KKB Fan Fiction – God’s will (Episode 1)

The episode starts from everyone shattered returning back home from the cliff.

Rhea was feeling extremely angry on prachi.

When she saw abhi , pragya and ranbir returning.

She approached them with the hope that prachi must have gone and now ranbir would marry her. She smilingly goes and hugs ranbir, who was totally shattered. When Rhea hugged him he slowly came back to reality and broke the hug and pushed Rhea away. Rhea fell on ground. And ranbir was staring at her with utmost anger and eyes full of rage.

Seeing this abhi goes to Rhea and picked her up and said that what’s Rhea’s mistake if prachi left them, she was happy for her wedding and you left her totally disappointed.

Hearing this ranbir’s anger crossed his limit and he said” like really, chief you think prachi left on her own, but this is not true , she was forced to leave.

And the person who forced her to leave was none other than Rhea.

Rhea was sweating as she knew that her truth was about to get exposed.

“What are you saying ranbir this can’t be true”says abhi.

Pragya who was sobbing till now, was left shocked.

Yes ,this is true. Rhea asked prachi to leave me for her, otherwise she will separate you and pragya aunty.

Abhi and pragya were totally shocked at this moment. They looked shockingly at Rhea.

Rhea bent her head down with guilt, but soon she gathered some courage and moved forward to convince pragya.

She said” mom” , and was about to speak something when a slap landed on her face.

“Why did you do this to prachi, she was your sister. Today I lost my one daughter because of my another daughter. She lost her life becauseof your selfishness. ” shouted pragya

Rhea was left dumbstruck after hearing this because she never thought that prachi is dead.

Ranbir and abhi were crying in their hearts.

After 2 years

At some other place,

A beautiful girl is trying to wake up her young sister.

“Wake up, sweetheart it’s already 9 .you can’t be late today as it’s your first day on work.” Says the girl.

Another girl wakes up with a smile on her.

“Don’t panick di, I won’t be late .” Says the girl while waking up.

“Okay I am leaving for work, i can’t be late. My boss is a monster, he will eat me up if I got late”says the elder girl.

“Don’t worry kiara di , if he says you anything tell me I would teach him a lesson.” Says prachi.

“Oh my sweet aashi , I have no worries, because I know you are always there for me”says kiara hugging prachi.

On the other side, in mehra mansion

The happy family was now turned into a sad one. Pragya remained almost silent and abhi who always joked began to remain serious.

Ranbir joined business to escape his sadness.

Rhea felt guilty for what she did with her sister,

And pragya didn’t speak to her.

Mehra family was together for breakfast.

Pragya was serving and the whole family was having the breakfast.

Rhea came down and wished morning to everyone . Everyone replied except pragya.

Rhea sat down and said ” what my beautiful mom cooked for me, oh wao! bread rolls , my mom is best mom of the world”

“But you aren’t the best daughter of this world, because you always wanted to separate your parents .”Said pragya and left for her room crying.

Rhea was left with teary eyes.

Kiara reach in office and in haste she collided with someone and two strong arms held her.

I was a handsome man with dimples in her cheeks and glittering eyes.

Both of them were lost in each other’s eyes.

After they realised their position both of come out of each other’s eyes.

“Miss arora, what’s the time ?? You are 5 minutes late” says the man

“Sorry sir” says kiara bending her head

“This shouldn’t happen again ” says the guy

And leaves for his office.

“Thus shouldn’t happen again” says kiara mimicking her boss.

“I would be late tomorrow, what can you do to me Mr sunny singh” says kiara irritably.

Precap king’s entry , prachi’s past and Rhea’s guilt

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