Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soniya sees Raghav busy on laptop and frightens him. He hides his laptop and says it is personal. She says he is married to her now and nothing is personal between them. She sees he is booking honeymoon package. He says they did not go to honeymoon yet, so he is booking package. She says first he has to settle his business and then they can go. He says they will go to honeymoon first. She hugs him and thinks she will give him best gift of his life, his brother Abhiman.

Deepika calls Abhiman at midnight. He asks why did he call her at this time. She says she cannot talk to him freely at daytime, so she called him at this time and says she wants to tell him something important. He asks what. She imagines proposing him and he scolding that they are just colleagues. Abiman asks her to speak out. Fruity sees Deepika still awake and asks her to come and sleep. She cuts call saying Abhiman that she will speak to him in the morning. Anjali asks if she proposed him. She says no. She says Abhiman will not propose first, she will have to.

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Soniya prepares lunchbox for Raghav and asks him to have it full. He asks why is she not yet ready, he will drop her to her shop. Ratna says she has some work with Soniya, so she will drop her to office. Raghav agrees and is about to leave when cashier comes home with money. He asks why did he come here and what is in the bag. Ratna says she called him and bag has some old files. Raghav says okay and leaves. Suhasi asks Ratna if she is not going to office, etc. Ratna says it is none of her business and goes towards her room. Suhasi thinks Ratna will give her that money bag to her.

Suhasi gets ready happily thinking of extracting money from Ratna. CBI officers come and ask Suhasi where is Ratna. Ratna comes and asks who are these people. CBI officer says they came here to ask something. Fruity asks if they are real police. He says yes and says someone bought jewelry from Kundan jewellers giving this address. Ratna asks Soniya and sisters if they bought jewelry. They nod no. Officer says Suhasi’s name is registered in bill. Suhasi agrees and asks what is the matter. Officer says she bought real jewelry by giving 50% fake notes. She says she did not buy jewelry from there. Officer says everything is recorded on CCTV camera. Suhasi agrees that she went and bought jewelry. Officer asks who else is there in her gang and says he is arresting her for using fake jewelry and asks from where did she get that fake money. She says from road. Officer says she will not reveal until arrested. Suhasi asks Ratna and Daada to save her as she is Roy family member. Daada says even he wants to ask how did she get so much money. Officer says because of people like you, crime rate has increased. Suhasi says Ratna gave her that money. Ratna asks when did she give that money. She says she gave it to blackmailer who knew Abhiman is her son and exracted money from her and tells her the whole story. She requests to forgive her and says she will not do it again. She then falls on Daadi’s feet and requests to forgive and save her. Soniya says officers that they did good acting and can leave. They thank her and leave. Suhasi asks if they were not real officers. Soniya says they were stage artists who lend dresses from her shop. Suhasi pleads Ratna to forgive her. Daada says they would have forgiven her if she was outsider, but she being a family member betrayed Ratna.

Daada says he accepted her the way she is, but with her heinous act, he is unable to face Ratna now. Suhasi requests again to forgive her. Ratna says if will not go, she will kick her out via servants. Suhasi leaves. Daada apologizes Ratna on Suhasi’s behalf. She says it was Suhasi’s mistake and they don’t have to apologize. Daadi says even she did a mistake by hiding Abiman’s truth from them and asks when did she come to know that Abhiman is her son. She tells them the whole story. Daada says she should inform Abhiman. Ratna says even she wants to, Abiman thinks she is on the wrong side.

Precap: Soniya and Raghav get romantic.

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