Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla taking care of Ishita as her hand is hurt. They tale Ruhi’s responsible. Ishita thanks them. Raman too acts generous but does not stop his taunts. She smiles. He makes her eat the apple. She says have this apple, I have many work in life. Pammi comes and asks Mrs. Bhalla to bring Amma and Simmi, as the kitty ladies wanted to do some good work, and Ishita suggested us to take some blind school kids to picnic, and we spoke to the blind school association and they gave us tomorrow’s date. Mrs. Bhalla says I can’t go, as Ishita needs care. Ishita asks her to go as Raman is here and he will take care of her. Mrs. Bhalla agrees and Pammi says the food should be best, as it will be always less whatever we do for this kids.

Raman comes talking on phone and gives the good news that he won entrepreneur of the year award and is made association ambassador. He takes his parents’ blessings and asks Ishita to come with him in the party. She says in this state. He asks her to wear a matching sling just like celebrities. She says I don’t go. He says its your problem and leaves. Ashok is angry as Raman won and he lost. Parmeet says Raman is winning in every game. Mihika apologizes to the manager for ruining the costly dress. The man scolds her.

Ashok and Parmeet hear this. Mihika starts crying. Ashok comes and gives her a hanky. Mihika says Sir you. She takes his hanky and she wipes her tears. Ashok defends Mihika and asks the man to take the money and just leave, this can happen by anyone, its just a mistake. Mihika ssays its my mistake, I will pay for it, let it take many month’s salary. She leaves. Parmeet says she has much self esteem. Ashok says she is my ace, Shagun ignored me for Raman, and I m doing this to hurt Shagun and Raman, I will enter Raman’s house to hurt him. He says I know how to target two aims by one arrow.

Mihir comes and hugs Raman, congratulating him. He asks why is he tensed. Raman says about the function, Ishita’s hand is hurt and its difficult who will make her ready. Mihri says I don’t understand. Raman says she will wear saree, but who will make her wear it. Mihir says you. Raman says duffer, do I wear saree, how can I. Mihir laughs and says trust me on this, I will just come. Mihir says its much time I did this, I hope I remember right. Mihir teaches him hoe to tuck a saree and wear it properly. Mihir dons the ghunghat and Raman says wow, I feel Mihika will raise your ghunghat after your marriage.

Raman lifts the ghunghat and Romi walks in. He is stunned seeing their stupidity. He says Subbu Sir gave this file. Mihir asks him to keep the file and leave. Romi thinks what happened to Raman and Mihir, what am I thinking… He leaves. Ishita comes in the hall and Mrs. Bhalla asks her to have food. Ishita says I will have it with Raman. Mr. Bhalla says have it, he will come kate. Ishita sits to have food. Mrs. Bhalla serves her food. Ishita is unable to eat by her left hand and thinks how to eat, Raman made me eat so easily in morning. Her hair opens loose and comes infront to irritate her.

She tries to push them back by nodding her head. She says how to eat now, I can’t. she gets up and Raman comes and makes her sit. He ties her hair. Music plays……………… hasne laga sehra………….. yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………. Ishita smiles. She says its aching. He says my hand stuck on your hair. Why did you extend this hair so much, cut it. Mrs. Bhalla says its not easy to maintain this. He says then cut it. She says are you mad. He says it can make 100-150 sweepsticks. He leaves. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita not to be think about his words, as Raman likes long hair, his style to love is rude.

Its morning, Raman asks Simmi to fill the admission form. Simmi goes to her room. Ishita asks what happened to her. He says nothing. Amma comes with Pammi and others.Ruhi says bye Ishi Maa, I will send you all photos and asks Raman to take care of her. They leave for the picnic. Simmi says she is going to Ananya’s school with Parmeet. Raman says are you mad. Simmi says parents go for admission of a child. She says I will come late, as I m going on dinner with my husband. She leaves. Ishita says Raman, let her go. He says do what you all want.

Ashok gets ready and talks to Shagun, saying Raman is such a flop man, don’t know what people like in him. He asks her to get the guest room cleaned, as his elder brother is coming to help them in marriage. Shagun is happy that he is keeping his promise. Ashok gets a call that the model is cancelled. Ashok asks him to get a new model as they can’t lose this project. Shagun asks Ashok what should we wear in party. He says anything, you always look good. She gets busy. Ashok thinks get happy Shagun, I will teach you a lesson, you will be punished for supporting Raman.

Raman thinks how to make Ishita wear the saree. Neelu comes and asks does he want anything. He says give me poison. He goes to change. Mihir asks Mihika to get ready and she asks what should she wear, as she is going with him as his fiancée for the first time, she wants to look the best. Mihir selects the sky blue saree. He asks her to get ready. She asks him to make her wear it. He says me? She says if you can teach Raman. He says bloody Romi. She says no, Ishita told me and laughs. He says I will not leave Romi. Raman says how to make Ishita ready, I tell any aunty in society. Ishita comes there looking gorgeous in a white and red saree. He smiles seeing her.

He says lets go now and calls the driver to get the car fast. Simmi comes with Parmeet. Ishita and Raman look at them. Simmi says Parmeet can drop you. Raman says get lost before I break your mouth. Raman and Ishita go by walk. Parmeet tells Simmi to leave it and get ready, as he will take her in a good business party. She gets glad. He says let me show the world my Simmi is with me, and drop Ananya with Neelu. Mihir and Mihika see them and leave. Mihika says I hope Raman and Ishita did not see him.Parmeet sees Mihika and says great fun for Ashok tonight, the younger one is also looking great. The party will be very colorful tonight.

Raman tells Ishita that he loves her. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I think yeh sab dikhaava hain… just wanted to show it to shagun or may be he is telling in front of them.. thats it

  2. this is a good story but for adding masala they are making these characters of ashok and parmeet glot at women. As it is in our country crime against women are on the raise, now serials are also showing only crime no punishment. After doing such things they get away so easily . Serials are for entertainment but there should be a limit to the crime in it. considering women as a object for their personal gain is criminal. show some respect to women.

    1. U r right.. but all the serials are only showing ladies main lead and villan is also a lady.. u cant change them ..

  3. Thank you for such a nice episode’s update

  4. kab hoga raat ka 11 i am watng.

  5. pls pls ye Raman ka dream na ho.just fngr crsd fr 2mrw’s epi.eagrly watng.

  6. i cn’t belve it.RAVAN KUMAR expsd hs lve 2 ishu by god mujhe toh heart attck aajana hai.

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