Bandhan 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
bhao says wife can’t you listen to me. Meethi says why are you shouting? He says where is my shirt? She says its in closet I am finding it. Naraini comes in. Meethi says you? What are you doing here? Naraini says I came here to talk to vishwas rao. meethi says cant you see he is changing? Naraini says I am sorry. okay then I am waiting for you outside. Meethi says whats happening here? I saw you last night whispering to her and now she came in our room. Bhao says women shouldn’t think. Don’t worry. meethi says why shouldn’t I? She talks to you and you talk to him, she is just a guest here. Bhao says go out.

Meethi says to shaku he is going away from me. Shaku says no he isn’t. If I feel the same I will take action. SHe cant do anything. Come with me. Meethi says where? Shaku says to circus. Lets see the effect of ice cream. They hear ganesh screaming and laugh. Darpan wonders whats wrong with ganesh, darpan says why are you shivering? Shaku and meethi see ganesh and laugh. Darpan says what are you doing ganesh. Shaku says this elephant has gone mad he is breaking stuff. Bhao comes out. bhao says stay away from him darpan he will kill you. darpan says don’t call him mad. Bhao syas go away. bhao come and takes darpan with her. Ganesh runs after shaku. dev loads his gun. shaku says shoot him. Darpan stands in front of ganesh and says you cant shoot him. Naraini comes and lowers down the gun. She says you will go in jail if you shoot him. naraini says whats wrong with him? Darpan says ther is something wrong. We need to give him a shower. Darpan and naraini shower ganesh. He calms down a little. Shaku says what if he kills us one day? Darpan says he is calm now, its no ganesh’s mistake. I made that ice cream for him She says rondu uncle please don’t punish him. Naraini says everyone makes mistakes. Bhao says this is the last warning. Ganesh shouldn’t be dangerous.

Dapran recalls what ganesh did. ganesh comes with a sorry board. darpan says why are you sorry. it was my mistake. I don’t now how to make ice cream. I should apologize. ganesh picks another board with smiley face. Darpan says thanks raghav for these boards.

Scene 2
kajri is doing preparations of pooja. darpan says what is it for? kajri says for better new year. pandit ji asks to call bhao. Dapran says I will pray as well. bhao gets ready to come out and sees naraini. He says I am ready for pooja. naraini leaves as well. ganesh gives a rope to bhao. Bhao says I should wear it? kajri says think it as blessing. He wears it. ganesh sees his back and tattoo. Shaku says did you clean it? Meethi says yeah I cleaned all the medicine that could make the elephant mad. darpan overhears them. meethi says it was amazing plan. I am so glad. Look at those siblings but they got saved, naraini saved ganesh. shaku says next time bhao wont pardon them.
Everyone gathers for pooja, bhao says to meethi why are you so late? he starts the pooja, naraini holds his hand. meethi is shocked. Darpan says in heart I cant see my brother in trouble. It will be better for me to leave this house with ganesh. is it better? Ganesh stares at bhao. Its starts raining.

Precap-bhao says darpan take prassad. Ganesh loses his mind and throws away the arti.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. i totally agree with you Nan

  2. This story is so so so boooooring now for how long can a child put up with these two ugly old stupid farts trying to kill her and an elephant. No good this show should be done with get of the air or get judyice for the innocent people.

  3. writers this soap has become to boring and not interesting anymore the storyline are not making any sense and it is tooooooooooooo long and drawn out up to now Mahesh wife got killed for nothing, Mahesh disappeared also not even getting the chance to prove his innocence and bring the evil ones to justice and also leaving a young child like darpan in the hand of an elephant and a criminal like bao and his family who hates darpan for this storyline is totally wrong this story needs to come to an end because clearly the writers do not know what else to write it is about time you let Mahesh come back in the story and claim his daughter back and also let Mahesh and naraini get married seeing that she is the closest to his wife this storyline can be used

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