Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita explaining everyone about Adi’s state and asking them to talk normal to him, else he will feel bad as he grew up now. She says Adi should not know we all know everything. Raman and Shagun bring Adi home. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi will he have snacks, and goes to make some. Raman signs Ishita and asks Neelu to send Adi’s breakfast to his room. Ishita asks Shagun about the counseling. Shagun says poor Adi. Ishita says everything will be fine. Raman says we will go in new year party. Mihir says each ticket is 2000rs. Raman says I sponsored it for kids. Shagun thinks they remember its new year eve tomorrow, but they are forgetting its my and Raman’s marriage anniversary too, I will make Ishita know this and celebrate.

Suraj and Ashok drink. Suraj scolds Ashok.

Ashok says I told you not to talk in between, let her do what she wants. Suraj gets angry and says you got Mihika home, you don’t think from mind, first Shagun and now Mihika. Ashok says she is challenge for me, she said no to me, and I ruined her life, let her attack if she wants, I can get 36 like Shagun and Mihika is my trophy wife. Suraj says then show her off, I will kill her. Ashok says I understand her game and I will reply in her language. Suraj asks him to use it as advantage. Ashok says now she my game, your 100 attacks and mine just one.

Raman and Ishita have a talk about Adi. She asks is he ok. He says I m fine. She asks him not to get sad and be happy for tomorrow. He asks whats tomorrow. She asks won’t me wish me at 12. He asks its your birthday. She says its new year. He says it comes every year. She says its special, as its first after our marriage, first time feeling is totally different. They have a talk, and she says she does not remember all the first time things. She recalls how they met first time, and its shown in FB. She says I remember that one with Ruhi. They recall the old times and pull each other’s leg. He holds her hand and says he will never leave her, whatever she looks. He says its new year and we are stepping in new year as husband and wife, so I will wait for 12 more than you. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays…………

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He thinks he wants to make it special for her, and give her happiness. She thinks new year will bring more love in their life. They smile. Its morning, Raman asks Romi to keep everyone ready in evening, and asks Mrs. Bhalla to make Adi wear the new suit he ordered. Shagun says that’s so nice of you. Simmi receives the flower bouquet and reads it. She asks Neelu to keep it inside. Ishita says keep it here in lviign room, and takes it. She reads the card from Shikha, about wishing Raman and Shagun happy anniversary and its good to know Shagun is back with Raman now. Everyone looks on.

Shagun acts and says everyone knows Raman and I are divorced. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman did you not tell people about your and Ishita’s anniversary. Ishita says she made choc muffins, you all will like it. She goes and Raman stays quiet. Romi comes to Amma and asks is breakfast ready. He starts eating dosa and says Shagun is coming in party in evening, but don’t worry, I will not let her come in between Raman and Ishita. Amma sees Vandu and is tensed. She says I have to go market. Romi says I will drop you, give me more dosa. Bala and Vandu see them talking, and sign Amma. Romi says I m fed up having home food. Amma tries sending Romi.

She starts acting infront of Vandu and Bala. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks Amma what is she wearing in evening, and asks Romi what is he doing here, he ate four parathas. Vandu and Bala say against Romi. Romi is caught. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did he come here to have food. Romi says you always taunt me after giving me food, and Amma gives food and was giving money too, I refused. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma argue. Romi enjoys and eats food smiling. Shravan says Romi started world war again. Romi says let it happen. Shravan says stop it, Romi is making you fight and waste powers, beat him. Romi asks Shravan to leave. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma beat Romi.

Ashok asks Mihika to come with him in the new year party and she refuses. They argue and he asks her to come as its imp for his business, and even Raman and Ishita are coming. She makes him request her and asks him to obey some Terms and conditions, and make Suraj apologize and request her. He says you know Suraj, he won’t say sorry, I beg you, please come. He sits on his knees and requests her. She says fine, get up, don’t act. I will come with you, but if I come in this party, then Suraj won’t. that’s final. She leaves. Ashok looks on angrily.

Suraj says what, why shall I not come. Ashok asks him to say sorry to Mihika. Suraj asks him to control Mihika. Ashok says he has a plan. Suraj asks what. Ashok says Raman and his family are coming, and she is in tension. Suraj says it means its her weakness. Ashok says yes, it means we can use her weakness, we will make our plan work, I will treat Mihika and show her down. Ishita gets sad and sits thinking about Raman and Shagun’s anniversary. Raman comes to her and sees her sad. He thinks she got hurt knowing about my and Shagun’s anniversary, how to make you sure that Shagun does not matter to me now.

Raman gives earrings to Ishita, and says Maa gave it for her bahu. Ishita smiles. Shagun cries and takes sympathy from Adi, about earrings and her rights given to Ishita, she has taken Raman from me and Mihika took Ashok from me, both sisters have taken away my everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ishra yeh 10:24 wali comment tumne ki hai yaa tumhare naam se kisi aur ne????????

  2. jab yeh log rumours keh rahe hai toh plz band kariye season2 ke baare me baath karna yaar kyonki aaj tak ekta kapoor serials kafi saal aaya hai aur karan patel aur aly goni ne khud kaha hai ki yeh show saalo aayega. aaj divyanka ne bhi clarify ki hai ki yeh sab rumours hai toh just cool. yeh sab baatein dimag kharab kar deti hai. patha nahi koun yeh sab backwaaz rumours phehlathe hai.

  3. Yeh hain mohabbatein is loosing it’s standards I feel. There are some illogical things happening like other serials. Initially this was unlike others. Full of naturality. But even then I still love this serial. And tremendous improvement in everybody’s acting.

  4. Haa Rithushree Divyanka ne kaha ki usne bhi season 2 ke baare me suna hai…aur use bhi kuch confirm pata nahi hai………to jab tak finaly yeh confusion dur nahi hota tab tak tension to rahega hi….
    Last month aisi hii news SBS Yeh Rishta … bare me aai thi ki yeh show bandh ho jayega yaa phir time slot 11:00 pm ho jayega but aisa kuch nahi hua……..oh God Jald hi connfusion dur karo……..

  5. This star plus ends all good shows. Ek haisna thi was one of the best serials with a nice story. It ended like a fasttrack train. And yrkkh,sns rums for years and years.

  6. tam ratings yhm second hai. so trp is good itself .

  7. ab mujhe iss shagyn ko hazar thappad maarne ka mann ho raha hai.usne adi ki mann mein zeher ghola jiss wajeh se adi ne ishitha ko hurt kiya.pehle hi raman par bharosa karna bahut mushkil hai kyonki usne pehle hi shagun aur adi ki wajah se ishitha kk hurt kiya hai aur kon jane raman adi ki baaton me aa jaye. jiss serial ki hum itne bade fans hai aur itna samajthe hai toh aaj utni hi confusion hai.itna saara adhoora drama,15december ,rumours.etc.plz ekta maam iss show ko band math kariye aur iss show ko saalo dhohorayiye.plz its a humble request. bahut saare log ishra fans hai aur sirf unhe dekhne ke liye toh iss serial ki trp kam nahi hone denge.

  8. Alifiyah Mustafa

    Plz show some exciting moment bw raman nd ishu

  9. Please don’t end the show .This is the best show in star plus .And there r a huge number of ishra fans.Don’t breake their hearts .. Its a request….

  10. >3 what is this ahsta..
    I love u for your this attitude..
    Tell me who r u

  11. Ss are u boy or girl…I just like boyfriends… I have unlimited bf

  12. Prayosha. .10:24 wali comment maine nahin ki. ….kisi aur ne mere naam se ye comment ki hai. ……..

  13. P……..prayosha. ..
    tumlog ne yhm ka new promo dekhe. …..uss main bataya ki. …Adi shravan
    Ko marta hai. .Raman Adi se kheta ki. ..Adi shravan se mafi manggo. ..Adi chala jata hai. …ishita raman se kehti hai ki. …Adi …bahut kamzor hai ..hume apne pyar se uss ki jade mazbut karni hogi. …..
    shagun kehti hai…ishita main tumhare jade kat dongi. ….
    yhm FB. .par new promo wala video upload hogaya hai. ..check karo. ……..

  14. Yeh Aly ne kaha but yeh Karan ya Divyanka me se koi clarify kyo nahi kar raha ki yeh rumour hai ya true???????
    Pls tell us yaar………..yaha humari raton ki nind haraam ho gai hai ……….

  15. Yaa maine dekha video but yeh scene to show me aaa gaya hai naa…..
    And usme thoda change tha ki Aadi Shravan ki fight Raman nahi Ishita dekhati hai…….

  16. Nowadays they are not showing ruhi. Actually dis show s abt IshRa & ruhi..I hope makers wont make the show lose its charm..

  17. ishra and prayosha sbs me dihkne wale hai yhm ke baare me

  18. sbb aur sbs mein koi news aaya yhm ke baare mein.toh plz jo bhi yeh dono shows dekh rahe hai toh yhm ke baare mein koi bhi news aaye toh post karna.plz….

  19. SBS me dihkya hai ki shagun nai saazish karegi.shagun naya plan banayegi .shagun ko foreign jana hai toh woh ishita ko adi ki jimidhari de kar forgien jayegi aur adi ishita ko bahut pareshan karega .

  20. niceeeeeee!!!!!!!!

  21. SBS me dikhaya ki Shagun out of India jayegi………aur Ishita Aadi ki jimmedari legi…….aur muje lagta hai ki inn sab ke bich Aadi ko Ishita ki achchaiya dikhegi……….jo bhi hoga achcha hi hoga……..akhir Raman Ishita ke saath jo hai………..chlo kuch dino ke liye to kuch dino ke liye par yeh Shagun naam ki balaa to tali…….

  22. Haan prayosha. …….Adi ko pata Chale ga ki. ..shagun jo ishita k bare kehrahi hai. .woh sab jhot hai. …..
    mai chahati hoon k. …shagun ki. .apsent. …mai Adi ki tabiyat kharab ho. ..aur ishita Adi ki dekh bhal kare. ……
    tum kya kehti ho ….???

  23. Ok. I’ve been watching this drama from day one. To see Raman get nicer and ishita and him come together and be happy. But somewhere along the line, the writers killed the character of ishita for me. She is so darn perfect– always smiling and taking everything in stride. She isn’t a normal woman. Even gopi from saathiya had her faults. It was refreshing to see ishita struggle against the loneliness of her vibhu guy leaving her. The audience could connect to her. Now if anything happens, she cries and Raman listens and she’s all better. And the way she is always in everyone’s business! Why is everything always up to her to save the day ?! So annoying. I’m actually rooting a bit for Shagun. Just to see what backbone ishita will have!!

  24. accha news hai.lekin ek doubt hai ki foreign jane ke liye shagun ke paas paise kaha se aaye.i think ki dhire dhire adi ishitha ki acchayi dekhega aur ruhi ki ishimaa ko apni ishimaa bana le.aur jab shagun abroad se wapass aayegi tab adi ko ishitha ke kareeb dekhegi aur uska jo bhi fake gandi zeher gholna kaam nahi karegi.tabhi ashok mihika ki torture aur badle se tang aakar shagun ko waapass apni zindagi mein le le.aur phir se mihir mihika ki ek hone ka story aaye aur adi ka custody case.

  25. Background song toh mast tha. …meri biwi no.1…….yes raman tumhari biwi no.1…hai

  26. Yaa Ishra aisa hi hona chahiye…..

    1. Hi Prayosha.. U seem to be very much attached to this serial… I see ur comment everyday. And it inspired me to join here. As I m also watching this from the first day.

  27. Yeh song mai ishu aur raman dance karne wale h kya

  28. ..No……Ishararuh ….ye song. main yhm segment k waqt..back ground music. … diya tha. …

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