Tumhari Pakhi 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Tumhari Pakhi 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pakhi telling the media what the doctor told he about Ayaan’s mental health. She says yes, we have hidden you about Anshuman’s death in the accident. The reporters gossip. Pakhi says I have made Aryaman as Anshuman infront of my son. Aryaman is shocked. Pakhi thinks how she has convinced Aryaman to be Anshuman. Pakhi says I did this so that Ayaan does not know the truth, but now he knows all the truth. She says I don’t want to hide anything now, Anshuman died in this accident. She says this is Aryaman Rathore. Anuja looks on. The reporters taunt Pakhi on her character for making a joke on woman, how can she be stone hearted, to not mourn on Anshuman’s death. They ask did she make this plan with Aryaman to kill Anshuman. They say Pakhi has cheated Anshuman, is she not ashamed.

Pakhi says I really feel ashamed, when people educated like you say this, when I don’t see humanity in this world. She says its easy to blame me, did you think being on my place, did you think if you were Pakhi Rathore and this happened with you, what would you do, would you mourn and cry for your husband risking your son’s life. She asks them what would they do, care about society or your son, what would you do as a woman? She gives a good lecture to all the reporters. She says I m sorry but my duty is more than anything to me, will I take property after losing Anshuman. My truth is my Anshuman, I don’t think what you all think.

They clap for Pakhi. Aryaman’s hope is gone. The police comes and the inspector asks Aryaman to come. Anuja says stop, what did he do. The inspector says we have his arrest orders, for kidnapping Ayaan and killing Anshuman. Aryaman says all this is lie. Pakhi gives Anshuman’s sim card which has his voicemail. Anuja says you can’t my son and asks Pakhi to stop this. The police takes Aryaman. Aryaman asks the reporters to shut the camera. Anuja asks Pakhi to take her report back, he will change, I take the responsibility.

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Pakhi says police will find everything about him. Aryaman says I changed, tell anything Maa. He cries and says why is Pakhi doing this. Aryaman says Ayaan will be sad seeing me go, and you will come begging me. She says don’t scare me, I have bear the loss of my husband. She asks the inspector to take him. She says my house will flourish as Anshuman wanted, I don’t need people like you. Aryaman says you are making a big mistake. Anuja tries to stop him but he is taken away. Its night, Anuja os upset in her room and hears the news about their family.

Pakhi comes to her and asks her to have food. Pakhi says I can understand you, as I m also a mum and are tied by our love for our sons. Anuja says yes, you are right what you did is for Ayaan, but I could not save my Aryaman, I know he is a criminal in your eyes, but see him by my eyes. He did not get my love. The news say about Anshuman’s business and his dream project, as no one will invest in his Rathore empire. Anuja makes Pakhi eat the food. Anuja asks her to see the news. Pakhi says they will keep saying. Anuja says it matters, of its said it again and again.

They hear about the share rates falling of their company. Pakhi gets worried. She says nothing such will happen, I won’t let this happen, Rathore empire was Anshuman’s pride, I will never let it down. Pakhi comes to Ayaan and asks why did he wake up before the alarm. Ayaan sees Anshuman’s pic. Pakhi says so you are talking to dad. She says I forgot to say good morning to him, and say it together. Ayaan laughs as she too says dad. Ayaan starts thinking about Anshuman. Pakhi tries to cheer him up. Ayaan gets upset and controls his tears. He hugs Pakhi.

Pakhi asks him to feel Anshuman with them, as he is our guarding angel. She diverts Ayaan, but she too misses Anshuman. She says I gave my strength to Ayaan, how should I live now without you. She touches his pic and says I always lived with you and now I will see you and live, but will never let sadness come on Ayaan’s face. She cries. Anuja gets ready as always, and Sukhi and Ashok helps him. Anuja makes him have juice. Sukhi says Ayaan has girlfriends who wait for him at the gate. Anuja asks him not to make them wait, but where is Pakhi. Pakhi comes there getting ready in an elegant saree. Anuja and everyone looks at her. Anuja says she looks different but is she going anywhere.

Pakhi says she is going to office to take care of Anshuman’s business. I won’t let Anshuman’s pride break, his dream of happy township will be completed, I will fulfill his dream, and Rathore group of companies’ name will be on the top. Anuja smiles.

Pakhi talks to the investors. Anuja introduces Veer Pratap, Anshuman’s cousin to Pakhi and says he will help you in husiness. Veer smiles.

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