Which couple do you find the cutest in Veera?

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Talking about the two very cute couples of the show Veera, Ranvi-Gunjan and Baldev-Veera. Both off them have a connecting charm which crosses the eyes and enters our hearts with their amazing love tracks. Ranvi and Gunjan are soul mates for life. They fell in love eventually when Ranvi saved her from marrying a wrong NRI guy and married her on Balwant’s request. Though Ranvi always had feelings for her in his heart, he has never forced his love on her and kept on caring and respecting Gunjan. She slowly turned good to him, seeing genuine concern for her in his eyes. That positivity in their marriage grew into love in Gunjan’s heart. She started respecting Ranvi, though he was the opposite of her dream guy. After Gunjan saw his goodness, she could not stop herself from falling for Ranvi. Soon she accepted her feelings to him and then their cute love story started. The show has some sweet moments between the couple. The amazing part is their fine dialogue delivery and their timing in such romantic scenes, which makes them enter our hearts. Gunjan looks very simple and is a perfect wife. Her beauty lies in her simplicity, which Ranvi acknowledges by his sweet hugs. Ranvi and Gunjan love each other a lot. Ranvi’s shyness and Gunjan’s naughtiness are an eye treat. Their lovely moments makes us wish the scene never ends. Gunjan is somewhat bubbly and Ranvi a calm person, but the opposites attracts a lot.

Baldev and Veera is also a cute couple. We have seen how they were cold enemies in childhood, who could not stand each other. Veera used to be on her brother Ranvi’s side and always had quarrels with Baldev. After they grew up, the same animosity continued, post Veera’s comeback from the city. She got well educated from a good college, as Ranvi has made her qualified to be independent and fulfill all her dreams. Veera and Baldev always kept crossing their ways, but little did they know that their Poland trip will nurture love between them. Baldev started liking Veera before that trip, but was not sure whether she will love any guy from Pind, as she is educated and would love someone like Karan. Though Veera moved on leaving Karan for ditching her Pind, she now understood her feelings for Baldev and even tied a love lock at the lovers bridge in Poland with her and Baldev’s name to make their love eternal. Veera decides to tell Baldev about her feelings and soon she expressed her unique proposal to him. Baldev was on a happiness high. Even he has taken her on an unique date, with personal touches. Veera got sure about her relation with Baldev and they look super cute with each other. The way Baldev asks for a hug and she cutely smiles. Their closeness and eyelocks are very watchable. Baldev’s accent of the Pind guy and his love expressing smile wins the heart. Veera and Baldev look darlings together. Tell us about your opinion.

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  2. I luv RANVI and GUNJAN’s chemistry.

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