Udaariyaan 27th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh marries Jasmin

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The Episode starts with Tejo crying. Seena me dil jaise….plays… She thinks of Jasmin’s words. She thinks of Fateh. Pandit says call the bride. Angad asks them to get the bride. Jasmin comes dancing. Fateh looks at her. Everyone looks on. She comes and sits in the mandap. Fateh smiles. Sweety says Jasmin is going to Canada tomorrow, with Fateh, she is so lucky, he fulfilled his dream, she is happy that he will get away from Tejo forever. The girl says wow. Mahi hears this and goes. Angad looks on. Mahi says mummy, Fateh is going to Canada with Jasmin tomorrow. Everyone gets shocked.

Simran asks who told you. Mahi says I heard Sweety talking to her friend, Jasmin told her. Khushbeer says I m ashamed to call him my son. Gurpreet says he has gone mad. Bau ji says we will talk to him after marriage. Simran says we can’t trust Jasmin, why would Fateh hide if he wants to go. Pandit says forward your hands. Jasmin and Fateh forward their hands. Tejo sees the pic album and cries. She recalls her marriage. Angad comes to Tejo. He wipes her tears. She hugs him and cries. He says you are crying because Fateh and Jasmin are going to Canada.

She says yes, I don’t know why I m getting affected, I shouldn’t, right, maybe I can’t tolerate the pain of not seeing him again. Pandit says groom’s sister come to do the gathbandhan. Simran goes and ties the gathbandhan. Tejo says I don’t want to stay here, I have to go really far. Angad asks where. She says I don’t know, but far where no one knows my name. He says I can help you, let me fulfill my friendship. She says even Fateh was my friend. He says I m not Fateh, my friendship isn’t so weak. Pandit says stand for the rounds. Gurpreet comes to Fateh and asks are you going to Canada tomorrow, Mahi heard Sweety talking to her friend. Fateh says we will talk later. She says I have no patience, tell me, yes or no. He nods. She cries and goes. Jasmin looks at him and signs what. He signs nothing. Simran asks is this true. Gurpreet nods. Everyone gets sad. Fateh and Jasmin take the wedding rounds. Khushbeer says stop crying for such a bad child, think you just have one son. Nimmo says congrats, don’t you know, Jasmin is going to Canada tomorrow, with our Fateh. Rupy and Satti get shocked. Rupy thinks Fateh is going to Canada, Tejo…..

Angad says I won’t stop you if you want to cry, I know the pain of losing someone. He holds Tejo’s face. He says I want to take you far from this pain and this place. Tejo cries. Fateh makes Jasmin wear the mangalsutra. Mangalam…plays…. He fills the sindoor in her maang. She smiles. Pandit says marriage is completed. Everyone claps. Jasmin says yes, congrats, our new life will start today. Fateh says yes, it will be really new, with my remaining surprise. Pandit says take your parents’ blessings. Angad asks do you trust me, just I should see your tears, not anyone else, we can’t go out until you stop crying. Tejo cries. He hugs her.

Gurpreet scolds Fateh. Khushbeer says calm down, this had to happen some day. Everyone is angry. Bau ji says Khushbeer ousted Fateh because of this girl, what’s shocking if he is going with Jasmin. Jasmin thinks how do they know. Simran says Fateh cancel the tickets, you won’t go. Jasmin says how, he won’t cancel the tickets, we are going to Canada. Fateh says I promised her that I will take her to Canada, its her dream, how can I break the promise. Gurpreet scolds him. She shouts and cries. Khushbeer and Mahi hold her. Fateh cries.

Angad and Tejo come to see them. Angad asks did the marriage happen, very fast, congrats Mr and Mrs. Virk. Jasmin says thank you. Angad says Papa ji, mummy ji, you have promised Tejo that you will bless the groom and bride, come on, bless Fateh and Jasmin, fulfill the promise. Jasmin takes everyone’s blessings. Nimmo taunts her. She says you stayed here and got married here, there is no bidaai. Jasmin says my bidaai is happening from pind to Canada, you don’t worry. Jasmin hugs Mahi. Satti and Bebe make her away. Jasmin says done, Fateh you also take blessings and come to the room, we have to do packing, there is less time, we can’t miss the flight, we will surely go to Canada, you get blessings and come. She asks her friends to sit fast for kaleerein rasam. Satti says don’t know how many limits of shame will she cross. Jasmin says you all won’t get married, get up, it didn’t fall down, I think you all will die unmarried, everyone’s fate can’t be like mine, I m going to Canada. She sees Tejo and makes a face. She goes. Tejo looks at Fateh.

Fateh says I know, there is no need to say anything now, but I have thought about it well, if Jasmin and I stay here, then nobody can stay happy, you will get saved from daily fights. Gurpreet says you didn’t ask or inform us, you took this decision, your mum’s love, dad’s pride, grandparents and siblings, your wife’s dream is more imp than us, wow, today I doubt my upbringing, that you did this thing. Fateh holds her. She says get away, I have no relation with you now.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. can i ask will there be a new episode 2 morrow or Monday and the line of the day as 2 go Angad wen Tejo said her friend was also Fateh but Angad said my friendship is NOT THAT WEAK

  2. Udaariyaan 28th November 2021 Written Update Shocker for Jasmin Jasmin tells Fateh that their new life is starting, they are husband and wife now. She asks if they will go to Canada and start their new life. Fateh replies with a yes. He tells that their new life will start with his surprise coming. She is very happy to become Fateh’s wife and get the title of Mrs. Virk. Later, Fateh visits the Gurudwara. He gets to see Tejo there, washing the utensils and serving the Gurudwara. He gets touched by her goodness again. Tejo is in pain that he is going forever. She hides her sorrow from him. She also hides that even she is going away from the village forever. What shocker will Jasmin receive from Fateh? Comment your views and keep reading.

    Earlier in the show, Fateh apologizes to his family. He tells that he had promised to fulfill Jasmin’s dreams, and also his family won’t be happy if Jasmin stays with them. He adds that he wants the family to live in peace. Gurpreet asks him how did he decide it all alone. She feels he has disrespected and lost all the relations for his wife’s dream. She rebukes him for making her regret her upbringing. She cuts off her ties with Fateh. She declares that Fateh is no longer her son.

    Reviewed Rating for Udaariyaan 28th November 2021 Written Update Shocker for Jasmin: 5/5 This rating is solely based on the opinion of the writer. You may post your own take on the show in the comment section below.

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  6. I can still tolerate going back to some of my ex… but tejo going back to fateh…. Ulti aajaegi mujhe ulti….

    1. She didn’t go to fateh actually if he cheated Tejo she consider him as her friend he helped her a lot think about it

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  9. I know some people are still holding on to the FaTejo chemistry and want them to unite but it is high time that dramas don’t go down the man can do what he wants and the woman forgives route.
    Fateh not only cheated Tejo, he also gaslighted the situation, which for me there is no redemption. Even now, with all this speculation of fake marriage, teaching Jasmine a lesson, even this is wrong. He has no right to play with anyone’s emotions. Jasmine is wrong, but that doesn’t justify Fateh’s actions.
    I’m not sure where the drama is gonna go and I don’t know how much longer I can put up with this whole playing with emotions but I sincerely hope that this drama moves towards Tejo and her independent journey with no love interest (not yet anyway).

    1. @S,
      I completely agree with you. 👍

  10. I am saying the same thing .. Whether the marriage is false or true .. The path taken by Fateh to unmask Jasmine does not have the right solution .. Because it will be singled out by all .. Worse he will be to blame and judge for having betrayed the two women and playing with their dignity and their emotion😱😱. Everyone has their opinion concerning the jodi FateJo .. Fateh has lost a lot of relationship with supporting Jasmine 😢😢 .. The CVs destroy her role to a more than miserable level and that I find unfortunate for the actor who knew how to bring the series to this stage of diffusion ☺️☺️😔😔 .. Make him an antagonist .. A weak role .. Very nuanced is just unacceptable for me .. Because in my opinion and my personal opinion .. We could see better the role of Fateh .. The FateJo couple and Jasmine’s behavior and all her crimes. Now I don’t quite see what the story between the three consists of and now with the entry of Angad .. If Tejo gets married or stays with Angad .. If the Jasfa marriage is wrong .. What will it be 🙄🙄🙄 .. My heart and my interest stopped when the divorce was over. I still had that glow that FateJo and Fateh realize he loves Tejo and learns the truth about Jasmine 😊😊😊 and goes the path of redemption .. But none of that is done. And my interest is fading a little more now since the marriage .. Whether it is true or false .. Because Tejo has decided to leave .. Something she is doing well .. But will she know the real reason of Fateh’s wedding .. And that it is wrong .. What will she do? .. Anyway. Very complicated

  11. I still had hope for fatejo but now fateh married Jasmine and I had lost all hope for them 😭😭😭I can’t believe fatejo love story ended where did this angad came from I though the story will always be about love triangle between two jasmin tejo and fateh

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