu bhar paani mein doob maro. Sick mentality.

  29. Metin

    social life
    i think the fateh haters are actually jasmin lovers 🙂

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