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The Episode starts with Mukul giving the butter milk to pandit ji and Titu. He makes the pandit ji drink it. Panchi talks to Rachna and says you are perfect and tell me what should I wear. Rachna chooses the white one. Panchi talks to her and goes to change. Rachna asks do you think you should go in Krishna Abhishek. Panchi says yes and asks her not to worry, as she will convince dad. Kamlesh comes and asks for what. Panchi gets tensed. He says we came to Mathura and we will go to see its colors and attend the puja. Rachna says one day you will fall on the ground. Panchi says so will I stop flying, I m Panchi and will fly, not a stone to lie on the ground. Rachna asks her to do anything and leaves.

Kamlesh calls Tiwari and says pandal duty at Agarwal, its Titu’s house. Panchi is with her friend, and says I told dad that I m going for Krishna Abhishek. Kamlesh gets angry that he has duty at Titu’s pandal. His wife defends Titu and maybe he is not right. Panchi says every heart will like Titu. Her friend asks do you like Titu, I clear that we are friends and when its about Titu, friendship ends and competition starts. Panchi says no, I don’t have any such thing in heart. All girls ask about Titu.

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Titu gets ready and his friend praises his looks. They have a talk and Surekha calls Titu. Panchi sees many girls and comes to know they all have come to see Titu. Surekha showers her love on Titu, and Rekha and Mukul look on jealously. Everyone ask Rekha to play the Manjeera. Titu says I m going out and will drop her on stage. Kamlesh comes there with his staff. He says I have to do duty here at Titu’s home. He says since I came to Mathura, I m not getting rid of Titu and his house. He likes the decorations. Panchi returns a purse to a lady and smiles. Panchi sees Kamlesh and hides. She says I m gone, Lord please help me. She hides and says sorry Papa.

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Panchi sees her friend and she asks her to go home. Surekha and everyone is worried as pandit ji is unwell. All girls wait to see Titu. Panchi says she can’t go home, as she did not see Titu yet, I mean Krishna puja. She sees the rush and Titu with them. She smiles seeing him. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam……………..plays…………. Titu poses with the girls.Panchi hides her face and he does not see her. Titu asks Pinky to make Rekha play manjeera well. He sees the badam milk and waits for Golu. He says when Golu comes, he will make me have it. Panchi goes to Titu. Golu comes in between and takes Titu.

The pandit ji feels really unwell and says Yamraaj will come and take me now. Titu says I feel pandit ji had much food and jokes. Surekha asks him to stop it. Keshav says who will do puja now. Mukund says no pandit is free now. Surekha blames Mukund for this and he gets tensed. Titu says talk good whenever you speak. Govind says yes, for others, and for you, don’t talk ever and talk in heart. Surekha asks Golu to take Titu and leave. Titu leaves. Govind says he has gone, as if he worries for pandit ji the most. Everyone wonder why did the puja not start. Mukund and Keshav tell Govind that everyone is waiting. Govind says we have to tell them that puja can’t come as pandit ji is unwell, even if we lose our name and respect.

Govind talks to everyone and asks the guests to listen to him. Mukund and Rekha are happy. Before Govind can announce anything, Titu says Bhakt jano, welcome to Krishna Abhishek. Everuone is surprised. Titu comes with pandits. Surekha says Titu is diverting people, maybe pandit ji will get well till then. Titu says the puja will start now. Govind scolds Titu. Titu says we do puja since yearsm you think I was sleeping sitting at back, but no, I remember all mantras, congrats a pandit is born to you. Kamlesh says now this cheater will do puja. Titu starts the puja.

Panchi smiles seeing Titu do the puja, and is impressed by him. Govind is shocked and everyone get glad seeing Titu doing Krishna Abhishek well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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