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Veera 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev feeling humiliated by hearing Veera’s friends saying Baldev is mad and is after Veera, why will Veera call him. They don’t let Veera say anything and asks her not to choose any Pind guy, as she deserves a handsome, rich guy from city. Gunjan looks at Baldev getting angry. Veera says Baldev actually………. Baldev signs her to stop it. He sits in between them keeping his shoes on the table. Veera says Baldev actually the thing is not this. Baldev commands the cuty guys to service him. Gunjan simply looks on. Baldev asks Gunjan to bring juice for him. Veera says Bhabhi stop and gives him the juice glass, and says Baldev its not like you are thinking.

Baldev looks at the girls who backbited about her. He leaves and Veera stops him. He asks am I a fool. She says I did not know they will say this. He says they would have not said this, if you told them I m your BF. Everyone hear this. Baldev says you are ashamed to say I m your BF, as you are educated, so they called me Pind’s illiterate guy and joked on me. He says they told I have troubled you, then why are you with me, get a rich city guy to maintain your class. She says Baldev enough. He is mistaken. She says you crossed your limit by blaming me like this. He says what you do is right and if I say this is crossing limit.

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He sees her friends listening everything and leaves in anger. Veera tells her friends that she is not ashamed, she likes Baldev, he is a very good human being, I thought I will introduce him in grand way but….They apologize to Veera. Veera says no, its ok, you did not know he is my BF, but he should have not overreacted, I tried to explain him my idea, but he took my words in wrong way. She says I understand he got angry hearing bad about him, but he can’t scold me. Her friend asks her to go o Baldev and end this matter. Veera says no, I won’t try from my side, he has to come and say sorry.

Gunjan thinks her plan made their relation bad, I have to do something to get back together again. Baldev meets Jaggi. Jaggi shows him the branded jacket and asks him to wear it infront of city friends. Baldev gets angry and takes it under jhis feet. Jaggi says its branded. Baldev says city guys think we are illiterate, they are ashamed of us, they have pride on their education, lets go to have wine, come. I will drink till night today.

Ranvi comes home and sees Gunjan upset. He blows on her face to make her realize he came. She asks when did you come. He says long back but you did not see me. She says sorry, I did not know. He says so missing me. She says no, I was lost in someone else’s thoughts. He asks who. She asks him the mirror. She asks how did he come today. He says I was missing you so I came.

They hug each other. Gunjan talks to Veera’s friends. They say any one has to say sorry and patch up. Gunjan says no, they both are very stubborn, we have to do something to make them talk. They say we will do anything to unite them, as this happened because of us. Gunjan asks them to go and sleep, and they will plan something tomorrow. Ranvi comes and asks what is she doing here. She says I came to take water. He lifts her and takes her to the room. She smiles. Veera is unable to sleep and water falls on her friend by mistake. She gets up and asks is she thinking about Baldev. Veera says no, why will I think about that idiot, sleep now.

Bansuri asks Baldev why did he not sleep. He says I m not getting sleep. She says why, shall I bring milk for you. He says leave me alone, food is not always the remedy of all problems, just go. She leaves. Its morning, Bansuri asks Baldev to have breakfast. He checks his phone and there is no calls from Veera. He says she did not call me or message, she is being so arrogant, even when it was her mistake, its fine, I will be double arrogant and not talk to her.

Ranvi comes to Gunjan and sees her on phone. He hugs her and she keeps the phone. She asks how did he come here. He says its raining, so I came back to spend time with you. She asks him to go, as she is busy in work, come in evening to shower your love. He says why are you kicking me out today, fine I will go, but a hug. Gunjan hugs him. He kisses her and says if you say I will stay here. She says no, you go. He says going and leaves. Gunjan calls Baldev. He thinks its Veera’s call and smiles. He sees its Gunjan.

Gunjan asks him to come to godown as Biji has sent her ti take some bags, I m unable to lift them, can you come. He says yes, sure, I will come. Gunjan says it will be good when the lovers unite. Veera’s friend asks her to come out and show them Pind, as they have to click pics. Veera says no, its raining out. They insist and take Veera. Gunjan smiles. Veera checks her phone and there is no Baldev’s call. Veera and her friends clicks some pics in the Pind.

They ask her to take her to godown to show them the big wheat bags. Veera says fine, come. They lock her inside with Baldev. Gunjan and they all smile. Veera looks at Baldev sitting there. Veera asks them to open the door. They sit annoyed with each other. Gunjan tries to hear their talk. Veera gets a goat and asks it not to go to Baldev and come to her. She feeds the goat and says Baldev does not know anything else than anger, he does not listen to anyone when he starts talking, I love him, I told he is my BF, why will I be ashamed, I wanted to give my friends a surprise and make a grand announcement, but he did not give me chance to say thus and blamed me. Baldev looks at her.

Veera’s friends say Baldev is really good guy. Baldev says I did the challenge, your friends like me. Veera asks should your friends like me now, do you want this. He says no, Biji should like you. She gets tensed thinking about Bansuri.

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