Biggest disappointment on Indian Telly

Many shows on the silver screen are right now giving a shock to the viewers, by shifting their show to any new city or country, or showing the hero’s death or ugly arguments and separation between the couple. The shows are meant to be for entertainment, but all going haywire by just being a pawn in the maker’s hand. Twists and turns are required in the stories, so shows can run for long time and viewers stay glued to the shows. However, certain twists really let the viewers down, and instead increasing numbers in TRP, shows come to a position where they have to either make drastic changes by bringing in new characters and/or taking a leap, or shut down the show. We have listed such ‘bad’ twists that have happened on Indian television lately.

Let’s give you a brief of these shows….. Starting with EMA, we have seen how the current track is going, with Raghav and Kalpi’s car accident where Raghav went missing s the car fell off the cliff, and Kalpi had top lose her identity by getting a new face, post the accident. The show surely went downhill by the lead actors Ashish and Rachana leaving the show. Pavitra Rishta had the intense love of Naren and Ankita, and she moved out of his life for his better, compromising to the worst situation and giving her space to Pari.

Dil Dosti Dance had been hit by the lead stars Amarjeet and Shakti. While she moved to do JDJ7, Amarjeet has left the show for a better opportunity, as he is taking a big step by moving to South Africa to participate in a reality dance show. The show got come new entries to keep it going. Saath Nibhana Saathiya is showcasing the problems between Gopi and Rashi, and Anurag being angry on Gopi to not acknowledge his love. He plans to hurt Gopi, but Rashi to know of his plan. She saves Gopi and gets killed in the fight. This will end the adorable character of Rashi from the show. Tumhari Pakhi made everyone cry with the death of Anshuman last week, and this week another shock came as Iqbal Khan has quit the show and his character of Aryaman too will be going off air, this giving a new actor to step in. Varun Badola is going to enter the show to help Pakhi with Anshuman’s business.

Beintehaa has shown Usman’s death in the promo, and angry Zain saying he will divorce Aaliya for being responsible for this. He says Talaaq twice and Aaliya keeps her hand on his mouth stopping him from saying it the third time. Their divorce was in talk since last month and eventually its happening now. Balika Vadhu had the death scene of Dadisaa’s elder son Basant, who sacrificed his life to save his mum from getting hit by the truck. Gauri is all set to return in Jagya’s life, which will be a problem for Ganga and her child. Pyaar Ka Dard Hai has the death of Pankhudi, who was the soul of Diwaan Mansion, and then brought her look alike Ayesha to teach Adi to live his life again. Adi married her and is now living a good friend role. Ayesha is trying to surprise Adi by Pankhudi’s birthday party.

Saraswatichandra has many rumors that Saras is soon going to die, and the show has the track of Anushka trying to harm Kumud, and Saras protecting his love always. It has to be seen how the character of Saras ends inorder to save Kumud. It will be most heartbreaking to see Saras die. Rangrasiya had Paro’s death and Rudra going in depression being her true lover and husband. Sanaya Irana’s entry will be made in the show as an NRI. These twists were not at all required, but the makers has big plans to get TRPs increased and playing around to keep us in the discussions. Tell us which track disappointed you the most.

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  2. Oh god ! What the damn hell is happening why Amar is leaving D3 ! Its the biggest disappointment i just hate the cv’s of this show . What the hell ! I can’t express it how i m feeling now . Just too much angry on cv’s just go to hell. And d3 gang will be incomplete without AMAR and SHAKTI ! Huh just go to hell cv’s ediots.:-(( >:((

  3. EMA has been the greatest disappointment. I cannot believe that the creatives were dumb enough to destroy what once was a beautiful story with a lot of scope to be a spectacular serial. And also the way they separated Ragna…that was just uncalled for. And I hate the creatives for the way they had dealt with Rachana Parulkar. She deserved respect and appreciation for all her hard work

  4. EMA team has really taken this show to the worst situations & we fans had always asked them to rectify their mistakes coz we just wanted to have raghav & kalpi together instead of rectifying the mistake they have done the blunder mistake to change kalpi’s face means they have removed rachna…..really disgusting we love her a lot with her simplicity performance & then they are replacing ashish…..Oh really what ever from 9 th may we are asking DJ’s to rectify the serial they have taken it to the worst that we don’t even want to see it…..WE REALLY WANT RACHNA & ASHISH TO COME BACK AS THEIR CHEMISTRY WITH EACH OTHER IS SUPERB & WE CAN’T SEE ANY ONE ELSE ON THEIR REPLACEMENT

  5. m very disappointed replacement of Rachna S Parulkar not only me ASHNA fans r cant accept this replacement. ..& cant accept asha negi as kalpi pls we wont our ASHNA back plssssss do something. body thing about fans. ..they dont have any value of our emotions plssssss bring back ASHNA together

  6. Good morning to Nalini and Friends, EMA have no manners or morals no standard, or FEELINGS FOR KALPI and her fans, she gets all attention because she such a simple person she act with love affection and feelings for her fans, when Raghav was going to quit, why he did not he let Kalpi know he was quitting the show instead of EMA asking her to leave the show. SO DAM SAD EMA SHAME SHAME ON YOU.

  7. EMA >ZEETV butchers can do anything – all criminal minded- can not tolerate RAGHNA Fan following , better EMA- without RACHANA & ASHISH no one interested watching grab serial. better go off air soon or get back our darling Ashish n RAchana back.

  8. EMA biggest disappointment.. No regard and respect for viewers/fans – the very people who make the show run – Unbelievable. Even big Hollywood and Bollywood film makers know that audience make or break their efforts. Zee Tv and PH should listen and bring Ashish and Rachana back to the show. And it should not be only Ashish but BOTH of them or none ..

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