Yeh Jawaani 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Jawaani 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dodo opens the door…Sid comes and tells he is the most cool dude of college..Asdevika is her girlfriend now..As cheeku comes..Sid catches both of them in the hands…he says he is the only one heir of their family who have girlfriend he insults both Dodo and Cheeku by saying one didnt have ability to make girlfriend and other girlfriend is only stay within a laptop…cheeku feels Sad and goes in.another room..Dodo..goes…ON the other hand…Kimaya is happy seeing Cheeku she writes in diary that she feel happy seeing cheeku but cannot meet him..but she will inform him as soon possible…On anotherside Cheeku dreams about kimaya…He goes on Airport with tickets Kimaya comes …Cheeku tells seeing her that he is shocked…Kimaya tears his tickets..Cheeku tells he is in US na..Kimayaa says noo she in brazil..noo libya.. she is in US but losers like him are not allowed there ..Cheeku gets up and realizes that it was a dream…Kimaya sends him text Cheeku reads it…Kimaya tells to come online she want to talk to him urgently…Sid is sleeping Devika calls him and tells that she is alone at home as her parents are going in a party…Sid gets happy and tells that..He will come now…Devika tells noo tells her to meet at 7:00..Sid gets happy and keeps the phone…Gattu calls Dodo and tells to meet in the cosmetic shop to know the adress of Kimaya..Dodo tells ok and keeps the phone…Sid comes to Dodo and tells him that Devika called him and he is too happy…Dodo tells Sid need a expert advice thats why he came to him…Dodo gives him advice…tells him to follow some rules tells to stop using sticky soap…use Himalaya facewash it is fully nourished washes away pimples …and his rough cheeks would become soft and pimple free..Sid checks his cheeks…Dodo tells to go to a chemist..Sid says ok..and goes…
.On another side..Cheeku videochat with Kimaya…Cheeku asks kimaya why she is Sad…Kimaya tells she is upset because of her boyfriend Cheeku tells Everything is possible in love and War…Kimaya tells accidently..that these lines are the once which he said on play…Cheeku doubts her..Cheeku asks her how does she knoe..Kimaya tells that just she guessed…Cheeku asks what is the time in Chicago …Kimaya tells she is discussing important part of life and he is asking time…Cheeku says bye and cuts the videochat…Kimaya tells wait but cheeku cuts…
On another side Dodo comes to the cosmetic shop and he is checking the lipsticks…Gattu comes and asks why is he checking lipstick…Dodo tells that as he wanted to know which one fits fat..thin..thick lips..Gattu tells to check some shoe size also as he will be beaten up by people…Dodo tells ok…The manager comes and gives a cheat to Gattu…Gattu gives it to Dodo…Dodo asks what is that…Gattu replies it is love letter..Dodo says what..Gattu says it is kimaya”s address the manager gave him…Dodo tells the manager wow Sir that time U didnt gave me and impressed by girl and gave her…Dodo gets happy and tells Now Cheeku will know what will be the result betting against him,,Gattu tells shutup…asks what kind of brother he is..tells that they should support Cheeku..
In next scene Sid comes at Devika”s house…Devika welcomes him Devika is wearing Orange frock..Seeing her Sid blushes..Both hug each other Sid tellls devika that she is lookin too hot…Devika tells Sid to stop throwing the Cheesy lines as she didnt like that..Sid tells ok…Sid asks Devika that he wanted to tells something..Devika recieves Natasha call..Natasha says that her boyfriend tried to get cosy…Devika tells it okey she will show him..Devika tells all boys are not like him..she gives the Example of Sid..Sid listens all this..Devika goes and Dance with Sid..Asks what he wanted to tell…Sid tells nothing…Cheeku breaks his piggy bank and tells that he will give all this money to Dodo and tells that he will clear all the misunderstang…dodo and Gattu comes..Cheeku gives him all the money..Dodo tells he ave not done for the money..Gattu tells her to take a deep break and cool she tells that he was going to meet Kimaya at Chicago but now its okey He can meet Kimaya at home..Cheeku tells its a badthing..He was friend with Kimaya and she hide the thing..HE tells that will go to Kimaya”s house and clear all the misunderstandings….
Cheeku waits outside Kimaya”S house..Half an hour is over..He watches other girls coming out of the apartment His MANN KI AWAZ now to stop and feel ashamed as Kimaya is in Chicago…Till that he sees Kimaya coming out shouting AUTO….Cheecku is shocked…stay quiet…

Precap:Devika asks Cheeku what happened to him,,,Cheeku is worried..shaardha bai asks Cheeku to transfer some money on her bank account..Cheeku says enough,,,Cheeku calls Kimaya but she dont answer….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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